Zaps (OCE)
: Reconnect To Game Issue - September 26
Ive been stuck in practice tool for 2 hours and a half now :( feelsbadman
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Inorí (OCE)
: looking for 2 people for this sat SSL tourney (1 jg main + 1 adc main) pref plat/dia+
Mind (OCE)
: [Achieve E-sports] Recruiting Coach & Analyst
I would like to try out and see what its like, maybe even learn something for myself as well, hmu.
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: The Oceanic Open Ladder returns for 2017!
Do you actually go into OCS, because isn't it already running? 4.3.6 Playoff Tournament After the conclusion of regular season has ended the top eight teams with the highest amount of points will be invited to a single elimination playoff tournament. The top two teams will qualify for the promotion/relegation matches into OCS.
: Patch 7.3 notes
Is it me or is the server unavailable?

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