: its not as if they had a gun to your head forcing you give it to them.
Yes, But I got permabanned by a system, not by actual riot.
: Like you say you agree with it. You got your 2week ban about months ago and didn't learn from that. That was your final chance you should've known what would happen next. You can have a chance to play some good games by creating a new account but this one is gone
Yet they can obviously take my money lol.
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: Supporting not the best team
I get what your saying there. The disadvantage to being a support is the reliance on your teammates, namely your ADC early game. When I play ADC I nearly always play passive aggressive. So if I see my opening, i'll ping then go in and initiate the fight. Problem is some ADC's won't take the hint at that crucial moment. So the key is to always stay with the ADC, let him/her do some damage to minions/champs, then as the enemies take damage, I would take the opportunity for example to land a pull or hook (Thresh and Blitz) landing a kill (Or double)for the ADC. I'm not overly skilled with Braum, however the slows he has is amazing, use that to your advantage. Hope I helped, I'm actually in the process of making an ADC and Sup Tutorial if your interested.
: Aurelion Sol Visual bug
You should submit a report to riot, here's the link https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
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Windrenz (OCE)
: 6 Words challenge
Lol if you win.
: Limerick of Legends
Pretty good :)
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Olee (OCE)
: Stuck in Champ Select
Everyone is getting it.
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: silver/bronze Ranked team looking new members!
Tele (OCE)
: Yeah it's possible, but you still need one League client to download it from. I usually download the patch once through my main computer then copy the whole League of Legends folder to a external hard drive. Then simply transfer to another computer and replace the old League folder with the new one.
I would normally just connect the internet then just download it onto this beast of a machine, However having not much internet i just cant do it. The only way i could do that is if i could download the file directly to my external. So it updates to my hard drive directly. Obviously using the libraries internet
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Bipolar (OCE)
: You can copy the files over, yeah.
But where do i find all the files i need?
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