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: Practise with purpose
will you be able to try out skins in this practice tool much like dota 2's?
: You do not live where I live then good Sir
this is really good ^^ lol
: Your Main vs Your Least Favourite Champion
{{champion:113}} - has boar but isn't boaring :3 {{champion:157}} - unfun to vs due to stupid mobility, projectile denial, large shield , snowballing potential and is a weeb katana nerd wet dream. :(
Zaps (OCE)
: Just a few things to check out to try and help out here: Did you go to the Oceanic version of the site [here]( - rather than the NA one ? And if you did so, did you try logging out and then back in?
i just used the na site version and it worked after it not working on the oceanic version.
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: Favorite win condition
Im all for lasting till late game and then winning a few or one big team fights when death timers are a big deal.
: Spears are weapons used for stabbing and throwing, javelins are strictly for throwing, they're nearly the same but they're not. Not to mention her attack is called "javelin toss".
javelin ˈdʒav(ə)lɪn noun a light **_spear _** thrown in a competitive sport or as a weapon. the athletic sport of throwing a javelin. rekt nerd.
: Need members for Nautilus Mains club
i need some anchor management in my life :D
: If you like one piece...
what if i only watch the dub?
Lapis (OCE)
: Made a club, now it just needs some members!
: > There are a couple of ways Nidalee can ruin Aurelion Sol's day. There’s her terrifyingly pointy long-range **spears**, of course, that’ll leave the Star Forger whimpering for mercy. She uses javelin's not spears D:
: Snowdown is coming!
that penguin ward skin is so cute btw.
: Snowdown is coming!
can skins from your personal snowdown shop be gifted?
: Snowdown is coming!
do you still get a free mystery skin if a legendary skin is gifted to you??


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