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Sobriquet (OCE)
: Dude, a lot more adults/teenagers probably play this game than little children.........
U could say adults/teenagers with mental health issue is playing this game because its free and they can just sit down all day and play while using Centerlink to pay for their food and rent that it, assuming u r in OCE
GigaPube (OCE)
: i think we should point out its not the chinese/koreans/etc that are annoying, its anyone that doesnt speak english, doesnt play properly, doesnt ping or respond to them, doesnt ward, and they're just in their own world. but who cares about any of this, we all know this is of riots least concern. highest being how can we maximise efficiency of the amount of skins and chroma packs we pump out every patch
Yeah, Riot should do something to these no communication behaviour, when they actually ping it just spam 'defence inhip' when the whole team is dead, and start blaming team that team feed and he is the only one alive, because he run away the moment we engage in team fight so he could keep his kda.
: WTF is with all the chinese
Just been with one, he keep trolling team by not joining team fight and blame team with his broken English and say thing like "if you no attack Jinx we lose" when he was the only one that never go after Jinx and refuse to attack the nexux when he was the only one left and it only take 1 hit to finish it off, so we lose the game when enemy team got ace and this Chinese Ekko threaten to report team and call us all a troll. We cant report him either since he only say thing like "Sej u bad" and some Chinese letters(which I cant read), so mad losing rank because of some idiot.


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