OCEshots (OCE)
: honestly after reading this I thought you'd be at least low silver. "game breaking" - the fact that she has a bard/lux ability as her E, karthus Q ability as her Q and a moving nunu ult as her R makes her not game breaking at all in the slightest. along with LB's passive as an active for her W. she has a passive that isn't that confusing at all. just another post about something new being hard....
You've got the wrong definition of "game breaking" pal. Riot introduces new mechanics in the majority of the new champions they release, but this time they are going in the wrong freaking direction. We had new debuffs in form of Ornn's Brittle and a couple of champs receiving Grounding like Cassiopaea and Singed. We had Pyke with his gold sharing mechanic on the ultimate and him filling a new niche in the support role. Thing is, these mechanics were limited to the champions themselves and didn't affect the game as a whole. But when you throw being able to mind-trick your enemy in a shitload of different cases, it fucks up the balance of the game as a whole. The closest thing I would compare Neeko to is Evelynn, because if these champions are in a game, you have to adjust your whole playstyle to respond to that. Difference being that Evelynn is vulnerable, she is weak early, can be cc'd and quickly killed if she goes in, etc. By the time you figure out that whatever champ you are being approached by is Neeko, is likely to be too late. The fact that she is in the game means that the enemy team will have to play every situation in the most careful way possible. It destabilizes the game way too much. As I said, there is a reason that Deadman's Plate stayed in the game and Trickster's Glass didn't. Throw in her W in the mix and the fact that her E can provide her team all cc they need, and it becomes a shitshow. Apparently Riot didn't learn from 8.13 that diversity and a clownfest are different things. Shame. Mind games are way too unbalanced of a mechanic to be used widely, and unlike LeBlanc or Shaco, Neeko can pull them on literally anyone on the enemy team. It's a mechanic that does not deserve to be in the game. When I play League, I want the games to be determined by straightforward skill. I don't want to be forced to play in fear the entire game because the enemy team comp has one single champion that skews the playfield. And the worst part is, you can see that she was built with mind games as a primary mechanic from the ground up. Which means the only thing left for me is to hope that she fails gameplay and balance wise so horribly that Riot will rework her years down the line and never implement another mindgame champion again. In the meantime, if you have any more proper arguments behind you, go ahead, justify them to me. If not, then you could spend a minute to look me up and realise that I'm plat 5, [REMOVED - [DON'T BE A JERK](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/BjArMH2B-boards-universal-rules)]
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: Of course one of the many "Curse of the Sad Mummy" covers wins, how boring.
Sorry to the dislikers, but I agree with the guy at least in the fact that there were way too many covers for "Curse of the Sad Mummy". The Lightbringer cover was really good, but not my style, so the only person out of those three that I voted for was the third place with the "As We Fall" cover.
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Nightjar (OCE)
: i mean I would have found it more believable if she was a researcher from Zaun or a similar place, exploring the practical applications of void energy. I mean that would make alot of sense lore wise right? Why from a faction of monsters, insects, corrupted and twisted beings, do we now we have a chick in a powersuit, she's so genericly scifi from a faction whose design has traditionally been freakish, unusual and monstrous. She doesn't seem to fit...
The problem that I see isn't even entirely with her origin. I just can't stomach the design of that suit with essentially a plasma powered jetpack on the back existing in League's universe. Like, chemtech, or piltover machinery could produce a suit of similar functionality, but it would look completely differently, and be stylised accordingly. But the appearance of the suit and the abilities that it gives her lean so closely to traditional sci-fi, that you just can't ignore it. It contradicts the design of other Void-based champions, it contradicts the visual design of League as a whole, and all Riot did was basically rebrand the "sci-fi suit with a jetpack on the back" concept to make it a part of League.
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: Learn More: Worlds 2017 Missions and Loot
Seems like Riot is really testing how much more paid content that isn't skins the game can take before it becomes a complete garbage dump. I'm still waiting for when missions will be more than a tool for promoting the paid content Riot releases. Guess we'll never see that, tho.
Winterous (OCE)
: Great work introducing a system that literally no one except children and griefers wanted! Shame I can't mute ally emotes as well, oh and it's GREAT that I'll never see enemy mastery emotes ever again :| Get rid of this garbage, it's GARBAGE, it encourages griefing so much. Either that, or give us more "mute all emote" options, like "mute ally emotes", "do not mute event emotes" and "do not mute mastery emotes". I don't want to see stupid faces taunting me when I screw up from allies OR enemies, but I'm perfectly fine with ironic mastery 7 emotes when someone dies in a dumb way. Fire the idiots who thought of this trash.
Hats off to you sir. You may want to check out my comment for the full list of complaints, but you've expressed the community opinion rather well.
: Emotes are live!
Congratulations Riot, you've really outdone yourselves this time. In just the past month or two, we saw an incredible amount of completely useless and worthless content brought into the game. Let me just break down all of the points which have been brought up already in the comments before. 1. The missions, which were promised to be meaningful goals for the players to work towards, from the moment they were introduced and still are just another instrument for making more cash off the new skins Riot keeps pumping out. There has not been a single instance in which this new, wonderful system has been used for any purpose aside from promotion of new skins. VS event, Omega Squad, Arcade and now Star Guardian. All of these came as specific events, the sole purpose of which was to promote the new skins and encourage people to buy them. And that's not mentioning the fact that the majority of the rewards consist of completely worthless summoner icons, aside from the larger event bonuses (have to give credit on that). As Riot promised in one of their posts prior to introduction of missions: "Our goal with Missions is to deepen all sorts of aspects of the game you already enjoy.", but instead of providing consistent rewards to players who invest more time in the game then others, instead in most cases presented with a meaningless trinket that does nothing gameplay-wise. 2. The refund for the runes, or more so the absolute lack of it. I'm not going to reiterate the whole outrage that the announcement caused and for good reasons. For the older players, who've wasted a great deal of their IP to assemble rune pages, to receive a 15% refund for all that time and currency wasted is like a slap in the face. But to show at least one example, in the preview for the new blue essence store, the legacy Urfwick skin cost 150000 blue essence. That is the double of what an average veteran player would receive as a part of that change. If anoyone would like to educate themselves on the math behind the conversion, and just how much shit Riot deservingly received on the matter, check out these two posts: http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/09/riot-pls-leveling-ip-and-rewards/ http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/09/upcoming-changes-to-leveling-ip-rewards/ 3.The stupidity of the just released Star Guardian skins. This is just an opinion, but i'm sure as hell some people out there would agree that these skins are bleak rip-offs of the cliche "magical girls" type anime, that have no reason to exist in the context of League. What sucks even more, however, is the fact that the event missions in this case are worse than all the previous by a huge margin. I logged in one day into the game, was invited for this new game mode that just got released, in a premade 5 man group, and not knowing about any of the missions existing yet. I picked a champion that I wanted to play, only to immediately have the entire team scream at me and promptly forfeit the game. All because of one retarded mission that requires you to play a specific composition of champions in a premade game to complete. So, does this seem like something after which you would even consider playing that game mode and trying to accomplish the missions? To me it does not. 4. Emotes. Just imagine a concept like this in a game which is so notoriously toxic and unforgiving. I cannot even begin to focus on one problematic aspect of this, because there are numerous. One, gameplay-wise it is a completely useless addition that only incentifises bming and trying to intentionally tilt the enemy team. Two, this completely ruins the more or less serious nature of the matches and instead devolves a game of strategy and quick reflexes into a circus, where showing off is more important than playing well. Three, if Riot was going to make a completely garbage system that practically no self-respecting player would use, they could as well make it IP-worthy, since as they previously complained, there is nothing to waste it on for some people. Instead, they are trying to salvage even more money from an idea that nobody asked for, nobody wanted implemented, and is worth 0 for gameplay purposes. Oh, and for the community response to this "awesome" idea, can be found here: http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/08/dev-introducing-emotes/ Just to sum it up, I have to say that Riot has been screwing up in their priorities and relation with community more and more over the past weeks. I always thought that the developers of League, unlike many others, cared about the quality of the game and their community much more than most other game companies. But not, I really begin to question it. I don't want to lose faith in a game I enjoy this much, but it's difficult not to after all this. {{summoner:21}}
: Rewards for old Honor are rolling out by 1/10
So, since you can only have one ribbon at a time, you're likely gonna get only one of the top four icons? Why not just make it so that anyone eligible for the ribbon even if they couldn't actually receive it because they already had one get the icon too. Also, Riot fix your damn game, servers were out for an extra hour and when they came online, the games wouldn't start anyway.{{summoner:3}}
: that morde skin might be worth getting
Not unless Rito finally reworks him later down the line, because his current position is very unreliable if not horrible.
: Aurelion Sol is viable in normal play. Most champions have roughly a 50% win rate, with those who main that champion usually having between 55% and 70% win rate. Aurelion Sol has a bad win rate for those who play him occasionally, but a fine win rate for veterans of the champion. The issue is that if they buff him so that most people had a 50% win rate on him, he would be so stupidly broken for anyone who is actually good at him. The moral of the story is git gud. Aurelion Sol is fine.
This is why I'm not talking about a direct buff. Same thing you said applies to every champion that has some sort of a following and people who main the champ. But he could really use one of the mini-reworks Riot has been handing out recently, just because for any regular player he is too risky of a bet to play regularly without learning the ins and outs of the champion and doesn't seem worth to pump tons of hours into mastering him, when there are so many midlaners who are just straight up stronger in normal play than him. That's where the discrepancy here lies.
: {{champion:83}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:136}} same with these guys
{{champion:136}} is in a place where he won't get a skin until Riot makes him viable to play in regular play. What's the point of releasing a skin if no-one will play the champ anyway?
Vitklim (OCE)
: Any consistent missions with varying difficulty. Even the most basic things, like playing a certain role or scoring an objective would be welcome. We did see some of it during the VS event, but it all went away with it, and even then there were many possibilities that were not utilised. If your question is how would I like it to be setup, there could be a basic rotation of daily missions with small IP or key shard rewards, with a number of weekly ones with higher requirements and better rewards. So many other games have done this, and it's a rather effective system that benefits both, players who don't have much time to invest into the game on a daily basis and more hardcore League players too. Honestly, this seems like a rather simple solution, and I'm surprised that Riot didn't go through with something similar.
Maybe I'm going a little overboard with rewards for the missions, but getting like a guaranteed key or some essence per week shouldn't throw off the balance, since people still have to invest time into getting those bonuses.
Nikkip (OCE)
: What sort of missions were you looking forward to? Harder ones, with better rewards?
Any consistent missions with varying difficulty. Even the most basic things, like playing a certain role or scoring an objective would be welcome. We did see some of it during the VS event, but it all went away with it, and even then there were many possibilities that were not utilised. If your question is how would I like it to be setup, there could be a basic rotation of daily missions with small IP or key shard rewards, with a number of weekly ones with higher requirements and better rewards. So many other games have done this, and it's a rather effective system that benefits both, players who don't have much time to invest into the game on a daily basis and more hardcore League players too. Honestly, this seems like a rather simple solution, and I'm surprised that Riot didn't go through with something similar.
: CONFIDENTIAL: Omega Squad 2017
Can we get some confirmation when Riot will actually make the new mission system viable? Showing off the preview of how it's supposed to look on release is nice and all, but it's worth nothing when the system that promised meaningful tasks with some reward is used solely for events which all boil down to selling more new stuff to the players. The mission system was made to give players an incentive to play for a reason other than getting a higher rank, and instead it's only used to either promote another one of money-making events, when the original promise has not even been met yet. I really feel like the only reason that mission system was released in such raw state is because whoever was working on it had the deadline until VS event launch, so it was released anyway. At the moment it's not fulfilling any promises given to the players before it's release, and I can only pray that this will change.
: Hey, I love your passion and acknowledge the challenges you've faced so far. I'm keen to explore how we could overcome these, so just let me know if you're keen to discuss further. Thanks Conquisitor
Thanks for the offer, but so far the most realistic opportunity seems to be to just send an email around the school to find out how many people would be interested in a separate club for League. Because right now there is a "Games Tournament" club, which includes practically everything related to games. If enough people are interested, then the initiative could be driven further. But again, this also depends on the fact that there would be enough people to make up the club and to lead. As much as I would enjoy managing the club and all stuff related, one person is just no enough for such scale. However, if you have any further advice, I would be glad to hear. You and Viktor have already helped me by mere encouragement :). P.S. I might have attemped something like this sooner, but after pretty much everything I suggested was declined, I kinda flipped out and decided to throw the idea out the window for the time being. P.P.S. Also, since atm I'm in Year 11 and it's not going all too well, this whole plan hinges on whether there will be other people being commited enough to the idea.
Ahrí (OCE)
: Just note you wrote accept as "accdept". For future reference, it's always a good idea to put it all into Word for a quick check.
Thanks man! Will consider.
: Sounds like your dreams are huge! Honestly 10 computers a few hours a week would be a great start. Perhaps it's a case of just getting the ball rolling and seeing where it goes. with everything that goes on behind the scenes at a school getting more than a few hours will be really hard, but it's still a great opportunity! I would see those couple of hours as a chance to learn, share, discuss and strategize with the bulk of the actually playing being done at home. You could even use it as practice to prep for an online tourney if you have a competitive team.
The problem is, that the tournament has been organised previously, but the initiative literally dissipated into nothing over the next two years. There is no perspective in terms of expanding the involvement of schooltime, but you're right at least about the fact that it could be used for discussions and strategising. Thanks for the suggestion!
: Try to lead change Spudicas. Most High School Club were created from the passion of players speaking to teachers.
The issue is, it is insanely hard to go beyond anything but the planning stage. I was trying for a while to organise something along the lines of a tournament, but it's practically impossible. The real issue is that the school is only ready to provide so much, but 10 computers and a few hours of time per week is just not enough for a proper tournament or even a regular gaming schedule. I suggested an online varitation, but that was rejected too, since the school wants to, you know, actually invite the students to play together in a form of a club, rather than simply game from home, and I would accdept this option, if it wasn't so damn limited. Like, why would you even try, if all that is possible to squeeze out of them is one or two games per week, without any forseeble improvement or expansion in the future. Even a proper tournament would take at least a term to fully run. And this is not even covering the issues with the skill level of the players and organising matchmaking. The idea is that it should be "possible for anyone to join", but that is either unfair or blatantly stupid, considering how major the skill difference is. Again, I suggested the split into two leagues, the "beginner" and "advanced", but no, of course that would mean that not everyone is allowed here and there, and there may be extra problems, so again it was just outright removed from the option list. What else left? Runes, masteries and champions. For all of the above, players either had to play with their own accounts and earn them properly, or if some moron who just began playing the game and decided to join in the upper echelon, they would be given a leveled account. My proposal was that again, by splitting the players into two leagues, the restrictions for more professional players would be unnecessary, and for the others, it would not make a huge difference, but of course, "that limits the accessibility of our club", blah, blah, blah. I can only applaud that some school actually agreed to such investment, but this is an example of why it doesn't happen more often.{{summoner:3}} If there are questions, comment and I will most likely reply
: Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion
One thing that I hadn't heard mentioned much before: Ranked statistics. One thing I miss more than item sets, is the ability to just look up my statisticks and performance on specific champions. Honestly wish that would be on the to-do list as well. Also on the side note, I hope that sometime in the next patch, Rek'Sai, Vlad, Swain and Nidalee will get buffed. Like, I'm sorry, but it's friggin' impossible to play them, just cause how weak they are. There's literally no point in playing those champs, cause they don't offer much in terms of unique uselfullness, and a lot of other champs are just stronger than them.
: 2017 ranked season kicks off
I beg for Riot to finally turn off autofill, or at least make it optional. So far about 10% of the games were problematic in some way because someone got autofilled. It is just disgusting to deal with sometimes, and the fact that it is enabled during placements has already cost me a game.
: I believe I speak for 90% of people that get autofilled by saying, "I WOULD HAPPILY WAIT FOR 15 MINUTES TO GET THE POSITION THAT I ACTUALLY QUEUED FOR! AS OPPOSED TO A 3 MIN QUE TO PLAY A LANE THAT I DO NOT ENJOY" I care about the quality of my games not the quantity. As a mid laner I feel I might actually get mid more often if I put it as second preference. I don't understand why you care about keeping queue times low because I end up playing a 30 minute game as support/adc when I could wait for HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES TO GET THE LANE THAT I WANT TO PLAY FOR 30 MINUTES!
High five bro. Same here. Also ignore that asshole who commented on your post. He showed up at mine as well{{summoner:3}}
: pls consider getting better at the game (i dont think autofill is contributing to you having a 35% win rate on 2 of your most played champs) :)
How about you mind your own fucking business? I am not talking about it making me lose, I'm talking about actually makng the game fun to play, because when you have to repeatedly play shit that you don't want to play at the time, it ruins the whole point of playing. It is simply not fun when you have to fill in to something you are not in the mood for, and it is one of the reasons that you end up losing. Also, just for general information, I almost never play the same champion twice in a row, so whoever you consider to be most played, is likely to not be played by me in a good while. Also, consider shutting the fuck up, if you have nothing relevant to say. I did not post this comment to have some random asshole show up and come up with the least creative insults ever.{{summoner:14}}
: Queue health comes to patch notes
AUTOFILL IS THE BANE OF SOLO QUEUE EXISTANCE. Seriously though, it just happens way too often and is ruining more games than it should. Pls reconsider leaving it as a constant feature, because so far it has been the case for 80% of my games
: Road to Pre-Season: Replays on the Horizon
Given how much time Riot was quite ignorant of the requests, this is the best indicator that times are about to change. Congratulations, the game just got even better! (Although, the balance issues are still kinda there)
Suppeh (OCE)
: tl;dr so just to clarify without any evidence or any logical reasoning you think people are just gonna change out of thin air? OH OK yea im the 12 year old sorry man. What was i thinking coming into this argument with actual facts and examples. Rather than u just speculating that they might or definitely will change because hoping for things that probably wont happen is definitely a really mature and adult thing to do vitklim. P.S. If u didnt notice i was be very very very sarcastic just not sure if you would be able to understand that concept considering you are the real 12 year old who is silver 2. http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=vitklim. CLAP CLAP CLAP. ( the claps were also sarcasm just to make sure you do not realise that either).
You just wasted 15 minutes of your live trying to prove that you know all the best by shouting at someone. I applaud your decision making (sarcasm), but I bet if someone from Riot would actually see this, you would get banned and for a good reason. Don't act like you're a mature person if you are not ready to be one. Also thanks for the link, always good to see what is there about me on the net. *wanders away reading the web page*
Suppeh (OCE)
: ok first question. Why after saying "we need to shift our tone" you go onto say "we need to deliver good shit" who is editing this website? OK and then why is the same excuse always put out by riot as a "scrappy start-up" company that you clearly are not anymore, u have millions of dollars now step it up. Instead of talking about "philosophies" have u ever ever played your own game to realise taking solo q out of the equation was a very bad idea and took a lot of competition out of the game where in other game modes such as normal mode there was already an area where people could just play for fun and troll. Why not listen to the community on this issue? It would be a very good idea if instead of making excuses maybe just maybe admit you made a mistake and revert these awful changes in a slight attempt to regain our trust to make it seem like u give a single fuck about the communities opinions and desires. To say you have been lacking urgency is a very big understatement here riot. There has been no sandbox mode or replay system or voice communication in the chat in this multiplayer game for all this time in six whole years. In comparison Blizzard has had sandbox mode and replay systems in all their games from scratch since the original starcraft in 1998. Blizzard never makes any excuses because they unlike riot are a good reliable company. Also why are riot games with a plural, you have made one game and its a rip off of dota so thats just not correct either. More seriously, why have u been so silent in the first place if your intention was to set a healthy relationship with us ( the community) why have you, RIOT "GAMES" made it clear that you only want to make your own decisions if this is not the case and you really listen to any feedback please provide us with some examples where u have done so in the last 6 years. This is clearly a poor effort to reach out to a very frustrated and neglected community on Reddit and on the forums, if RIOT really cared about our opinion on the homepage there would be a feedback tab or popups asking about how the current state of the game is more regularly. Rather than now it is very late and very lazy of them to pretend like they do so after such a long long time. Everyone in this community should realise that they have been mistreated in this way and clearly this is a false white flag from RIOT, just ask the all the professional players what they think of the last patch and whether RIOT ever asked them if it was the right decision to make laning phase more like solo q and terminating lane swaps.
I agree on a lot of things in this, but you seriously went over the top there. First off, don't you ever dare compare League to Dota. It ain't no fucking rip off, I can tell you that for a fact. Secondly, yes i can agree that Riot have made a ton of mistakes in the past, that they have been ignorant of community and disregarded the feedback from tha players. But it doesn't mean that this will continue. This particular article was meant to finally confess to the players, that as a company, Riot want to finally begin to get involved with the community more actively than ever. I understand, you might be annoyed that this had not happened already, but if you try to stand up for it now, only thing you will ever achieve is the further isolation from the community. No one wants to deal with toxic players, and you are about to become one of them. I can assure you, that if at least 30% of the most important features requested by the community were implemented, and Riot would openly discuss with the community their future plans for the game, 70% of the people who keep throwing shit at them for being ignorant will stop. After all, the sheer fact that they have started to admit their mistakes and finally decided to announce their plans on further interaction with the community, is a good enough reason to stop ruining the occasion for all the normal players out here. The last thing that I want to see as an outcome from Riot's signature of trust, is a bunch of 12 year olds rampaging in and shouting at them for all the things they have not done, when what they did already for the game and the players is so huge. I sincerely hope you stop bitching for once, and let some sane percent of the player population to enjoy this in peace.
: Patch 6.18 notes
Not sure if any Rioters happen to come across this, but I sincerely hope someone from Riot will encounter this, and listen for once to the actual players. I hope the biggest changes are to come in the Preseason, but honestly I just wish they would stop balancing things only around the championships. As Brofresco once said, "Only 5% of the player base is truly affected by these balance changes". There is a number of champions who are at their weakest point right now, and there are some who are just way too stong for the good of the game. For instance, some of the weakest champions right now have been stuck in such state for a good 6 patches by now, if not more and they are practically impossible to play, just because there are so much better options and they are never picked as a result. These include ones like Poppy, Kalista, Lulu, Nidalee, and a bunch more. On the other hand, glad that Yasuo got nerfed, but he is strong not only because of his tank off-meta build, and the patch dressed it very slightly. Tryndamere too, is now number 1 in my ban list, because his ultimate alone allows him to stay toplane for the entire duration of the game, while to take him down you need at least 3 people. I will not be posting here the entire compilation of all the OP and underpowered champions, but please in future look at the things from a perspective of an average player please.
: I disagree with your logic on so many levels but I can agree that some of those deserve reworks. This is my opinion on who Riot will probably rework. 1. yes 2. no 3. no 4. yes 5. Would be difficult to rework him given his theme. Kit is not entirely unhealthy as there is a moderate level of counter-play. So probably no. 6. -_- yes and no... probably yes in the end, but I doubt it will be a bit one. 7. no 8. yes but as you said they already tried and just made him worse. So might take a while before they give it a go again. 9. Hard to rework given the unhealthy nature of stealth. So I doubt we will be seeing one anytime soon. 10. Given the split nature of his kit, he is one that no matter how they reworked him, lots of people will be unhappy. So I believe they are avoiding it for now.
I understand why you disagree with some of my decisions on who would deserve a rework, but let me explain why 2,3 and 7 - Yes they do have a spot in the meta and people still play them, but in the end the whole difference is that one engages by running in and hitting whoever andtaunting them, other by ulting in and doing almost nothing afterwards, and the last one does not even engage, just throws cleavers and ults when low. Honestly with the mechanics this trio has, you could easily program some bots to play on a level of average player. 5. Don't know about you, but as it seems to me, his kit right now is THE most unhealthy in the game (except the champions who soon will be reworked). Let me sum up all he offers: random crits from the passive, stupid heal in lane from q, chasing tool on w, which with the rest of his kit makes it impossible to get away, e which with his ult allows him to get out of almost any situation and the ult, which is the definition of broken, since before it runs out and you can kill him (which even then is hard), he has enough time to take out 2 of the carries and get out. After he gets some items you can't fight him in lane and the only way to stop him is to send a 3 man squad toplane repeatedly. Honestly, in the state he is in right now, he's a living shame to Riot's "healthy gameplay" policies. 9. Truthfully, I don't think his stealth is in such a bad spot. Of course it will have to be nerfed to keep him balanced once the res of his kit is fixed, but what I think deserves a rework on it's own is his w and ult, as they are veeery situational and sometimes unreliable to use. 10. His "split" nature dates back to practically the beginning of the game, when he was meant to be played support. Now, no one even tries it, because they know just how much other supports outclass him. That being said, nobody plays him that much in the first place, and even those who do, have to agree that he's one of the most outdated champions in the game today and deserves some attention from Riot.
: State of Champion Update
As far as the champion reworks go, there's a large list of those who have to be updated because of either nobody playing them because they are too easily countered or because their kits are just straight up outdated and ridiculous. Glad Riot decided to finally take a look at Warwick and Galio, but there are many other veterans of League, who are also in dire need of the rework. Of course the list may be incomplete or wrong, so don't be afraid to correct, but please no bs about my decisions. 1. {{champion:266}} Aatrox - Has been requested for a damn long time and for obvious reasons: easily countered, scales very poorly, and overall does not feature a good kit to truly fit the fighter/tank category he was meant to be in 2. {{champion:54}} Malphite - Famous for his wombo combo ultimates and nothing else. Has one of the most boring and pointless kits in the game. Only unique and useful crowd control he brings as a tank is his AOE knockup, apart from that, his kit takes the №1 place for the most boring kit in the game right now 3. {{champion:33}} Rammus - AKA the Sonic of League, but does not have a single reason for why he would be better than any other engage champion. Bonus speed is a unique quality, but he is ridiculously easy to kite even when the movespeed persists, not only when it's over. Rest of the kit too, is plainly a buff to his stats and one single-person crowd cc skill, with some pointless AOE on the ultimate. Honestly, he would probably take the silver for the most boring kit in game. 4. {{champion:6}} Urgot - By far the most underrated adc of the whole game and for a good reason. His mechanics fit into one scheme: hit e, turn on w shield, and pepper the target with q's and autoattacks. If e misses, wait for the cooldown and repeat. The simplicity in mechanics makes him just outright boring to play against, with the lack of mobility and a completely useless for an ad carry ultimate, makes him the most unpopular adc ever. Technically, since the niche he was supposed to fill was the tank-oriented marksman, it still could be fixed, but in a current state it is obvious why nobody plays him. 5. {{champion:23}} Tryndamere - The catastrophe of the healthy gameplay number 1, Tryndamere could easily beat Teemo in the rush for the most annoying champion to lane against. No matter if you beat him in lane or not, later in the game he will just sit and push top forever, forcing you to stay in lane or risk being pushed to the base. His ultimate allows him to disregard any advantage you have gained over him and turns him into an unstoppable menace for the duration long enough to win a 2v1 even if ganked or simply escape. His early-game crits are stupid enough on its own to give him the advantage in early lane, and later on it becomes even worse 6. {{champion:2}} Olaf - One of the last of the non-reworked juggernauts left in game, Olaf is the iconic immobile initiator, who runs in and gets kited to hell or gets chunked to death in a matter of seconds. His only uniqueness comes from his e with the true damage and his ultimate's disable immunity which gives him the only edge of the kit. His q is the definition of a spam ability, which if you abuse in lane, allows you to poke the lane opponent out of the lane with ease, or be insanely weak for the duration of the lane phase if not abused. Olaf has the potential for a solid rework, but in his current state, no wonder he lacks popularity in the player community 7. {{champion:36}} Dr. Mundo - The definition of "unkillable", Mundo proudly takes the spot of the insane health based tank that he is, but his kit suffers from the same plain lacklusterness as most other juggernauts mentioned on the list. His q bis the iconic poke ability, is one of the core components of his playstyle, but all his other abilities could be very easily reworked into something 2 or 3 times better than it is now. The potential Mundo has is massive, but he does require a fair bit of attention to get into operation reshaped from what he is now 8. {{champion:82}} Mordekaiser - One of the biggest failures of Riot rework team (sorry, but it is true), Mordekaiser is the only champion who does not feature a crowd control or a mobility spell in the kit. This was tweaked with the bonus movespeed on his new w, but the overall concept of turning him into a melee botlane AP carry, was truthfully just not in a good placeto be implemented in the game. This latest rework made him unplayable, except for the team comps in which he would not be kited, which with the state the game is in now practically never happens. 9. {{champion:35}} Shaco - One of the most unfavourable assasins in the game right now, Shaco is somewhere close to Rengar in terms of playstyle, but is drastically weaker, due to his incredible reliance on ganks and counterjungling and the severe mid-late game weaknesses. Unless as Shaco you get fed off succesful ganks, he becomes almost useless, unless he gains advantage early to get the items to allow him to burst harder and more effectively. His ultimate too, while allowing him to pull off some impressive mind games, is in most scenarios pointless as it gives him no real combat advantages, neither adds to his burst 10. {{champion:20}} Nunu - The iconic counter-junle monster, Nunu is only ever played in two ways: either full AP oneshot monstrosity, or the frontline tank objective controller. In both situations at least two of his skills make absolutely no sense to be on the champion: q and w in the first role and w, r in the second. Nunu, by nature is supposed to be a team-oriented tank, and while his ultimate enables him to make some extreme baits happen, it and his w do not make sense whatsoever to have on a champion like this This is where I will stop for now, but prompt me with some feedback on who else i could include and why, and if any Rioter would like to argue for the cause, I would be happy to discuss!
: **GREAT!! :D The 10 bans will be a god-send to all of us!** 6 bans may have been appropriate when there wasn't so many champions, but now there are 131 of them and there are more than just 6 problem children. and having champs that 'have' to be banned, ends up wasting so many of the bans, _(in all the ranked games I've played this year, I'm pretty sure there were only 4 games in which Zed **wasn't** banned.)_ As for champion select being too long; champ select is the most stressful and most strategic point of the entire game. As such I personally don't see any problem with it being extended. _(I would much rather have a 15 minute banning phase, than play a 40 minute game against Yasuo/Zed/Vayne/Katarina etc etc.)_ as for the extreme scenario of needing 11 champions to play (12 really if you include the enemy team's pick) i don't think this will be a problem at all. Firstly because most people gold and below (the majority of the player base) just have 1 champ that they play, and when that champ is banned, they rage and then go afk anyway. So it doesn't matter if you have 1 ban or 100., they still have no one else to play. and as for plat and above, they are much smarter than to ban 10 champs of the same role. Secondly because the chances of it happening are a million to one, and it is impractical to remove a feature that will help 99.9999% of players, just because theres a chance that 1 person in a million **might** have a bad time. Thirdly, i don't even think that having your 10 main champs banned will even be a problem at all. Im a mid laner. Aurelion Sol, Taliyah, Azir, Karthus, Syndra, Anivia, Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Lissandra and Galio (my main 10) could all be banned and i could still have many many many options left open to me. And I'm just a silver player. The only people who will be affected by this are the people who only ever play the same champions over and over again, and those people are already problematic. Fourthly, Its completely in your control Riot! if you dont want 10 mid laners banned, then consider taking Yasuo down a peg so he isn't banned all the time, or maybe Kat? or Zed? or one of the numerous other problem assassins? if 10 champs of the same role are being banned, its becasue theres a major problem with that role, so if you make sure than the champs and the roles are balanced... there shouldn't be any problems! as for needing more champions in order to play ranked; this is a good thing, the main reason for being stuck in bronze is that you jumped too early into ranked. needing more champs just increases the time before making that fatal mistake. (also 20 champs is a much nicer number than 16)
Props to you my friend, I could not agree more {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Vitklim (OCE)
They took it down, now everyone can ignore the saltiest comment i wrote in my life
Vitklim (OCE)
: It is automatic i have no control over it. If i had the choice, yes i would most definitely wait 5-10 extra minutes instead of getting a guaranteed loss, but you get no choice. You see the point?{{summoner:3}}
Additionaly as far as i understand it impacts the most solo queue. Which means to avoid having your game ruined you will have to have a whole team at ready which is impossible for most players on a regular basis.
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Then wait for a game that will give your position, may take like, years though {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
It is automatic i have no control over it. If i had the choice, yes i would most definitely wait 5-10 extra minutes instead of getting a guaranteed loss, but you get no choice. You see the point?{{summoner:3}}
: Dynamic Queue matchmaking update
: Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 live now!
also, on the subject of hextech stuff, it seems to me that the drop rate for key fragments is either way lower than it should be, or way lower just in ranked, because in the past 30 ranked games i barely got 2 key fragments. without any normals in between ofc.
: Champion Insights: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
"You'd buy that shampoo" - fucking sweet, Riot
: A few suggestions: Vi = 6 Yasou = Yaz Yorick = Rick Vladamir = Putin
What is up with these russian jokes today. Like really
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
It started off as such a perfect concept, but now i'm slightly dissapointed with some of his mechanics. The ammo system is good, but the q doesn't really fit with the champion theme i'd say. Other abilities are just fine with the champion himself, but q mechanics don't exactly resemble what an ability of a virtuoso would be like.


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