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: Support. Pick Miss Fortune, Max E,W,E,Q,E,R then max E and Q asap. Rush Eye of the watchers, Black Cleaver and Mortal Reminder. You can now E/R combo out the enemy ADC solo, whilst cleaving his armor to nothing and stopping him from healing :)
lul miss fortune in this meta
Nightjar (OCE)
: I mean he could just be a mechanical fighting god, but be garbage at csing, itemisation, taking objectives, teamfighting and such. 1v1 mechanics does not equal rank, it is only 1 of many factors that contribute to achieving a high rank. Or the account he's using to post could just be a smurf he uses to mess around with bronze people.
Verinity (OCE)
: Legitimately Banned, I just want one more chance please.
: Man I'm bored
> can't be bothered to play with bad low mmr players and silver 4 is pretty low...
: Dark Angels eSports team looking for a ADC and a TOP Laner
HolyOG (OCE)
: Oceanic Ranks
according to your u are bronze. I think all those wins were in your dreams also 1v1 dont mean shit
Caffeíne (OCE)
: Kha Mains Club
Brucey (OCE)
: What the **** are these ranks
DrHaxs (OCE)
: Perma Ban UpLift?
yea nah hope u stay banned
: Championship bundles not discounting properly?
dont even play the game tho will get the championship bundle
cow (OCE)
: Recruiting for Team
IG name: Vanilla Bread Division: Diamond 5 Selling: $500 oh wrong website. heh
: Worlds Song
: Remove Promos Altogether
playing support in series is asking to lose anyways
Essembie (OCE)
: Carry me to gold
hit me up ;))))))
: have played him, he's easy af
as a diamond player i would like to say fuck off
: Star Guardians | League of Legends
: Another patch gone, and Yasuo still not gutted.
: free coaching
h0t (OCE)
: A Poor Guy's Need For Arcade Ezreal
Get to plat 5 and ill gift you.
Fitzky (OCE)
: No counterplay to Yas damage?
Yasuo is a dog shit champ...
: i am permanently banned for no reason
are you playing the game or writing an essay
Wrathina (NA)
: 1. Thank you for telling me about the region. I didn't even see OCE in the link, haha. 2. Cyberbullying is not a myth. It's a very real thing. 3. I played very passively and farmed under turret just about the entire time, but the Yas didn't hesitate to dive. 4. I never said it was the jungler that flamed me. Though, it was the jungler and the support. Thanks for your response, hun. :)
u lost cause u played passively
dslxk (OCE)
: what makes you think the artist has 0 knowledge of the game? that's not the point anyway. if we don't start somewhere and make it an issue for riot then nothing will change. sure the artist makes profit but riot makes even more profit off the artist and players. riot is the big problem so let's tackle that
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: 2 super minions per wave?
pretty sure it happens when the games go for super long or some shit
Brenden (OCE)
: yeah someone elo boosted your acc and you either got caught elo boosting or your booster used scripts this is evident through the change in flash keys (D and F) and the wins/losses with those flash bindings prove this look how many times your flash key changes do you share that account with someone?
Yasho (OCE)
: Looking For a Coach
: > [{quoted}](name=Vanilla Bread,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=MA2hxqnl,comment-id=000000000000000000010000000000000001,timestamp=2016-07-11T18:40:41.050+0000) > > have you tried league of angels, ive seen really great character concepts like the one that looks like garen and katarina and apparently if you play the game your gf wont see you ever again Riot ripped all character assets from League of Angels.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Nice look forward to it
have you tried league of angels, ive seen really great character concepts like the one that looks like garen and katarina and apparently if you play the game your gf wont see you ever again
xSprint (OCE)
: Yup. I'm unranked.
: If you can read, or have a brain, THREE times I ulted Blitz because I couldn't get to anyone else in the entire game with a new ult every team fight. So what do you want me to do, jump into the enemy team and ult someone else just to die? Or ult Blitz and stop him initiating?
or stop being a shit %%%% and position yourself
Maraudaur (OCE)
: depends what kind of playstyle/personality you like best. Do you like being a Shadowy assassin {{champion:238}} Wind Samurai {{champion:157}} Earth bender {{champion:163}} Kung fu master {{champion:64}} Strong man protector {{champion:201}} Crazy shooter {{champion:222}} Fencing duelist {{champion:114}} Vampire {{champion:8}} Blob {{champion:154}} etc etc The great thing about our game is there is a large roster of champions who all play pretty differently. Fun is subjective, it all depends what kind of player you are =)
or be a hot ass female fox with nice jugs xd {{champion:103}}
: This game is just full of C****
: Sigh, I'm not talking about the role you can choose I mean the one that automatically activates late at night or at high elo. You can't turn it off and you don't choose it. Please don't be this rude on a topic that apparently you don't understand.
Ether you don't play at night or deal with it. To get to a higher division you have to learn all roles to a satisfactory level -> Divsion if not you really don't belong in that division
Oddjob (OCE)
: Why am i so bad at LoL?
Blame yourself each time you lose and see what you could of done better. no point looking at others.
: how hard it is to focus an adc?
not hard. Zed right now to me is over powered since the changed to qss. Its really easy taking a adc down late game with flash ulti and a combo or so.
: Autofill is the dumbest system
are u fucking kidding? Holy shit Auto fill is basically support, you should of known that, its typically the least mained roll out there. Stop fucking complaining on the boards. You chose that fill roll and u were placed in a lobby that needed a support, if you cant play it don't fucking pick fill.
: When your team tells you to go afk and you do..
loto901 (OCE)
: porn
lolhentai . net lmao
Zylith (OCE)
: just spam there twitter guys
CalZe (OCE)
: When did mundo fall out of the meta ?
> I still think mundo is a kickass jungler Why u are bronze 5.
: League not letting me log on
server froze up due to weather ayylmao
: So long and thanks for all the fish!
: Im guessing people already know about this?
oh shit good time to play some rank now fam
Codie (OCE)
: Braum ward jump!
: Well no shit mr diamond 5, but see who would you pick to fight me ?
ill get some teemo up in that bitch
: To an extent, but its not noticed until its 25 min + especially with Illaoi, she can't really do much til 6 its like Swain he is not good until 6
bronze 3, great. If i were to lane with you, you wont make it to your 3rd tower without dying at least a few times
: New update to the New Client, have a look
there are websites like surrenderat20 for this. k
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