EllieS (OCE)
: trynd loser {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I shouldn't be surprised you'd say something like this.
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: Cool story bro, needs more STAB {{champion:91}} =|===> {{champion:202}}
Any story can be improved with more stab. Is science.
: I Like this This story is really deep and meaningful, it made me cry.
I can tell it means so much to you XD
: {{champion:91}} Stabby man vs {{champion:202}} Shooty man
You summed up the whole story in five words XD well done!
EllieS (OCE)
: {{champion:202}} > {{champion:91}} all day
I include your main and this is what you do? Rude.
: I really like this one. Well written and formatted. Lovely read!
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