Gehirn (OCE)
: Hi Rhyno, I just double checked this with the Clash team and confirmed there are no trophies for the beta cup. Congrats on the win though!
Oh ok, was still alot of fun regardless! Ty for the reply :)
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Gothnam (OCE)
: Looking for TOP and MID for clash team tonight
if you still have room for 2 I added you !
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: You still could do that for people who took the time to open a ticket on the support even if its not solving every single case, instead of just answering by "no we're sorry but we cant do nothing about it,you just gotta accept that" loose prevented wasnt even enabled lmao got demoted thanks to that bug and there's obviously no indemnity at all.. :)))))))))))))))) and even if its not an easy job you're still supposed to correct your mistakes and you said that doing it "isn't something we can perform with that level of ease and reliability" which mean that you could do it if you wanted to but why would you since you wouldnt make any profit on it right? ^^ no money => no work riot changed across the years thats sad but its just a fact.
: Wait wut?
lmao exposed
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: Recruiting for NO/FF
"country: Aus "best time to play for you: Whenever, usually play at night. "summoners name: Ryhno "do you have discord: Yeah "what elo are you in: Plat "what are your preferred roles: ADC Thnx xxxx
: Find your name on the reef!
How many points did I get in ocean week 2015 :'C Curious !{{summoner:3}}
: Thank you Riot for such an amazing time at the OPL!
: Ocean Week sales have arrived
Wow I just bought atlantean syndra today...
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