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: Yo can you duo with me to get me into silver I hate trolls man
you need to be d4 or higher
: LF Silver Supp/ADC/JG For Duo
sure man im a jg main ill come play
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: ***
Can you please help me get to gold or something?
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Kylokylo (OCE)
: LF a support main i can duo with.
Hey, I'm a Supp main. I'm only Bronze II though I usually play either Janna and Soraka (So the more squishy supps) {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} I can also fill except for ADC if needed I use discord and have my own server. TrippleXyone
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Rohiki (OCE)
: Custom Item Set Editor On The Alpha Client
Lol, I didn't even know how to use the custom set
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Nightjar (OCE)
: {{champion:35}} & {{champion:89}} simpy because having a tanky invisible champion with a stun would be so annoying and unfair to play against (I heard sunfire evelynn with a stupid stun and base damage used to be all the rage in S1).
Lol, I would definetly HATE to ply against that champ
Valico (OCE)
: If you could fuse two champions together, who would they be?
I would choose Teemo {{champion:17}} and Twitch {{champion:29}} The name would be Tweemo Ultimate poison Pentakill E-Z
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: Blood Moon 2017
Uhh maybe, Blood Moon{{champion:103}} ?
PaWz (OCE)
: [ FAN ART ] Amumu's first day of Summoners School
nice drawing, I would still be amazed if you did that with a tablet bro!


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