bollockz (OCE)
: Shout Casters & Streamers, WE NEED YOU!
Depending on the dates i may be able to fill in as a last resort shoutcaster, bearing in mind I have no prior experience at shoutcasting specifically (I have done a bit of public speaking though if that counts). So if nobody else is available or willing I might be able to help out a bit.
: Reports: How do they work?
Quick answer. Not at all!!!
: Griffith University team all welcome
Alamo (OCE)
: Taric Jungle WORKS!
Into a full ad team maybe somehting more like this. {{item:3025}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3709}}
: In Tank meta where the mid lane is dominated by Azir and Cass
The one thing I can thing of is scaling. Although Kayle does provide alot of sustained ap damage late/mid and late game, Azir and Cass both deal a reasonable amount of damage early, and have much more reasonable early games.
: Seriously where's the oceanic skin?
Hold your breath, it will make it happen all the faster, or you will pass out :)
: when pool party zac coming out riot{{champion:154}}
Seascape Zac, cw little fishes swimming around inside him
: I got abused first. yea, putting me on on the defensive. There is not one positive comment on my thread. you guys have just put me down and put this post down. why wouldn't i abuse people that have a abused me. do me a favour and just %%%% off. i don't get why you feel then need to post here at all if you don't like it. You realise i don't care what u idiots think? I posted this because in game is where it matters most.
Please stop hiding behind the idea. If nobody has said anything positive then obviously you should be looking around for a hint or something crazy like that. And if you bothered to respond then you obviously do care, or you yourself are the troll.
: Top Leona: AD or AP?
Would triforce be a valid option? {{item:3078}}
: > Yeah this is right... if you save smite till red is low (under 390 HP @ level 1 smite) you get a fair bit of health back (heal % based on your % missing I believe), same goes with blue and mana. > > Also - if you're giving blue or red to your mid/adc and you smite it early for them, you still get the health/mana boost ^_^ the red health from smite is flat % of max health, so smite it any time for same health back. BUT it is smarter to smite to kill because you wont TAKE more damage. same for blue with mana return. its the rangers smite that gives % missing, so smiting to finish is the best option there, as its when you are at your lowest. smite red with rangers at 10% HP remaining can bring you up to near 50%...lel
But Isn't killing Blue with a smite for the mana return kind of irrelevant? I mean if you do kill it you're gonna regen the mana back up anyway.


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