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: Ranked TT runs only *part time* on the OCE server, due to the "small" population of the server and how practical that makes it to run. As per the [Queue Schedule announcement](, Ranked TT is available at the following times: > **Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex:** > *Thursday^^: 3:00pm - 1:00am AEDT > Friday^^: 3:00pm - 1:00am AEDT* > Saturday: 3:00pm - 1:00am AEDT > Sunday: 3:00pm - 1:00am AEDT > > *^^ additional days running up until end of season on Nov 12, 2018*
Ok cool thanks, ill just play it a bit in the evening over the next month and get gold.
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: I'm curious if other online games do it like this also? Or just in LoL?
well theres Hearthstone but its waaaaay easier to climb in that so it works fine in that.
Ingénue (OCE)
: > But thats what placements are meant to show, if you still have your skills or not if you were complacent last season you will probably get below 50% winrate and then it would be far to drop them down. Not really. Placements are a very small percentage of the games you are likely to play this season. During these 10 games you could perform well, however your success may be determined by other factors such as a teammate lagging or yourself bugs platting. Likewise, you could perform like trash and your team could carry your 0/7 butt. If you are able to _consistently play_ these factors are negated as you will play enough games to make up for them and you will end up dropping or rising to a rank that you truly belong in. I think the standard number of games for this to happen is 100. There are plenty of people that go 1-2/10 for placement games, but have intact improved enough to climb fast once that initial stressor is over. > Theres no limit to how many people can get put into each rank, what you are saying is literally Riot favoring there tiny 1% minority of players in diamond plus but making it a worse time for the 90% of there player base in bronze-gold. There's a limit to people in challenger. like stated above, to keep the best of the best and potentially allow new challengers the reset is a necessity. If bronze/silver/gold players want to be reset into a higher division, they should work really hard on improving and climbing during this season so that may become a possibility. It isn't easy, but it works. > Theres no such thing as Hoarding rewards because they are going to make those things no matter how many people have it and it doesn't cost anymore money for them to send these digital goods to 100 or a million people. A little bit ambiguous on my part here, but by "hoarding" I meant its usually the same players every season that are getting the rewards. The reset allows for the meta shifts, and players move and and down based on that. Possibly allowing "new" players to become above average and get a chance at being victorious.
So because theres a small chance of some players to be put higher because of luck they just make everyone go lower even if they go 10/10 in placements? that is a terrible way to do it. Yea there are 200 players in challenger and sure they need to drop down, but do you seriously think they need to shove MILLIONS down just because of those top 200 players? again a terrible way to do it. but someone else getting gold+ and getting the rewards doesn't in any way at all stop any other player from getting gold+ aswell. Placements is literally the reason why there are so many bronze and silver players. Because someone has to lose for someone to win but by riot going in every single season and pushing the whole ladder down the percentage of bronze and silver players will increase. Placements done like this are literally making more people fall in bronze each season. maybe it seems crazy but ill explain. Say you take two gold 1 players after placements they are both dropped down to silver 1. Because for one of them to win the other has to lose if one goes to gold 5 the other will go to silver 2. Meaning riot effectively permanently turned a gold player silver. Unless there is some other factor going on this seems to be all that can happen. for an individual its always possible to climb back up to challenger but for the group as whole pushing people down the ladder just creates a bigger clump down the bottom. I just think placements are flawed and unfair for the majority of players.
Ingénue (OCE)
: If you think about it, the max placement anyone can get is plat 1. If everyone that was master/challenger/high diamond is starting off their starting season climb from plat 1, it makes sense that all of the platinum players will need to be shunted down to make room. Same goes for gold, as the platinum players also need to start lower. And it goes on and on, until mid-low silvers are getting placed in bronze, and the majority of bronze players start from b3-5. They don't think that players enjoy "getting pushed in the mud and having to climb out", the soft reset is simply a necessity to protect the competitive integrity of ranked queues. New season changes bring about new meta shifts. The ladder reset potentially allows new faces to climb to the top tiers. Not all high elo players are going to be able to adapt their play style or 1-trickery to the new season and will find it hard to climb back up. It's a learning curve, that only the most adaptable and flexible players will find the skill and mindset to achieve "challenger greatness". Likewise, for the players that are above average but not super good the reset means they can't become complacent in their skill. If there wasn't a reset, people in gold+ could continue to hoard rewards just by playing 1 game every x time period to maintain their rank. With the reset, only those who continuously improve and learn will be able to cash in on end of season rewards. While it may be annoying, just think of it as a chance to improve and show that are are a player that can consistently achieve gold. You have been gold for the past 3 season, placing in silver 2 with a 80% win rate it shouldn't take you that long to climb back. Perhaps for this season, you should aim for plat so that when season 8 reset comes you will start the climb in gold.
But thats what placements are meant to show, if you still have your skills or not if you were complacent last season you will probably get below 50% winrate and then it would be far to drop them down. Theres no limit to how many people can get put into each rank, what you are saying is literally Riot favoring there tiny 1% minority of players in diamond plus but making it a worse time for the 90% of there player base in bronze-gold. Theres no such thing as Hoarding rewards because they are going to make those things no matter how many people have it and it doesn't cost anymore money for them to send these digital goods to 100 or a million people.
: The highest rank you can achieve from placements is Platinum 1. The Rank 1 player from the previous season could go 0-10 in placements, but I'm 99% sure he would still be placed in Plat 1. Therefore, everyone else must be scaled down accordingly. That includes Bronze-Gold players. Doesn't mean I have to enjoy trying to carry Silvers so I can climb away from them.
theres no limit to how many people can be each rank so they don't need to scale people down at all if they didn't want to, could just adjust them properly based of there placements and last seasons rank.
: Could I have some gameplay advice please?
well first thing don't just walk up to fizz when you know he has his ult and then just run away in a straight line.
: Bring back Content Refund for Major Gameplay Updates
They barely changed Fizz, what are you talking about.
: i had a person call mid after me, picks zed( not locked in yet) he acknowledges he didnt get mid, says hell go support, then instantly locks in zed, doesnt get support item and ks every possible kill his reasoning chill its just norms CAN THERE PLZ BE A PUNISHMENT FOR USING THAT PHRASE TO TROLL
was he actually trolling? not building support items and taking kills isn't trolling. If he intentionally fed yea, but if not then its not report worthy.
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Talon12 (OCE)
: suck it up princess, youre not one of those people who climbed 2 divisions then got dragged back down 2 from that placement game were you.
but that just shows that there placements are stupid, why are you attacking me just because mine wasn't as worse?
: Physical Damage Katarina???
don't buy lethality items on Katarina, they don't work on anything but her autoattacks. All your abilitys do magic damage so yes only magic penetration works on them.
Knuuckles (OCE)
: TBH they will more than likely do a reset for flex q if they don't can the idea all together, there has been multiple statements made by riot employers saying how flawed the matchmaking and placings are, was watching a vod on iwdominates yet channel and he was versing silvers and bronzes on his challenger account
honestly ill probably just be doing placements for both flex and solo and just playing whichever is the highest or shorter queues. im gonna just take a break from league and come back when Lux ultimate comes out, because fuck these placements.
: A Complaint About The Reroll System
Haha wow thats just stupid, why would they not add in that you can't get the same champion.
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: Laggy Client Anyone?
Yea its definitely laggy, they need to fix this before its properly released or its just gonna be worse than the client was before.
Shiney (OCE)
: The New Client
I hate this new client, don't fix what isn't broken. There was nothing wrong with old one that was JUST updated not that long ago. Everything is way laggier, uglier and more annoying to navigate. Its like when your mum decides to move everything around the house and you now don't know where anything is, its the most annoying feeling. Ive never liked when a website has updated unless there was actually things wrong. Why are they doing this exactly? I understanding adding new features but why do you have to jumble everything up.
: Free 2 Game Mentoring For Support Mains (Bronze/Low-Silver)
This is hilarious but I like that you want to help. Maybe if I wasn't already gold and didn't dislike support I would take up the offer.
Vhaegor (OCE)
: A remake system that would actually work?
Ok firstly if you were confused this is an ADD ON to the already current remake system of having a DC at the start. If you just think about please, there is no downside to this is there? Yes most people will not vote for it because they want the free win, but there will be some games where you actually don't get punished for a Disconnect. What if it was like this instead? The team remaking (lets say Blue side) has to first vote as group with majority (or all players which ever Riot feels necessary) to get the remake happening, can only happen if the game has been played for 10-20 mins. Then it is handed over to the enemy team (red side) where they now vote majority (or all players) for the remake to happen. Everyone on the blue side apart from disconnected players (They will get the same penalty as all disconnects) get no LP/MMR lost but everyone on the red side gets LP as if they had won the game. You can't really abuse this system yourself you have to rely on the enemy team. To stop the abuse pretty much completely you would make it only be able to happen when there is a disconnect on one of the teams like the system they have now. This would actually get the enemy team to vote for it because they will be getting there LP, so how about this system?
Ingénue (OCE)
: Very few people would give up a free win. I probably wouldn't either. I don't understand how getting the enemy team to also vote in the remake would make it better? Surely it should just be the disadvantaged team being the ones to decide if they want to continue or not.
Im saying this as an add on to the remake when you have a DC right at the start of the game. This is just one way there would be no abuse and would save some people some games.
: In case it wasn't already made clear, this is a terrible idea because 99.9999999% of teams will *not* let you leave a game where they have a direct advantage, like a 5v4.
Why does that make it a terrible game though, YES most people won't do it but there is no downside to it right? its literally just better than not having so idk why everyone is hating it.
: The remake system has saved me coutless time and hair. No,silly idea
Im not saying remove the current one im saying add in this one because there is literally no downside, yes it won't happen often but its better than nothing is it not?
: Did you even think this through? If the enemy team has only 4 people as if ANYONE would allow it. Its free LP for most people.
But its better than not having it isn't it? this is one of the only ways to have it that you can't just abuse it. Of course most people won't vote because they just want there free win but its still better than no remake after 3 mins right?
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Its always lame when we remove items/content from the game. RIP heart of gold, philosophers stone, Death Fires Grasp and a personal fav of mine Force of Nature. But we do it for good reasons. You can read the full context here - I have quoted some of the relevant parts below Back in preseason we baked Homeguard into the standard Summoner’s Rift experience for two purposes: to create better boot enchantment diversity and to counter-balance increases to death timers. With Homeguard no longer being tied to the enchantment system, almost all of the remaining options are very broad bonuses to movement. As seen earlier this season, bonus movement speed is a dangerous thing to stack, with boot enchants being a major contributor. When considering how warping Alacrity’s been toward introducing movement speed into the item system (and how potentially warping Captain or Fervor can be), we’re pulling the system to put a tighter leash on the ways champions can gain extra speed. It’s possible that we’ll revisit the concept of boot enchants in the future, but only after we find ways for it help dodge mobility creep - not enforce it.
I just think Boots need to have an upgrade/s in some way, ADCs just remove them for a phantom dancer lategame but others can't do this. Boots end up just being boring for this reason. I understand why the movement speed part was removed but why not have upgrades that give other interesting things? Honestly im just all for there being new items always, don't think ive ever liked an item getting removed but always love new ones being added. Its a great way to add diversity between each different game of league.
: How to stop scripters
all you can do is report them.
GeoCrad (OCE)
: Who is the braindead employee who decided 4/5 can surrender the game
Yes it sucks when a completely winnable game is surrendered by 4 players tilting but forcing them to play is worse.
: What is your thinking? please tell me, I'm genuinely interested.
I played Orianna long before worlds but I did have a game vs a victor who absolutely sucked, gave me 3 free kills in like 10 minutes. I just hope miss fortune support is gone now atleast.
: Over time, yes. But in skirmishes? How often do you see an adc just standing there auto attacking for an extended time?
it doesn't matter how many attacks it still works out as the same damage on average, its just not have the chance to attack 3 times get 3 crits with 20% chance or attack three times with 80% chance and never crit.
: Did u assume I was comparing level 8 corki with two items to level 18 tristana with 6 items?
Dude literally just do the math, crit chance and % auto attack increase is exactly the same over time.
: yeah mate, its pretty rough, ive spent alot of money on it, well into the thousands i would say, and for me to be told i dont have enough information blew me away, hard when i made the account over 7 years ago in season 1 im pretty sure.
Still no replys, god damn. This is some bad support. Have all they said is you don't have enough information and nothing else? how could they not accept all those screen shots and videos, what more proof do they want. Maybe show them bank statements of your RP purchase? hope you eventually get it back.
: i have been banned for suspicious activity on my account for reasons unknown
Well that sucks mate, Riot better get back to you.
Kiwi King (OCE)
: What about OCE?
I thought it was just a PBE server that anyone could get onto, I have 2 friends with PBE accounts.
: That's not how it works bro. Go insert some numbers and see what you come up with. Don't forget that at 1.5 atk speed corki is gonna have greater AD than Tristana
You didn't say ANYTHING about there being more AD on either champion so I assumed logically they had the same. These stats are exactly the same in the long run, they just remove random burst.
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: Hextech Chests
Idk why haxtech crafting is so unnecessarily complicated. You need to get key fragments and chests, makes the keys, unlock the chests, hope you get something even good then get enough dust to actually make the thing. Loot is way better in Overwatch, just open and its yours.
Crzy (OCE)
: Fresh start
Honestly you just gotta get gud mate.
: There is no percentage chance for a crit to hit in Fallout 4 unless if you use the drug Overdrive which gives a 25% crit chance. In FO4 crits are a built up meter that only is used when you decide to use it. That is in no way a crit. Fallout is an RPG series, and should have traditional crits added back in. And yes I do like a random chance to hit and a random chance to crit. Maybe it's because I'm quite old hat, or I love the extra tension it brings to a fight. As Nightjar said it enforces the "there is no victory until it's over", as someone who hates that the game has the ability to surrender and want the stupid feature removed, I love this. It really isn't a more casual feature though, RNG is something that is loved by pro players in many game series, from LoL to even the Pokemon tournaments. There is no fun in knowing that there are two possible outcomes to a fight, which is why crits are such an amazing variable, allowing for multiple endings to a fight. I'm not sorry to say, but if you're going down to crits in Pokemon you're playing really badly. And just because you as an individual hate critical hits in games, doesn't mean they should be removed from a game that needs them to exist in order to keep variables in check.
I really hope you are Joking about the Pokemon part. It is literally possible in a game to get hit for crits from every attack thus giving your opponent 150% more damage always. Unless you are much better player than the opponent you will lose that. Don't try to think you haven't lost because of randomness in a game like Pokemon, it just happens no matter what. It can happen in League aswell its just rarer because theres no base crit, only adcs really get it and there is a system to help lesser there effects. But its not perfect and should just be replaced at this point.
: Because corki with 1.5 atk speed should not have the same dps increase from crit chance as tristana with 2.5 atk speed. That's why it will always remain the way it is
They wouldn't get the same dps increase though... Do you know how maths works? lets say Corki and Tristana both have 50% autoattack increase (the new stat) now Corki attacking 1.5 times would make him do 150% (his regular autoattacks) plus 75%( the 50% increase) for 225% overall AD damage. On the other hand Tristana would do 250%(her regular autos) plus 125%(the 50% increase) for a 375% overall AD damage. 10% crit chance should do the same damage as 10% autoattack damage, just without the rng of getting a crit or not.
Nightjar (OCE)
: Hmm true; though I feel that pulling crit out of the game would still create too many balance issues since the game has been using it for so long, and certain champions rely heavily on atkspd-crit builds as oppossed to stacking ad-armour pen builds or simply artifical crit modifiers in their kits. I'm also sure alot of the casual community would miss crits, just as much as some of the hardcore community would relish their removal. Also there are a handfull of games where I missed crit but yeah they were all in the rpg genre so fair point. Basically I feel removing crits would change up the game alot, and so it'd be quite difficult to remove it from the game. It also creates a balance tension between ad casters and aa-based adcs. Since casters don't benefit as much out of crits as their aa based rivals do and are more armour pen and stacking ad focused. I already feel that aa-based adcs are a bit underwhelming in terms of the meta compared to caster types, especially with the higher importance of positioning and the finer details of autoattacking required to maximise damage output. With the removal of crit, a number of crit based adcs would have their entire identity and gameplay gutted and atk-speed crit items always offer an alternative to the other 2 main build types, atkspd onhit and AD armour pen. I'm not sure riot can address this imbalance issue without reworking pretty much every adc and ad based champion if they were to change crit; and that sounds like alot of work. Personally I don't mind the rng elements of the game (though dragons is too much rng for my liking) but I can understand why people want to remove it. Trust me I've been there when that 1% crit rune darius gets 5 crits on his first 5aas and wins lane. I just pose that there might be alot more balance issues and things to consider, when deciding to phase it out (I feel that eventually they will remove crit but that may take some time).
You must of not read or understood my post. Replacing crit with % autoattack damage increase would be the exact same, just with no rng around it. For champions that work off crit you just make them work off this new stat, you could even call it crit still and keep the red numbers every time you attack once you get some. I agree that the random Dragon aspect was just weird but its still down to who gets the Dragon, some teams might be better with a certain Dragon but they still need to outplay the other team so its fine. I just don't see how you can get enjoyment out of winning from something that isn't even you doing it, its just a computer. Losing from crit is terrible and winning from crit takes away from the victory imo.
Nightjar (OCE)
: hahaha none taken, I completely agree with the lack of a sense of accomplishment because of the fact that I don't think I've ever solo carried. I disagree that support is boring however since the role can vary so much from babysitting an incompetent adc so they don't feed, all the way to balls to the walls aggression for the mechanically amazing adcs, to zone the enemy botlane and setup kills and snowball the lane as fast as I possibly can, so they can end laning phase fed and carry. In lanes where the adc is passive and just wants to farm, I find nothing more exciting than rushing to midlane as soon as both botlane backs to do the the lvl4 roam to hopefully kill the enemy midlane and to put them on a hilarious tilt streak where they flame their jungler in allchat about how the support has ganked their lane more than the jungler ect...
But I could do all these things in Mid, Top and sometimes even ADC. Roaming isn't only for supports and adapting your style to your teammates and enemy's definitely isn't just for supports. Support can be ok for like a game but I honestly I never autofill these days because you just always get shoved into supporting. Different personality's just fit different roles I think.
: Honestly, mastery 6+ would make more sense since it actually requires a degree of skill to achieve and, more importantly, can't be achieved through ARAM/Featured modes (which are completely different environments compared to ranked). Would actually promote people learning to play the champion, to some degree, before using them in ranked.
That sounds annoying as fuck for people that don't play enough, so hell no. I only have one Mastery 5 champion because I don't play alot and I haven't gotten 6 on them because ive been playing other champions. So pretty much you want me to not play ranked.
: Crits are a video game standard. I personally wouldn't mind seeing Red Crits added to LoL. A crit that goes beyond that of a normal crit is amazing. The randomness of critical hits in games is why they exist. Removal of them in games that are used to having them, or changing their mechanics ends up making them feel weird. Take a look at Fallout 4. The system in which crits exist is okay, but it doesn't suit the flavour of what a critical hit is.
Since when have crits been a video game standard, they are only really ever in RPG games and even then are become much rarer these days. They have Infinity edge or do you mean they should add a 1% chance for every character to randomly deal 1000% damage or something? Ive never heard the term Red Crits before. Ive never ever played a game were I have though, damn this games needs crits added. The only time I ever even think about crits is when I play perfectly in something like Fire emblem or Pokemon and die to a crit. In Fallout 4 Vats is there if you want the percentage chance to hit and crit, but idk why anyone would want to play like that besides just being bored with nothing else left to do. maybe ive played enough games were crits are nothing special at all so all I see are the outcomes which are I win because of a crit and feel cheated or I lose because of a crit and also feel cheated. Im honestly curious, do you find battle systems with percentage chances to hit and crit better than ones that you have to aim and stuff? seems masochistic to like them more to me.
Nightjar (OCE)
: however if you remove rng completely, next thing to address is differences between champion numbers and following that item efficiencies and it goes on. As soon as you pull at a thread, the whole thing unravels and that'd be too much work to deal with. Also crits is kinda bread and butter videogame stuff and playing the game without crit would be kind of weird at this point.
Crits are pretty much only in rpg games and even then not in all. Crits were a way to add some flavour to single player games without needing actual coding and has become a very outdated system. In most games crits have been replaced with hitting a specific location for extra damage which makes infinitely more sense but that wouldn't work in League. Especially now in competitive games there is just no need for rng unless you don't actually want it to be serious like Hearthstone. The only thing wrong with crit is the early to midgame items giving crit, crit runes and Tryndameres passive which I think stops him being buffed to be a more playable character which sucks because hes pretty cool. Things like Jhins 4th shot and Yasuo/ADCs with 100% crit chance are fine because at that point it is just an autoattack % buff. There is a complete difference between between Crit chance and the balance of champions, they already buff and nerf champions constantly so its not gonna change a thing at all. I have to disagree completely and say ive never played a game and though, oh damn I wish this game had crits in it.
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: The sale will be live at 5pm AEDT, in roughly 2 hours. Apologies for the confusion with this.
Is Ekko going to be reduced at this time aswell?
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