: Rewards for old Honor are rolling out by 1/10
So do suspensions deny our eligibility to get these icons?
Tyusaga (OCE)
: Cant u just let the people buy those both skins I just bought $50 gift card for both of this skins And i really want them both
...these two skins are available for EVERYONE at the price of 1820RP each. The winners get it for free though.
Rioter Comments
: Still haven't received RP.
I JUST received my RP.
Ingénue (OCE)
: Wait a while after the server maintenance is over, just to be sure it isn't credited to your account after this. If it isn't please send in a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) with the relevant information and they will sort you out. Please keep in mind that player support is busy and it may take a lil while for them to get back to you (almost always reply within a week). During this time do not lodge multiple tickets or continue adding information to your existing ticket, as it may send your enquiry to the back of the queue.
If we tell them the code of the card does that count as proof? Couldn't they check the time that it was redeemed? Because I don't have any other proof besides the code. It doesn't even show in my RP Purchase History
: sammmeee D:{{champion:32}} please someone help ;-;
SAME! I didn't snip the proof of the RP purchase (when there's a picture of Teemo) D: i'm going to be so sad if I don't that $25 RP I bought.
: Instant feedback powers up
Wait.. > You can expect that to land in your account **by 5.19**.- 19th May?
: There are community run events (http://events.oce.leagueoflegends.com/) and OCS if you're looking for this sort of competition.
it says Cannot GET /)
: OPL Fan Art Contest!
This isn't related to the art work competitions but it's related to competitions but is there going to ever be an online pvp competition instead of art competitions? You get matched up depending on your league (gold{{champion:268}} , diamond {{champion:44}} , wood {{champion:57}} etc.)
Vinhtage (OCE)
: ***
Also is there a better chance of winning if we add colour? sorry for so many questions
: OPL Fan Art Contest!
Can we do a fist bump? But not in the style of Riot? Can it be digital or just hand drawn? Thanks :)


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