: Anon - The mysterious mimic
Would be cool to see Anon wear the Guy Fawkes mask like the anon activists lol
Tractor (OCE)
: I have no friends to play with ;__;
You have an awesome username
w0otness (OCE)
: [Champion Suggestion] Ghast, The Restless Spirit
you should think of all the abilities before posting other than that good idea
: Dorans Bow
grevious wounds for starting item seems a bit op and grevious wounds should be a legendary item passive
: Ummm, that's his Q, not his ult.
No matter it still looks pretty dumb
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: Runes or Champions?
runes: 6300ip=0.000001% armour pen champion: 6300ip=fun
Gesteppie (OCE)
"gouge them valor"
Elvelt6 (OCE)
: New Champion idea : Scarlet, The yordle illusionist (don't judge)
I like champion concepts that don't include 10 paragraphs of lore
Epica (OCE)
: Focus on how you're playing, not on how your teammates are playing.
I wouldn't consider it as a toxic behaviour unless they are insulting (laughing at) you while at it, what I mean is that if they have a negative attitude towards you that would mean it's toxic behaviour. If they are being a dick you can always just mute and report them but if they have been nothing but nice even though they are telling you how to play the champion then you could just tell them that you don't need their advice and you know what you are doing. Therefore I would be sitting on the fence with this one.
GigaPube (OCE)
: you just played a game with kindred and janna and probably won and now you're here to brag about how you think you've found the new meta. no....just no......
gigapube if you are going to be toxic go to /b/
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Thank you so much for replying to me, I have never spoken to a real girl other than my own mother. I can't thank you enough please be my gf because I am a handsome prince in real life and I am a diamond yorick and urgot main.
: Hello! I'm FerlynYoshimi, Esports Player Manager at Riot OCE, AMA!
: Champion Cosplay skins
: im from rito have a new hud to help with your problem the store is bugged? chroma skins anyone also pay for them
no it isnt bugged
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: they're not gonna get rid of blind pick. ever. and if you want to play your main either que with friends, play TB, or play ranked. not riots fault you're too retarded to solve a problem.
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: why would it apply to anything but the project skins?
because i would rather have the border with everyone other than just 1 champion
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: Oh please riot. Change the champion with the highest win ratios in game atm.. Cause hes not strong enough.....
I never said he is weak, its just that he has become an assasin now
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: Who is the most toxic champ in LoL
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: new {{champion:72}} jg meta :O
... really you think skarner jg is a new meta
: I dont understand? Gentleman cho is the only other gentleman skin, all the others are not of those same theme. Archduke nasus is in costume for a party, Mad hatter Shaco is firstly Mad, and secondly, a Hatter (someone who makes hats), neither of which are very 'luxurious' Superb villain veigar is a bit more high society, but the purple outfit and gauntlet denote wealth and extravagance but not 'Class' he may certainly be aristocracy but not as refined as a gentleman, Gragas Esq is the same, the suit shows wealth and social standing but lacks the 'class' of gentlemen, not to mention that RIOT fits it into the mafia theme over the gentleman one, hence when they had their mafia skin sale, gragas Esq was included and named the 'boss' Also regarding your pricing: Superb villan Veigar: 975 Gragas Esq: 975 Mad Hatter Shaco: 520 Archduke Nasus: 750 Gentleman Cho: 1820 Gentleman Gnar: 975 many of the skins you mentioned are lower than 975 so why does Gnar get the disappointment? also not to mention that G Gnar is a higher quality skin than G Cho, despite the price difference, cho has a voice over but thats the only thing it has over the gnar skin, its messy and apart from blatant add ons like the pipe just stuck on his claw, the skin retains its normal colouration unlike gnar, also the gentleman theme seems to be for creating irony for already 'Uncivilised' champs.
Gentleman Gnar must have the voiceover and the price to qualify as a gentleman!
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: Drop Muramana, it's not helping you get 1k AP (it gives 30 AP on the seraphs and that's it). Seraphs, RoA, Rabadon's, Luden's, Zhonya's, Rylai's is going to be the biggest AP build. 170 AP, 100 AP, 120 AP, 100 AP, 100 AP, 100 AP 690AP + 41% (Raba's and Archmage) = 972 AP Considering i haven't taken into account runes and mastery's, this means any mana bound champion can break 1k AP. Seraphs is 170 AP because you can easily get 90 AP from the Mana you have built from RoA and the tear late game. This said Seraph's, Raba's and 4 RoA's beats this once all RoA's are stacked because the Mana converts into AP (RoA is 800 Mana or 24 AP once fully stacked, and 12 AP/400 mana when 0 stacks on Seraph's).
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: Ultimate/Legendary Lucian Skin idea
: League Of Legends Story mode
Riot needs to be creative and start something like this, amazing idea
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Squeegee (OCE)
: Dragon Tamer Bard
I love this idea but it doesn't fit very well with with Bard in my opinion but other people would probably buy this skin because this is just my opinion! Maybe this could be a support skin series lol.
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: Toxic Players
I have been told there is a new tribunal system coming out... but yes I do agree that our community is toxic at some times. {{item:3070}}
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kJs (OCE)
: It doesn't just account for k/d/a. The grade system also accounts for objectives taken by you and your team. This includes dragon kills, baron nashor kills, towers and inhbitor kills. Creep Score is also accounted.
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: To Riot, please fix your banning system and your players
I agree, i have been reported by a bunch of losers just because i lost lane once. :({{item:3070}}
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