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Jink (OCE)
: So Lucian can't Zhonya's while he's ulting.
Fun fact, if Liss ults him while he's ulting it will still continue though. Its basically a hourglass ;)
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: Ign: Mistress Athena Age: 20 Rank:Silver 4 Current Primary Role: Support Current Secondary Role: Mid Skype: Yes Availability: As long as I don't have a major uni assignment... basically everyday :p
Fuyuto (OCE)
: ign: Fuyuto Age: 21 Rank: Gold V Current Primary role: ADC Current Secondary role: Mid Skype: Y Availability: At the moment, every day, most times. Excluding Saturdays
BonVoyage (OCE)
: Looking for a decent ADC to duo S5
Silver 3 ADC main, I play {{champion:81}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:51}} Add me if you are interested.
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Evirtua (OCE)
: Best champion to spam emotes?
{{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}}
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