DipperOCE (OCE)
: Ocean Week
To add to what Wuks said, if people actually read the things, they would know it's a opt-in thing (hell anyone that has been around for more than a year would know it's opt-in and even most event's are opt-in)
: I'm not saying the rate isn't going to improve, however, based on how things are going so far, it doesn't seem like it will improve enough to reach the target. I'm quite confident it will hit 50,000 at least, once more people start playing later in the day, but even so, 95,000 seems like an overestimate of the participation *at this point*.
Hint: You may not have noticed, but 95,000 is actually just 19,000 games of league at 1 point, assuming everyone is signed up. But because SR is the bonus right now, it only requires 9,500 games. I think this is very much manageable, if anything the challenge will be getting the points when the bonus is off of SR. EDIT: hell, the increase is already showing, 16k down before midday.
: Ocean Week Progress
No we just have had the most minor 10 hours so far. It's barely moved for like 6 hours, the majority of play occurs between 5pm-2am.
Dethmind (OCE)
: Any further updates? I don't mind the delayed points/rewards but playing without the IP boost is depressing
I mean i got my 4 win IP boost, so it's probably slowly being rolled out.
Jason (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Valor Carrys,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=U5Bjv4Tz,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-01-26T03:53:33.431+0000) > > I can give you something that will probably be incoherent to go against if you like :P Incoherent as in, you're not going to be good at it? Come on, that's no spirit. I believe in you! Now get out there, and KICK MY A**!
Eh it's more i've never been good at writing "short" stories. Let alone stories in general, but that is something else entirely.
Jason (OCE)
: It's pretty cool that the volunteers are running this, kind of makes me want to join the volunteer team a little. I also hope that there's more competition in the fanfic writing area, winning by default is nowhere near as good, and I really want to see what people come up with!
I can give you something that will probably be incoherent to go against if you like :P
: It was very quick since it was just a sketch up! about 15 minutes~
How the fuck, i really don't understand how that only took 15 minutes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Valor Carrys,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AAYIpUPx,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-01-25T05:57:10.021+0000) > > sorry mate but that is what they did. > > http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/creative-spotlight/dev-blog-exploring-runeterra > > 2 year old blog about them saying that the lore from back then was going to be counted as non-canon. > > they wanted to redo it so it's basically stories that have no connection to anything. Here's an extract from that article... "Time and again, we’ve heard players clamor for more story, fueling our desire to make the necessary changes to bring you bigger and better glimpses of Runeterra and its inhabitants. A lot of you have voiced your thoughts on these changes, and in a variety of ways – with enthusiasm, ideas for further new approaches, or even concern. In all these cases, we’re grateful for your interest, and we’re committed to both pushing narrative development further and doing a better job of providing insight into what’s going on under the hood with story." and yet they give Warwick a simple 2 sentence Story. Great work AGAIN on achieving your goals riot....
Because Lore only matters if it is in video form.
: Gold promos in a nutshell
I didn't even do past 1 game of my provisionals yet (outside of flex, where i give no fucks) because i'm waiting for holidays to end for at least some semblance of brains to come back.
Main Line (OCE)
: Welcome to OCE. Where skill level disparity is ridiculous thanks to last year's dynamic queue. Where smurfs pretend to be diamond but haven't got a basic clue about map rotations or macro play. Where the queue timers are high because we can't afford to have two queues. And where people think they are good but can really just delete three tiers from their current rank for a reality check.
I still don't know why Season 6 wasn't just deleted from everyone's rank for the season so that it was fixed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Valor Carrys,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AAYIpUPx,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-01-25T05:53:35.975+0000) > > Don't mention ryze please. > > He needs another damn rework still. Or at least give the empowered proc of his q as a shield, or speed, but most certainly not both. I think someone at Riot just has a massive hard on for Ryze and doesn't want him to fall out of the meta... ever
They just need to stop giving him mana scaling, it's never going to work out well. You sacrifice things to get mana instead, except when you play ryze.
: It's just sad.... if they care that little about it, just get rid of it completely. At least then they're not wasting money on writing the shit and ruining the coherence that was thoughtfully written and was genuinely interesting. Goes hand in hand with I guess the passives that are technically no longer in the game. Spell Vamp, Armour Penetration etc. I actually played a morg game not long ago that my healing done stat was 0.... probably a bug somewhere.
sorry mate but that is what they did. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/creative-spotlight/dev-blog-exploring-runeterra 2 year old blog about them saying that the lore from back then was going to be counted as non-canon. they wanted to redo it so it's basically stories that have no connection to anything.
: > [{quoted}](name=Valor Carrys,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AAYIpUPx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-25T05:49:13.161+0000) > > Hell i think someone told me that they were planning on redoing the shuriman lore AGAIN. Ryze was reworked like 3 times or something, Riot is a bit indecisive. EDIT: It's 4 times.
Don't mention ryze please. He needs another damn rework still.
: Reworked Warwick..... the end of Lore Synchronicity?
Riot has forsaken the old lore. Each story is basically it's own thing, nothing is tied together and don't expect anything like it. Hell i think someone told me that they were planning on redoing the shuriman lore AGAIN. Best bet is to just not expect a coherent story, as that is what Riot did the second they decided to stop following the old lore.
Zaps (OCE)
: It's a busy time of year, so sometimes things will end up dropping down the list pretty quick! We're actually about to put out a reminder news article with a summary of the core info for Ocean Week! That said, for those looking for the info - [Ocean Week starts up at 00:00 Friday, Jan 27th, and continues through to 23:59 Sunday Feb 5th. ](http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/oceanweek-2017)
it's "Busy" And i use Quotation marks because here is the contents of that set of 5 pages. OPL Tipping Warwick update is live (2 hours after the patch, even though it would be in the patch) Patch 7.2 Warwick dev stuff Warwick champion spotlight Advertising the League app. Free champ rotation Champ and skin sales "5 reasons to watch the OPL" Ask Riot **5** Posts for Lunar Revel/Warring kingdoms Champ and skin sales some LGC thing OPL X2 Warwick /dev February sales "Competitive Ruling" X2 Interview with Spawn OPL stuff X2 Free champion Rotation Champ and skin sales. OPL stuff again Playmaker More Competitive Ruling Ascension Zaun stuff GP skin Ask Riot Champ and skin sales. Finally at ocean week **My post restarts here** Now call me crazy but this seems like spamming shit for the sake of spamming. We get it the OPL is starting, we don't need 10 posts on top of the notifications in the league client for every game starting, this is just ridiculous. Then there is the 5 posts for Lunar Revel, one would think that at most it needs 2, but you know. And while we do like the fact that Warwick is reworked, i really don't think we need posts on both sides of the patch about it. Like it is busy, but it's busy for the sake of being busy. Hell we have an Esports tab, why does all of this OPL stuff need to clog up the news tab?
  Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=dragon poo,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=toKJqFEV,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-01-23T16:24:02.649+0000) > > as it stands, does anyone remeber the old adage? > > "when in rome...." True. But at least the Romans didn't roam the street punching down those who didn't behave the same way as they did, or at least there isn't a phrase that encourages so. So while it's correct that people should always try to integrate into the locals (if they aren't), but if they don't, the locals shouldn't berate them either.
And again, you somehow think that your not talking about racism.
Ninox (OCE)
: I only deleted the comments that really crossed the "Don't be a Jerk" line, like those that were blatantly racist or were targeting a specific someone. I left as much of the discussion intact as I could without ignoring the rules being broken.
You should have just deleted the whole topic in this case anyway.
: ***
Sorry here is an actual dictionary site. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/bigotry Still basically the same thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Valor Carrys,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=toKJqFEV,comment-id=000400000001000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-23T04:59:42.054+0000) > The argument isn't BS, it's a simple substitute method where I can show how exactly the "it's OCE speak English" simply doesn't work within any general context. English doesn't get a pass because it's English or whatever, it's simply that unconditionally forcing others to speak your local language is nonsense if not a bigotry, and English is no exception. Thus Riot doesn't force others to speak English. The official language is by no means an enforcement.
It's not a substitute. Your trying to define this as fucking racism. It's not, it's a simple fact that it is an ENGLISH SPEAKING SERVER. You are EXPECTED to speak english. This isn't a real place, this is a server. This wouldn't hold water if i told people to only speak english in RL, but that is a different setting entirely.
Pet Onyx (OCE)
: Luckiest Lol player Ever??
Yeah so your basically stuck opening ~20 boxes to get this anyway. I mean i had a legendary skin shard sitting around, and had to disenchant 4 other skin shards, one being epic and one being legendary to get it.
: One problem is that OCE is not only for Australia. There are many other places that use the server.
It is however an english speaking server.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jayce or fap,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=toKJqFEV,comment-id=000400000001,timestamp=2017-01-22T22:04:08.884+0000) > People type insults a lot in League (ranging from the already meaningless and meme-fied "fk u" all the way up to some of the most vile statements you can think of), regardless of their origin or whatever language they're using, you are clearly showing your bias by assuming that "they type insults" is gonna sway anybody's opinion. No one is that gullible. Insult-throwing is a problem, but it is by no means an foreign player exclusive problem. Secondly, "it's OCE speak english". Imagine you walk down the streets in China, in Thailand, in Japan, in India, or even in Iran. Now a person pops up shouting at you "It's China/Thailand/Japan/India/Iran, speak our official language!" What would you think? Most people would rightfully call them out as being assholes. So why are you coming around doing the same to other people here? Again, speaking in another language does not constitute a crime, not at all. It's refusal to communicate that does, and it's only so when they also ignore pings mostly to entirely.
No offense, but even i think your logic is absurd. Expecting communication on OCE server to be english isn't the same as expecting the main communication in a country to be specifically their language. Most countries a lot of people speak english regardless (or at least enough to get by as a tourist.) whereas if your thinking Australia, i have to pull this from the 2011 Census. >About 18% of Australians speak a language other than English. So basically 1/5 people in Australia have a chance of speaking whatever language, and that's spread across all of the langugages taught here. Honestly i'd put my money on going to any of those countries and having a better bet finding an english speaker then finding people in Australia who speak any given language on OCE.
: Why does a ranked game where a teammates afk's counted as a loss?
Because then it's open to manipulation by having someone leave to make sure only one person loses LP. How about instead of complaining, you think up a system that isn't going to just be gamed.
: Is it normal to have off-games with your main?
He may be your main, but you are still bronze, there are going to be games where the enemy is just going to have a higher amount of skill then you do, and know how to beat you in lane. Hell even challengers can lose lane if they get a bad matchup.
Nightjar (OCE)
: pretty sure nobody would use them. Early durability and dueling stats matter alot more to the lane, especially before everyone gets a full set of spells, since at this point, basically everyone starts even and anyone can 1v1 anyone else. Same reason gold/s runes and energy regen runes are considered a waste of ip.
Eh i wouldn't say Gold/S Rune's are a waste of IP they will likely come back into the meta when the game slows down a bit again. And personally i run them on my thresh runes because i take Armor marks to take Gold/S Quint's (but that is a massive tradeoff).
Fallion (OCE)
: Why not make a runes for support?
Rune's are meant for early game stats, and especially with how much the game snowballs, you would be taking them and losing lane with them, and have a higher chance of losing the game.
Rioter Comments
Gesteppie (OCE)
: But why do juggernauts exist!!??{{champion:32}} *sadface*
The issue isn't tanks (because juggernaut's are a different issue) existing (Maybe minus the fact that poppy is OP as fuck, and colossus still needs nerfs) it's the fact that AD's don't have a nice hybrid defense/offense item against AD damage, and the best bet to stay in build is health.
Nightjar (OCE)
: I find alot of adcs have trouble with ad assasins, specifically the stealth ones. Shaco, Khazix, Rengar, good or bad, even if the player sucks if the person playing these champions wants to the adc dead, they're going to be dead, regardless of peel. I play a bit of shaco and sometimes khazix (though I'm a long way from getting the hang of kha) and I'm not great but I usually find that there isn't much the enemy adc can do against me.
The issue is you can itemize against an AP threat easily (scimitar, Maw etc.), you can't itemize for AD damage without building something extremely out of your build, the main thing you see built for against AD is GA, because if your going Armor, that's about the only thing you can go.
: OCE VOD Spoilers
Wait didn't they update it to fix it like 2 years ago? Also, watch them on youtube then, they are usually on there somewhere and unspoiled.
: Like I said in the first post. {{item:3046}} {{item:3812}} You don't lose damage, and you gain a lot of defense.
PD has no argument because it's basically the other end of Shiv, and doesn't really help when 2 people dive you, Death's Dance you also don't, as it's the survivability class of item i was talking about, and you have to give up last whisper for a bit to get it, and that's just not useful. Also if your AA heavy Death's Dance does nothing better then BT. EDIT: I think i'll give you an example to show what i mean. Ezreal spikes decently at 2 items (Sheen item, and Manamune) but he still from here needs to build a survivability item and a last whisper item, meaning while he spikes at 2, he becomes an actual issue for the enemy team at 4, and ezreal is one of the few champions that spike at 2 instead of 3, you'll find that a lot more ADC's, especially the hyper carries, spike at 3, meaning they are never going to have the gold to become relevant before late game, which most times the only reason a late game exists, is because it's turned into a clown fiesta due to the enemy team not knowing how to end it properly. Which is again, why Zigg's is good, because he can itemize defensive so easily, and doesn't necessarily need the heavy pen items because he spikes so early (as he is less item dependant and more level dependant) meaning he can basically itemize for tower pushing.
: Let's Talk META!
I stopped reading part way through to just address the ADC meta issue. The issue that ADC's have is that they realistically need 3-4 items to be useful, and with such an accelerated meta, there is just no way they can do that, and it means they are almost always giving up an item for survivability to actually do damage (because your picking between survivability item and the last whisper items) There are some champions that can get away with less items and still do decent, but the majority just can't, which has just caused the issues we have. And in comes Ziggs, doing the pushing that ADC's have to do, but needing less items, and spiking sooner, and right now, he is the perfect ADC replacement until the meta slows down.
: I agree with you 100% there. he is outclassed by a lot of people, he's definitely a specialist, not a generalist. He has his place to be sure, he is a fantastic siege/turtle champion, his safe range and turret see to that, and he's pretty good against tanky teams. But in terms of skirmishes, Kayle's damage output is stronger and more reliable, Lee Sin's insecs are easier and happen much much more often. Azir's poke is great, but unlike other champs like Orianna/Xerath/Ziggs/Syndra, he has to stand still for a while, which makes him vulnerable to retaliation poke, more so than other long range mages who can poke on the move. Im definitely not saying he is weak, I think he is very very strong. But he isn't as reliable as other champions in as many situations. Which isnt a bad thing at all! Not all champions should be generalists like Camile/Lee Sin/Yasuo/Viktor etc etc. Its great to have some champs that fulfil a specific purpose in the team, like he does. Having champs like him and Aurelion Sol makes team strategy so much more interesting!
Eh i don't think i'd take him as a Siege/Turtle champion even, the main reason i would take him is a winning lane (but learn him first) that someone better doesn't also win the lane. Also personally with my minimal Azir experience, there are a few things that make him feel slightly clunky, in terms of someone who hasn't played him a lot. (mostly due to him not having an AA range indicator that you can easily see for the command range of soldiers, but again, that would come with playing him more often.) That said in lower elo, someone that actually LEARNS Azir would be able to climb easily if they actually learn him to a decent standard, as he is definitely the type of champion with a decent amount of solo carry potential in his kit.
: The thing with difficult champions, is that contrary to popular belief, they aren't actually high-risk/high-reward. Their plateau must be the same as other champions in order to be balanced. You cant make Azir that much more powerful than all the other champions just because he is hard, because then once you do master him, you'd just fly straight up to challenger. A master Azir player is no more or less impactful than a master Annie player. He has more potential for plays to be sure! But a shurima shuffle into an ult back into your team, is no more powerful or useful than a AoE Tibbers stun. One is very hard to pull off, and the other is piss easy, but they both get a very similar result. Difficulty is not necessarily equivalent to strength. If you like Azir and like a challenge, and thats why you want to play him, then you'll have so much fun with him! he's a fantastic champ :D But playing him for strength purposes only, I wouldn't recommend. You might as well just play Annie or Lux, you'll have a very similar impact on the game, but for significantly less effort. Dont get me wrong, Azir is far from being weak, he has strengths that no other champ can match, and in certain situations he is the best pick by far! But he has the weaknesses to go along with those strengths as well. Its true that some people don't have much experience playing against him _(people used to build armour against me)_, but since he became infamously popular last year, more and more people know how to play against him, and he's just another champ now :p __________ I personally haven't noticed more Azir players around, but then again, you don't see that many in my elo anyway xD Ill be interested to see if he is indeed getting more popular again. Also whats your source on an Azir rework? I haven't heard anything about that (and I'm scared now :S) Its bad enough that they are re-working Aurelion Sol, but now Azir too?
Personally i played him semi-recently, and while he felt strong, i honestly chalk that up to the fact that i was in an auto-win lane (a lower Elo yasuo) then him being strong. And my mechanics aren't terribly weak and i still don't really see the point of playing Azir, there are always going to be a few cases where he is better, but those are out classed by other mages. For example Kayle does the whole Auto attack focused mage thing, and she is arguably better than azir just without the flashy plays, and then someone like Ahri has the mobility+mage components but without being confined to someone who has to force insec's and shit like that to do flashy shit. Of course that's just a personal opinion and shows my liking to specific types of champions.
king kur (OCE)
: Make league great again, less salt more memes.
If you make the first meme, the meme's will generally come.
Erøse (OCE)
: How Do I Remove Autofill?
You have to fill for a game OR take support, then you are guaranteed a game of your choices. (a note i have found, is it has to be the NEXT game, you can't play a normal afterwards, otherwise it resets.)
Nightjar (OCE)
: I'm just getting back into league after a month on holiday without playing and because before I left I did some placements, now I'm getting crushed in normals because I've gotten much worse and I have to admit, when playing a frontline champion, it's not altogether that difficult to get a low kda sometimes when your team is losing badly but you still need to tank and peel and try to make picks.
I mean if your getting a low KDA on frontliners your either picking the wrong fights, or playing the wrong sort of champions. Because remember, if you get 1 assist in a fight, you go even in KDA, even when you die.
: feed,feed and feed some more
Pretty much this. And you have to basically feed outside team fights or you will likely get assist's and shit. It's mostly those bronze laners who have fed 3 kills, and still think they can fight the enemy laner.
Niji (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Valor Carrys,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=G0zjo6VX,comment-id=0009000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-19T11:18:54.466+0000) > > That's not it at all, for me i have my thing set to "hot" to see stuff on boards, and i rarely change it, that means i barely see my own stuff. > > And when the downvotes are targeted at my account, why not just change accounts? tbh if you care idk why you admitted to this being a smurf of urs when its obvious whoever was downvoting you will now keep doing it to this account. Im going to downvote you here for your stupidity.
Just means i change accounts again.
: not enough????
Lol i love how all the swears are fucking the bolding and whatnot. Also no name and shame, prepare to have this deleted.
Niji (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Valor Carrys,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=G0zjo6VX,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2017-01-18T23:12:21.334+0000) > > The reasoning i changed accounts is because someone was spamming downvotes on my main account regardless of content, to the point where anything i posted may as well have started at -1 in votes, on this account i haven't had nearly the same issue. **>**caring about downvotes
That's not it at all, for me i have my thing set to "hot" to see stuff on boards, and i rarely change it, that means i barely see my own stuff. And when the downvotes are targeted at my account, why not just change accounts?
Gehirn (OCE)
: Updates to the LoL Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Distinguished Member update
And another reason boards are starting to sicken me.
: Off topic: I didn't know Valor Carrys is JasonWazza... talk about a surprise. Nice seeing you again (well we already did a couple times already, but hey).
The reasoning i changed accounts is because someone was spamming downvotes on my main account regardless of content, to the point where anything i posted may as well have started at -1 in votes, on this account i haven't had nearly the same issue.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Heartvine, do us all a favour, get off the fucking boards please
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey Valor, As you know naming and shaming is against the rules. I can see why you’re frustrated in this scenario. We aren’t looking to censor anyone, especially if there is feedback for Riot. We want the boards to be a place about discussion and shared interest in league of legends. Not a place where we just hate on others. There are other avenues to report players such as player support and the end of game lobby. If you want to have a discussion about behaviour or systems, make it an image and as untraceable as possible to illustrate your point. But please do not just straight up post a player's info or start a discussion to hate on a player, that’s not what the boards are for. http://imgur.com/a/vzZ3f As soon as threads start to become witch hunts instead of discussions we will look to delete the thread or comments in the thread. In this scenario we overreacted as after the clean up of the image players were still pointing out that it was easy to find the accused player. So we deleted it. In retrospect it would have been better to simply remove the identifying information and delete the specific comments rather than the whole discussion. In future we will be extra careful not to delete a good discussion topic when there are comments witch hunting a player. But we also ask you all to help do a better job of using a clean image to make a point vs directly naming or linking to any players profiles.
So in other words, go the way of WW2, censor it all and send a letter covered in black lines.
: Posts only get removed when they act against the set rules. You should probably go read what they are before you bitch and moan about something that's against the rules being deleted.
Naming and shaming is against the rules, this is the rule that was used to delete the post after it was censored by tele, and the reasoning is "they can use op.gg" so basically any complaint post has to be deleted in this case, meaning this is direct censorship and needs to be discussed.
: Riot covering up posts.
>[8:09PM] JasonWazza: nice job deleting a post that didn't need deleting [8:10PM] Tele: did you add me for that? [8:10PM] JasonWazza: yeah like legit you had no reason to delete that post [8:10PM] Tele: wasn't me actually i talked to some bidiies and they agreed was the best decicion [8:10PM] JasonWazza: best decision?? really? why because you were getting down voted? [8:11PM] Tele: i'll explain after game ahah [8:13PM] : kk so out of game now basically, I saw the post and as a mod I always have three options, I can delete, I can remove the link, or I can remove the link but add my own edited link [8:15PM] JasonWazza: yeah and you chose option 3 [8:15PM] Tele: in this case I added my own edited link because that post was absolutely fucked and unnacepable. You guys needed to see it IMO but I chatted with some of the other mods about it, and we decided to take it down instead [8:16PM] JasonWazza: why because it looked bad for riot? [8:16PM] Tele: the reason behind that was the the response was far too negative people like you actually contributed to that decicion [8:16PM] JasonWazza: how was it negative? [8:17PM] Tele: it was my fault i made the wrong call, i thought knowledge would be good for the community [8:17PM] JasonWazza: and how does that justify removing the entire post? [8:17PM] Tele: we often take down posts that derail if the discussion isn't constructive what's the point in having it [8:18PM] JasonWazza: so what was being derailed? because i saw no other comments just you being downvoted [8:18PM] Tele: and that's the other thing we also removed it because as someone pointed out it's easy to just look up the name through op.gg [8:19PM] JasonWazza: so? that's not name and shame otherwise no one can post on boards even in frustration [8:19PM] Tele: that's what i thought ahah but apparently not, i've been doing it wrong for a while i found out today i'm taking some time to sort it out, this is a pretty complicated issue tbh [8:20PM] JasonWazza: pretty cut and dry to me this conversation is going onto boards btw [8:21PM] Tele: care to explain for me? I think it was pretty complicated I'm having to judge whether the value of people kow about this behaviour outweights the negative response it's brewing alright that's fine ahah just keep in mind i don't speak for all moderators, just myself [8:21PM] JasonWazza: it's pretty cut and dry because this is selective censorship that quite honestly seems directed at the negative riot response involved fact is given what you have said the majority of boards posts in any sort of frustration have to be deleted but this is the one time it is being donw e [8:24PM] Tele: this time was especially negative though too keep that in mind and also i beleive that I wasn't doing it properly before so sorry if I was misleading [8:25PM] JasonWazza: don't worry i'm sure the multiple conversations going on boards will force an actual riot response [8:25PM] Tele: i hope so [8:25PM] JasonWazza: because no offense to you personally, but i see this as fucking pathetic [8:25PM] Tele: tbh i'm a little confused about this all too, some clafirication would be nice Here is my conversation with Tele that is coming into here, because this needs to be dealt with.
: Allow me to step in here. Tele was not the user who removed the post, I was. This was done as tele had failed to remove details in the post that were being used to discern who the user in question that was being reported was. one user was even suggesting a way to work out who the user that was botting was. This is not something that we want on the boards. Witch hunting is **NOT** acceptable.
So go ahead and delete any post with any frustration made to a player like this. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS WOULD BE AN ISSUE AND YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD BEFORE.
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