: LoL Chat Bug URGENT
Everyone on the server has it I'm pretty sure, just had a game and they all had the same problem
: It only seems unfair that Oce doesn't have normal draft pick
Some people might not want to be locked into a role, some people might not want to take the extra time involved in draft pick. OCE can't have two normal queues because there just aren't enough players.
Urban (OCE)
: Can't get into the game
I tried repairing my client and I had the same problem "Unspecified error occurred".
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: LF> team members for silver 5 team
UrbanAngel Silver 3 (was silver 1 yesterday but had a terrible day) Main support, can jungle mid and adc tho Janna, Leona, Lucian, Jinx, Brand, Lux, Amumu, Kayle
ktpark (OCE)
: Anyone want to join the TonyAbottFanClub (silverteam)?
I sent a request to you, can go wherever, sick of solo queue :)


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