Dàmato (OCE)
: Looking for Adc duo partner Diamond
Lapis (OCE)
: Is there an OCE discord or club I can join?
: D3 supp LF ranked flex players
Neegor (OCE)
: Region lock OCE
sounds racist. even the name,
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Blazeem (OCE)
: ranked system
Because people have bad days. :)
Firebolt (OCE)
: That Courage of the Colossus is going to be so sexy on Sejuani.
add : camdawg and madublt (with and L)
SoloAN (OCE)
: Looking for players that want to play for WIN in Ranked Silver
Lycan (OCE)
: @Riot, since you are all about clarity, can you please put clarity in your items??
: Unknown Path LFM
In-Game Name: Victor Ludorum Age: 22 Location/Timezone:QLD, Brisbane Rank: D3 Any previous experience in team environment: Challenger team S3 Position: Top/ support Champ Pool (Best 4 champs in this role): Alistar, Leona, Sion, Nautilus
Aphlex (OCE)
: Team Voracious OCE Recruitment Page
What you need to do is to fill out this simple form : IGN: Victor Ludorum Age: 22 Sex: Male Timezone: Brisbane Rank: D5 Notes:
ßoo (OCE)
: Looking for people for Bilgwater showdown #2 tournament

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