: So many people on OCE are toxic there are not a lot of "GOOD" / "Well Mannered" people much anymore , if I am wrong they must be rare to find.
To be honest i find most of the toxic ones are players from KR or chinese servers who come to OCE to troll or think they are good. Most don't communicate well and lose their cool over small things like warding on top of their ward by accident and the like. I once had an ADC leave because he placed his ward on my ward when i went to ward river, he spammed in chat a little in English then spammed in his own language then left. The rest who are aussies tend to be just trolls who act out and be twats on chat because they are trying to impress their duo partner they know from school "oh look how cool i am i am talking crap to people in game hurrrrrrrrrr".
Turzo (OCE)
: So is "Nig*a" "Cu*t" "Dumbcu*t" and all other racial come other verbal abuses allowed on oce now?o.O
Since when is the C word a racial slurr? I am all for the N word being slammed with a ban and other racial slurrs but c u n t isn't that bad a word in Australia and i call my brother one and friends one all the time, and i love those people. I don't think i call anyone i hate a c u n t.
Tarat (OCE)
: lol, true. I am still learning... Sometimes i have to gank a "lost" lane to keep our bot-lane from rage-quitting. Without them there is no winning the game. Only once I swore never to set foot into a bot-lane again after two failed ganks: that was a Teemo-ADC/Heimerdinger-SUP-lane. W T F... 100% ungankable. There is never a right moment to gank and never a moment or a way not die instantly on attempt. Maybe as a Jungle-Tank-Mumu or a Tank-Nunu, but else I just see no way to gank such a lane. I agree, poke-lanes are strong, but they require exceptional mastery in evasion techniques or should get ganked constantly until they tilt. I found several websites where champion pick-rates and win-rates are compared. I think I am not allowed to post links here. But they're easy to find on google. Some of these pages have options to select your data-pool, like server, ranked or normal que, time frame and especially usefull: you can select a league, e.g. champion ranking in bronze, silver, gold, etc. After looking at these rankings over a few days, I have come to believe that the current META differs from league to league, I assume due to the league's overall skill cap. E.g. Pantheon-TOP ranks in bronze fairly low, around #80, but is top5 in Diamond and hardly played at all in challenger. So, people screaming to choose Meta or not Off-Meta are the issue. What is Meta that depends more on your/enemy teams average skill level than on a hard fact or "inner truth" of the current patch/Meta. I think communicating this way of seeing "THE" Meta as "A" Meta might help more than patches "strengthening" over all or specific support champions.
In the current meta you should be focus ganking bot anyway for the early tower gold. The only way bot should be losing is if they got to the punch first and ganked bot harder.
Tarat (OCE)
: My experience is limited to no-to-low-Elo Normal Que's: In the last three weeks I had the "pleasure" of playing against a machine-gun Lulu who had in the end 1 kill less than their ADC who lead the scoreboard by 11 kills and she had three times his assists. We lost of course. I played against a full-HP-Braum (Q scales with HP) who trashed us mercilessly and ended up #3 in kills and had double the assists of our support. I earned a devastating loss against a sup-Trundle who was not just unkillable but bashed through our 2 tanks like through butter while under fire from our ADC. I nearly broke my mouse in frustration after 7 failed gank-attemps against an ungankable sup-Poppy. I won a match all thanks to a sup-TK (he is my hero of the month!) who turned almost every trade into a 3vs1 until the enemy team tilted and surrendered. But absolutely worst of all was a truly spirit-crushing defeat against a 20/0/8 Sona 3 weeks ago - may she burn in hell!!! I do see the frustration of bot-laners almost daily in the current meta, even though I don't understand it. Top-laners are too strong, Junglers are too strong, Mid-laners are too strong, but in the end the ADC's have usually the most kills and nearly all of the team-fights I have seen in the last 3 weeks where decided by a Support or a Tank+Support. As a Jungle-main, the bot lane has become my least successfully ganked lane and my primary place of early demise because of the supporters, even though squishy ADC's would be my favorite pray. Yes, poke-lanes are strong at the moment, but so easy to gank. Though, as a jungler there is every reason in the world to hate on more traditional support champions and wish all the Sona's and Lulu's on Janna's into a volcano! Not the TK though, I love me my TK...
Thing is you can get a 5 kill running lead as ADC and still not impact the game when it comes to team fight time. The big issue with that is only select champions work in ADC role for that very reason. The only 2 champions i can think of who dodge this whole equation is Jinx and Trist, both are Hyper carrys. ADC in general can get high kills but i bet you anything if you look at damage done they will have done similar damage to the jungle or mid laner. Even some tops (my main Illaoi) can destroy her in champion damage done. ADC right now are reserved to tower pushing, its their major role right now as sad as it is. But there are rare champions which you can just dominate with against the right team combo, like Twitch, Jhin, MF or Ezreal. Who all impact if there are no high burst on the enemy team or your team peel for you. There is no such thing anymore as the every time ADC, 6.22>now ruined that with lethality and just overall changes to the ADC champions over season 6. If you look at every patch of Season 6 you will see a nerf to an ADC. First one that hit me hard was Ashe, then the rest of my favorites got hit all the way to the 6.24 patch. Itemization hasn't been worse for ADC in a long time, and relevance/champion pool for ADC is so low right now (3 champs in high ELO it seems other than OTP adc players or streamers who play for their audience.).
Nightjar (OCE)
: I am sad because half the time I try to play Zilean support in ranked, my team thinks I'm trolling and flame me, sometimes ban zilean, dodge, threaten to report or just ask me to 'please play a decent support'. Offmeta supports are so difficult to convince your team to let you play.
Problem with Zilian is late game he falls off hard and timing to use your ult can be swing or miss. Either people with brains just stop attacking and follow who you put it on, or your team mate blows flash or a dash to escape before it becomes useful. Also his bomb spacing late game is way to huge for his stun effect to be any nuisance and overall he is a squishy frame champion. His early game is awesome and his little move speed helps some times. But overall he just seems weak to me seeing as though high ELO games people crush Zilian, or low ELO games go way too long. =(.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Great job everyone! Remember that Hextech Chests & Keys will be given out within 24 hours and will go directly into your Loot inventory. There's no client popup when you get them.
Did ranked games count towards it or nexus seige? I rarely play normals as its boring and blind pick is irritating. Would suck for it not to count =(.
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Tarat (OCE)
: Urgent improvements needed for Champion Selection
My problem is if i get forced support and i don't really want it, i should be able to support as any champion i want without the team yelling at me. Seriously im not doing it to troll im just good with that champion and i can support with it easy.
: Loss prevention is manually turned on whe there are server difficulties. Not manually turned on when someone is having trouble connecting or just flat out left in one of the many league games that are played at the same time.
He is talking about losing LP in ranked when some asshole goes afk or doesn't even try. Or just flat out leaves after the remake function. The fact you lose LP or rank due to one asshole is very frustrating for most people. It is true it COULD be abused but it would be easy to regulate that and they could make it not enabled for 5 man/4 man teams.
: absolutely, and there is about 0 satisfaction for getting 20+ assits, even with the ranking as support it is dependant on cs, when really, if im playing janna, im not going to be fuckign csing, you cant make flashy plays to kill a dude, or you get flamed, you cant accidentally out damage your poor adc's pride or he will rage quit, im a support main, and i love it, but i guess thats because my life has been full of abusive relationships qB^)
Yep. I also wish alternative supports weren't so frowned upon too. Some of them can offer truly amazing support but are looked at as other role primary champions. I mean remember when playing Zyra or Orianna was looked at as stupid and trolling?? Or what about Malz right now, every time i pick malz i have my team dodge or say "gg" when game starts. Then they blame me for losing when they entered the game with the thought that they lost already.
Nightjar (OCE)
: I'd agree with thresh, blitz and definitely nautilus, I'd argue that playing alistair and making plays and picks is a little more frustrating if nobody follows up on you though. Thresh and blitz can make better picks and nautilus actually has alot of damage but alistair kinda is more of an engage type champion and he doesn't have the damage naut does. Alistair is an amazing support, but I'd put him soraka tier maybe even lower in terms of hard carrying, amazing but needs some followup or needs to go full ap with ludens, ect... When I played alistair at my own bronze/silver elo, I tended to engage and not recieve follow up from my team despite pinging the engage/towerdive and they tended to simply just farm whilst I then had to run away. When I played with my plat friends who got me into this game, they keep telling me off for playing like a coward and not looking for enough aggressive engages.
>I'd agree with thresh, blitz and definitely nautilus, I'd argue that playing alistair and making plays and picks is a little more frustrating if nobody follows up on you though. This so much. I am a Alister god on my support account. But if i try do it on this account no one understands how to follow through with my amazing plays. Or messes them up by rushing in and scaring the target.
Tele (OCE)
: I agree, I think Lulu, Sona, and Soraka don't feel very satisfying when you do well. But if you're looking for a "carry" experience on those champions, you're not doing it right. You should be picking Alistar, Thresh, Blitzcrank and Nautilus instead. Those champions actually carry hard, and they feel super satisfying when you do IMO.
Hmm i guess Alister is pretty good at destroying or disrupting but my thoughts on carrying is more heavy impact on the core dynamics of the enemy team example - Instant killing an enemy, pushing towers or zoning enemies from early farm. In my eyes a carry doesn't apply their carry potential to other lanes by interacting with them face on but by making them self a true threat and changing the game by making jungle/mid/enemy-bot come to your lane to help out or even things out. The only who does impact other lanes with their carrying is jungle. Support can't exactly carry, but in some form apply a boost to allow another to carry. So unless your team or at least one person in your team can use the kit and help you apply to the game to become a carry, you aren't exactly carrying. Case in point, you play Alister or naut, you roam to mid because you might see potential for them to carry. You do your combo and stun lock the enemy, your mid laner doesn't act or act well enough on your boon. You in that moment are trying to carry but aren't as you can't 100% finish that target. My major gripe with support is the fact you are looked at as someone who can HELP. But not confirm or kill on your HELP. If you go full power on someone you are yelled at for kill stealing, if you miss a skillshot you are trashed by your team. If you ask for help they tell you that you are the help. Overall you are a position who has a lot on your shoulders yet people act like you do little or nothing until they are losing then you are everything to blame. And as someone who went from Support to main ADC last season i fully understand the attitude of low ELO supports towards their team and adc. Jumping on this account has shown me how stressful it is to be a support main bronze-low gold, it is the life of living on the edge of pure madness and i can't understand in the current meta how even high ELO supports can maintain their cool. I just think they need to make more satisfying support champions which aren't pure damage or more tied to another role (for instance teemo, which i love playing as support but people scream at me for doing it even if it am giving the kills to my team). Give me more supports with cool abilities or quirky playstyles. Give me more items that make me feel like i am making an impact on the fight or my team! Right now i feel like i can't carry and all i am is a designated totem pole trying to affect the match and majority looked at as a moving trinket to ward or deward for my team.
Wean (OCE)
: I don't really like support either, being a support can cause you to become underleveled.
Never had an issue with levels. My issue is that you feel like you can't impact the game (early) unless you are a dps support or an alternative support. And those supports are frowned upon or get your team screaming at you blaming you for not being "soraka or a real support".
: I dissagree. I can carry with thresh blitz and janna easily.
Thresh can carry until 28 min mark. Then his effectiveness goes down massively. So if your team is losing early you will definitely lose as thresh and be unable to carry. Blitz relies heavily on the enemy team not understanding his pull mechanics or just being plain dumb. He can also be shut down in the early game by correct champion picks. Janna can certainly help a bad team. But she has limits as to how bad your team can be. A smart enemy will just poke your lane down or out number you, as she has no abilities to stop you pushing a tower down or help wave clear(unless you max Q over E). Janna works more with an aggressive ADC also and doesn't exactly carry. Carrying in this game isn't just "helping a little" it is flat out being the MVP of the team. Unless you can flat out shut down 2 or more champions over and over to the point they are no longer valid in the match you aren't carrying. If you can't push towers or initiate winning fights you aren't carrying. I think you and others here have got the whole term carrying mixed up with "helping someone carry". I was never saying Support is useless. My argument was that you feel extra useless or just flat out like you can't change the tide of the game unless someone, JUST ONE PERSON on your team can kill/push/do heavy damage on the enemy team. A support like the ones you mentioned can't do as i said, as they don't damage/kill or push hard, they all are team impacting champions (like all traditional supports are).
: > [{quoted}](name=Roguestoney,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=Rp2AGjXQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-27T20:45:46.700+0000) > > Idk. I like support personally. Everyone is different i suppose. i like it, but you cant carry from ti with traditional supports, which is why the meta has shifted so hard towards brand, malz and zyra.
THIS! This is what i was trying to say. You can't really carry with a traditional support or it is very difficult to carry with them.
: I agree, basically all an ADC needs for me down bot lane is half a semblance of a brain and we will likely win bot lane.
That's the problem most don't have half a brain they have near no brain. Most struggle to CS but excel in trades, others excel in farming but can't trade to save their life. Others go ham when ahead or ham when behind. Perfectly level ADC are near impossible to find in gold or below so you have to hope your play style and champion choice works with their style of play. And in the end it doesn't.
: I used to think I couldn't carry my team and wouldn't be able to climb maining support too; then I got good and started being able to make terrible carries look good while locking down the good enemy carries and disrupting their plays. People have this misconception that Supporting is easy and passive and has little impact, which ends up making it true for them. I never did think it was boring or unfulfilling, though. If you enjoy what you pick, even if it's considered trash tier, you will excel if you put forth the effort to master it.
The problem is the new meta is 4 push bot early and give a lead to your adc. If your team don't do that how can you carry as support with 4 people against you and 1 horrible ADC who can't even CS with ezreal while under tower. My whole argument is that the perceived supports which heal or only tank can't really CARRY the team and by that i mean do the damage and push the lanes which are needed. Support isn't built to push towers (or at least most aren't) and can't exactly get a quad or penta. Unless your team are some what awake it is HORRIBLE to be in the shoes of a support. My issue with support isn't that they CAN'T carry it is that they can't 100% carry the game which makes a loss as support even more tilting than any other role. A support alone can't hold off the tide of fed champs, you can't just appear top and support him because he is losing lane, you can kind of roam to mid if he needs help. If jungle is getting counter jungled you can only hope your ward is enough to help him see the invade. Overall a support can only boost one or two players or maybe initiate a fight but if your team are already in /ff mode or just are apes when working together you CAN'T carry the game as support unless you are a damage based support.
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: lol stop crying, he's not getting changed, he also doesn't need it. no one plays him because few people know how to play him effectively mid or adc deal with it, riot will work on champs that actually needed it. based on that logic, "no one plays him, because he sucks" quinn need to be reworked again
Quinn is in a great spot. People just don't play her because she has many counters and is shit in the late game.
: they just gave garen 25% armour pen on someone who he hes spun on atleast 4 times, so i dont think rito would be all against it, they should make it for every stack of his W he gains 3-4% armour pen up to 9-12% or even just 1% a level one going up by 1% per R level even if varus is a viable adc i think hes better as a ad caster from the mid lane with all the pen items, and while he was in a decient spot before lethality he feels lacking now, if rito doesnt want to change the passive than his q ratio or base damage at higher ranks might need to be buffed
Yeah i agree with you. But AP would be better for him. The hybrid build he has now is just godlike with these new changes. Also i agree that on his passive would make him so much better. I am all for armor pen inbuilt on him. The problem is when he also builds pen items with it. I guess they would just be worried to make such a strong change on him.
: "Main" account, nice joke lol, dw I'm also Diamond elo, everyone here is Diamond
I one trick in mid. I am ashamed as to who i one trick and people hate me in my ELO so i don't post under it nor want to be associated with it because when ever i talk on forums people abuse me. I am sorry i don't want to post under that account name for your amusement man. Very sorry. I am defiantly not amazing by ANY stretch of the imagination. I don't even deserve D mmr or status, but i do play that champion very well and enough to hold my lane so my team can help carry me. If that isn't enough then im sorry. Still though, 8/10 on main account with that mmr and i get gold is pretty stupid you have to agree.
: 7W 3L Bronze 4? ( Ranked )
9/10 bronze 4.. yep amazing work riot. Even OP.GG says my MMR should be br2 at least.. Edit: not as bad as my mid main account, diamond mmr get put into gold 2. GG riot you know how to screw the pooch.
: LOL varus needs to be viable again guess you didn't watch pros bring him out at any point during worlds, and IWCI etc. pls stfu about remaking a champ, making him viable again blah blah blah, if pros still play him even if it is into 1 or 2 champs there is no need for a change thats how Riot work champs, only when they become completely void of use do the make changes and only if its void to pros
Picked as mid into teams that support his ult. Sure. Other than that he is hardly touched for his major role. Faker use him as a counter to poke with his own poke and his ult being very team supportive. He certainly didn't pick him for anything else really.
lXeratu (OCE)
: ***
Sounds absurd am i right? So i can bust my ass off trying hard to get a S+ on ADC (which is one of the harder to get S+ for as it relies on deaths heavily) and get nothing, but support can just play super safe and get maybe 15 assists and get a S+ and gets a skin for it. Love the thought pattern of some people am i right?
: Support is rewarding, it just requires a different mindset to a carry.
This exactly. You just got to know you did your job, and be proud of your self. If you get to the stage you are poking your team and saying "yeah no problem" you know you are in the wrong mind set. Christ even i still do it but of course it is when i do something absolutely pro level and i am up my self at the time XD but still you shouldn't be in that mind set. Imagine if pro supps got up them self like that? haha.
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: Personally I try to go out of my way to try and recognise when my support is doing a good job and be supportive when things are going to plan. I'd say all the praise is from people who realise that supports sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to praise and blame.
Wrong. Unless you are playing in an ELO made of bots, asians, and retards i doubt you don't get any praise as support. I really should record/edit all the times i see support get praise and mash it up with me getting massive solo team kills or me smashing a lane in a split push and show the chat for both scenarios and you would see its pretty equal or uneven for those actually doing hard work. Don't get me wrong i certainly don't think supports don't do anything, if anything support if my most loved role to play and have a good one of, its why my list right now has close to 30 supports on it of all types (damage, heal and tank). I love me a good supp. But it is a pretty straight forward job, and we ADC and others see a LOT of bad supps, so we see the good ones and go "yeah thats what they are meant to do" the real difference is you will see people rage faster if you are just a OKAY support, as OKAY supports will pull something out their ass for an amazing play here and there, but still do crazy stupid stuff a good amount of the time so of course they will see the support abuse. And it is mainly because they see the role as a easy game. It's when you main a supp, or main it in general for real and put REAL effort into the role when you see constant "good work" and stuff. As i said when i play janna or Sona i constantly get "OMG YOU'RE A GOD" or high praise as i main those champs for support so i better make insane plays. So of course if you just randomly pick up lets say, Naut, play him and just do okay its normal for you to not get any praise. I think supps think they can get away with just playing mediocre and expect high praise for just doing their job and it is insane that they think they can do that. Getting an S+ on a support ISN'T That big a thing. All you need for S+ is under 35 mins of gameplay, under 4 deaths, 60 cs, and depending on the supp champion 16-24 assists. Kills some times weigh more but only for certain supports. Compare that to say, twitch, who needs 15+ kills, 2 deaths, 310 CS, over 4 assists and under 30 minutes of gameplay. And you can see why the S+ idea OP is suggesting is stupid. If you struggle to get s- or S+ as support you should really rethink how you pick your support champion, or how you support as it is the easiest role to get S+ for (ask my supports who all have 4 supp champs with M7). Its rare to see a support main without a M7 champ. Take my family freind, He has 4 supps at M7 and he doesn't even main support.
Ingénue (OCE)
: A good portion of our "gamers" are also school children who are forced on family holidays, as well as university students that know that they need to put aside the games and study for a better future during these times. Its also the time when a lot of these "gamers" will be heading into summer work at times where they previously would have been playing games. Gotta earn that money for next semester (and to buy RP obvs)
I'm not sure if you know the people who play this or you are reflecting your own life onto others but seriously most of he semi-casual and hard core players don't have that thought pattern at all. More time for gaming the better for them, even if they have school it comes second to the game or gaming. Gamers who need escape will always take this game or others over finishing school work and will procrastinate until the end where they have to rush out their school work. I mean that's where the whole meme for it comes from, primarily from gamers or fanbois of certain things. Also summer work? Wtf is that. Are you American or something? Because summer here isn't like over in America at all. Our summer break is pretty short so most likely they use it to game the most or some times rarely go to family things. Very rarely would they use that time to go overseas or to vacation, Vacation to them is being lazy and getting in some quality gaming time, if they don't think this way you can for sure tell they aren't a gamer or as we call them, tourist gamers. The only time i think people would go on holidays/vacation else where from home is kids forced to go with their parents. Ask any gamer teen and they would tell you their ideal holiday is spending more time with the games they love and not feeling bad about it one bit.
: rito should make his passive like a 3 hit Armour penetration kind of thing it would have great synergy with his w and give him the penetration he needs for his q
Pen would be good i guess. But with the changes to lethality i'm sure they wouldn't do anything related to pen magic or armor wise sadly. Would be a good change though, like a 3 stack arm pen, then you Q to pop the W and get extra pen.
: You lose one second of the passive proc on champions in return for a 2 second increase time in proc on minion kills and also gain bonus attack speed on each proc and its a nerf? How? Riot expect it to help his late game, lets give it a chance.
Tried it on PBE. Tried it on live. Still isn't enough to make him relevant. Trust me man i LOVE varus he was the first ADC after release of Kog and twitch that made me happy kit wise and playstyle wise. This change does affect him sure, but it only helps with his clear in mid and late as you said. Though getting a kill does really change the whole fight dynamic i have to agree for late. But his late was always good enough really, when you can hit a Q and do more than half health on a ADC who has a GA your late is already perfectly fine. I just think, and im not the only one when it comes to varus, that his passive should be either swapped around with his W or he just needs a new passive from word go. It just doesn't match his personality as a champion to have this attack speed boost on kill only.
: Doesn't this bring a tear to one's eye?
As ADC i place one and most times it never gets killed. Same goes when playing support. I keep my control ward super safe and in a ideal location which helps the team. I always fight for my ward, maybe thats why it stays up so long. But it also makes it look like i am a bad warder =( sometimes i buy two and never get to use the second one, or place it just because i can. I still think we need control ward to be a item slot for its self, so people can't have a full bag and say "IM FULL CANT GET ONE" i know i am guilty on that when i am an ADC.
: I have been filled into different roles, but never get autofilled because im a support main. so if you dont want to get autofilled, play support.
As someone who plays support when i am feeling more generous i can have supp as my main and fill as my secondary and still get jungle/bot over Support some times. Sadly people see support as a free ride some times and just que up for it, or you get lucky/unlucky and a lot of supp mains are queuing up.
Ingénue (OCE)
: _It also has something to do with the season we are currently in. _ * It's summer time, so a lot of people are going to be ditching video games in exchange for going out into the sun. A lot of players will also be going on holidays to the beach, where they can't play games. * We're also near the end of exam season (at least for NZ), where people are going to be studying instead of playing video games. * On top of this, its also preseason, where a good portion of your usual ranked players are playing norms and trying new stuff. All of this lowers your player pool, causing matchmaking issues and resulting the the need of autofill. Especially since a lot of players are only "mid/top" players and hardly any of the community supports. A good thing to do is to perhaps alternate between picking support as your primary (filthy and unthinkable, I know), picking up a super cool champ and playing them as support (poppy and irelia are pretty good at this, so is annie). That way, you play 1 game as a support, then 1-3 games as one of your main roles. Just like Klavinmour, I have only been autofilled once during my "hurr durr imma main top/adc and get out of this plat elo hell" 2day spree where I then gave up because I realised I am not good at CS. During my support main times, never ever autofilled even before you were autofill protected by playing sup.
>It's summer time, so a lot of people are going to be ditching video games in exchange for going out into the sun. A lot of players will also be going on holidays to the beach, where they can't play games. Are you kidding me. They are gamers. The only change is A/C will be on and they will be drinking more. The only forseeable change to drop in players is the season hasn't started yet (well does today) otherwise summer changes crap all.
Debankle (OCE)
: Thanks for the detailed reply. It has helped a lot but I am still deciding. Thanks :)
I'd also like to personally add Nocturne to the list. He has amazing level 6 gank, and his pre 6 gank is still strong as long as you enter the lane properly and your team member knows you are coming. Twitch once we see all the changes to him will also be a very potent jungle, much easier to be counter jungled but still a strong gank from 2+ level wise. His jungle is also pretty clean or healthy if you know how to do it. Heca is good but i feel there is a slight downwards motion to him atm mainly due to Shyvana being really heavily used, same with lee as both can duel him easy or just counter jungle him.
Debankle (OCE)
: Who is the best jungler?
Not a fan of Olaf. He lacks CC and his slow is all he has going for him. He is more of a high ELO filler jungle if you already have the CC or teamwork with your team. His brutal scaling and just overall tough kit makes him a good presence in team fights but his gank lacks heavily due to relying on the laner to CC or slow the target for you. Strong junglers, i would say Rengar, Kha, Shy(certainly number 1 on the soloQ atm). Wu is up there too, but only for those who know how to play him properly. Eve is strong atm but again you need to know how to play her. Elise and Lee always are amazing junglers, and you can't go wrong with them but both are high skill and take a lot to master. My personal picks this season for soloQ would be Malph, Shy and Rengar. Strong ganks and team presence.
: Yawn, its late at night (3pm)...we have a patch coming up in a couple of hours. Alright, just for you, how about we change Varus's passive to also scale with bonus attack speed? Sound good? Ok, I'll just engage Riot HQ now, so that they don't forget to put it in the patch in 3 hours time. There you go, Varus improved.
This post is DUE to that change. Its a change but also a nerf. Look over the change again, its shorter and still activates the same way. SUUUUUUUUUURE we get bonus attack speed on top of it but we lose the active passive length. So if anything it is a VERY VERY minor change which should of been done on his fucking release but were to lazy to actually give him anything on his release years ago. His passive is still a stinking carcass of what Jinx's passive is, and will still not be relevant until they give him a new one.
: > [{quoted}](name=Volcanuz,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=1KPeEA0E,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-12-06T14:52:27.517+0000) > > I never see this. Most times its "good work bot" meaning both of you. > > Also i see more praise given to supports than ADC. I get loads of props when i supp but when i ADC and solo carry they don't say a thing. I literally every time i get the adc a kill it's "gj vayne" , or "gj ezreal". ive palyeda lto of support this season
I can carry the team by my self as twitch, get a quad or penta and not get one word of praise. I have games recorded where this happens all the time. I've even had games where i carried and my team constantly berated me like i was some kind of scum who didn't know how to play my main champion. Then i play janna and shield once or twice or win a fight and people say "Janna God!". Of course it's not constant but i get praise for winning team fights or helping stop a big death all the time. The only time i agree is with Supports who initiate fights. Like Alister, Leo, Thresh, Blitz and stuff. Those champs whole job is the start the fight, so pretty much why would they say "good job" when you just did what you were meant to do. Now if you stopped a ugly fight and turned it into a win for your team then sure you deserve all the praise. But your entire job as an initiator is to well.. start a fight. Its like saying "good job jungle" every time he kills a dragon or blue/red buff.
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: i love when everyone says GJ "adc", when i do all the set up. support isnt meant to be rewarding, its like working for the government, everyone blames you if shit goes south, but no on acknowledges you if it goes well
I never see this. Most times its "good work bot" meaning both of you. Also i see more praise given to supports than ADC. I get loads of props when i supp but when i ADC and solo carry they don't say a thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Volcanuz,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=FthNy0nT,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-02T07:13:38.395+0000) > > I am putting this here as it has to do with the behavior of players in silver and below. > > Please just don't pick Nasus, people don't understand how it works as a top laner and expect him to join team fights early. Bronze and silver mentality is to just all out fight constantly and this dynamic he has need to either be explained to them or just avoided at all cost. Actually the safest way to LOSE as a Nasus in Bronze - Silver is to ignore your team and split-push all day ... the more you join the team and you overcome your fixation about "stacks", the more chances you have of winning ...
This is what i was saying. People in bronze and silver think you have to constantly team fight from 15mins on. I understand how to play nasus i mained him in season 4 on my top account. The real issue is people at the rank this account is at expect him to come down instantly to join and that isn't how he works. The best way to utilize him is let him push while you distract or defend as 4 in mid or bot, wait for them to split up then take advantage. Though i agree nasus players in lower elo should come down, he is a potent team fighter at times even with just 180 stacks.
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: While I don't think Nasus has to join every single fight. There is nothing more frustrating than having a Nasus afk farm in top lane while the enemy team uses there 5v4 advantage to clean up every other objective on the map. It's fine if you spend time farming and building up stacks but you need to use those to affect the game.
Pretty much what i was saying really. Most people JUST farm stack. I even had a nasus TP bot to help.. well so we though, first thing he did was Q a minion then drop E on minons... Then ran back top after 4 more Q's on minion.. didnt even W a enemy. Im all good for you getting stacks but for crying out loud come down and use your 400 SS stacks.
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: I love pulling together with the team and coming through with a comeback victory! it's one of the best experiences in League. Awesome work man!
I actually hate it most times. I love a close game, where skill level is more even and great team plays are done by both sides. The problem with these comeback games is the fact you feel so stressed out still at the end, the weird mess up plays people make just aggravate and you end up doing all the heavy lifting. He is just lucky only one person was toxic in chat, 2 or 3 of them all bad mouthing each other then going silent to win the game is one of the worst things ever as you still remain tilted even though you win. This game he explained seemed like just a bad start game, i doubt it was some Cinderella story as he would probably rip his hair out at the end of the game still. Funny thing is he probably only won the game after one fight because the enemy team was more toxic than his own team, people who are ahead or get a lot of kills then lose a fight are more likely to rage at their team over people who are losing then lose a fight. So that one ace probably pissed off the enemy team so much that one or two gave up giving his team the edge to win. I mean i wish i could see the chat log so i could confirm but i think the come back was more due to toxicity rather than his own team waking up. Or maybe the story about his team was embellished a little. I mean look at the kill order. Ekko only died 3 times before the 25 minute mark. Not 7 times in a row. And Trynd was ganking a lot but was dying to teemo probably because he thought he needed to gank more. Ekko died 5 times after 25 minutes so he wasn't doing that bad. He was going tank ekko after all, so dying for his team is kind of his job at that point as long as his doing damage on them, so he was doing his job and helping from the start. Trynd was kinda dropping the ball, but he is a weaker jungle at OP's MMR so you can't expect a guy of his level to pull insane mad plays. And MF was doing amazingly from the start. Sure MF died as FB but her early game is pretty weak so its to be expected when against a thresh who has insane CC and if played aggressively it is easy to land a first blood on a champ with no mobility, and the kill if you look at the kill map, was early game (level 1 or 2) so MF wouldn't even have any mobility, and his death print is under the tower. The lux later died at which it seems he GAVE UP on his lane after ONE death which means MF wasn't doing anything wrong other than not playing how lux wanted too, which kind of agree's with what OP said, yet also doesn't because at this point in the game (8 minutes in) you can't really tell if the MF is doing anything absurd or silly, sure he took smite but everyone makes a mistake. Also the game ended very shortly after the nexus tower kill they got, which kind of tells me the enemy just gave up and didn't come back to fight after it went down. Because there was a solid 2 minutes after the team fight where another kill was made. So this wasn't as much a come back other than a embellished story of a game they would of won in the first place as long as they didn't /ff. The MF being bad at first is the thing that showed this was really a made up story sadly.
: Rotating Game Modes (URF)
Why are you posting this in Clubs?... Also this is the rotation https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-B7WCmKki19A/V8iEdBMrKeI/AAAAAAAAT0I/83grs8pPvBg7F5D_5IybA9-aKCpBm09IgCLcB/s1600/rgm91.jpg
: no no you are mistaken. I'm talking about "nerfs" like to the champion that you cant duel because warlords and 1 lifsteal item overheals any sustained damage you might give him. Nerfing Tank Yasuo is like nerfing full AP Alistar. Yea its a problem when it happens, but its not the main issue.
Dude. Mortal reminder shuts that healing down hard. Also CC. Exhaust works too. Range, just force him to wind wall then force him to waste it or make him chase. Move around and dont get hit by his nado which is simple as fuck. There are millions of ways to fight him. Thing is you need to not feed the fuck out of him first. Focus gank him, even if you are bot and his mid, you go up and force him out of lane even at 3. If his top and you are mid, go gank him. He doesn't do well when pressured early. The only time i ever see him as a problem is at the 30 min mark when you let him farm all day and get kills. Otherwise his a useless champion.
Ingénue (OCE)
: When starting playing league, I honestly thought that the most exciting part of the game was saving up and buying something new from the store. I loved trying out champs on the free week rotations and making lists of who to buy and in which order. When I felt that the grind wasn't going quick enough (mainly when I found an expensive champion that I fell in love with) I would buy an IP boost. Runes were also like this (and still are, I only own half of them). The only downside was buying the started tier 3 runes (the ones that were permanently discounted last season). Recently, all tier 2 runes were made 1ip for purchase. this helps levelling accounts start experimenting early with runes and allows you to fill a page with only a few games. Tier 3 runes are more expensive, but it is a good deterrent from ranked, because if you haven't got at least 2 pages of tier 3 runes then you aren't ready for ranked (you will need to play a lot to be able to afford it, more playing, better skill). As for rune pages, there are regular 2-for-1 sales throughout the year. Saving up and waiting for those is fine. I have 16 rune pages and only use 2 of them on a regular basis. For almost all of the people I know, its pretty similar. One thing I do miss, are the **double IP weekends** back in S4 or even the **party-up IP weekends** last season. Playing in premade does give a slight IP advantage (hardly), and IP boosts are always available from the store. Riot should definitely give us the double IP weekends *more furious hinting at Riot*
I'd love to say you are right. But i remember back when i started (beta) the IP gain per game was way higher than it is now. Back in the day i could get a new character every week with only 3-4 games a day. Now i am sitting on 14000 ip after my last dump of ip into (i think i got a ton of new runes to update this old accounts runes) runes and champion shards i think for shits and giggles. That 14000 was mainly wins (winrate went up massively since i started OTP'ing instead of picking randomly.) and was around 120 games. Average ip is around 90 for a win, with longer games with friends giving me an extra 20-30 ip. Compare this to my memory of 200 for playing solo for a win and 100 for a loss in pre-season 1 up until season 3. Sure if you play with 4 other people, you are likely to get a ton more and all that jazz. But seriously i am an old player so i don't have it as bad. Now i started a 4th account for making it my primary ADC only account.. and i have to tell you, its not starting out good. I have level 14 and only unlocked the low IP costing champions. Not one 4500 or 6300 champion yet. So 14000 ip divided by 90 = 155.5 games to get. Which will only give you two 6300 characters. And i think more than half the champions in this game are 6300. That means you need over 2000 wins to get every champion that is including win of the day IF YOU GET IT. Lets also remember this doesn't include runes. Which if you want all the popular runes (which i still see people play ranked WITHOUT RUNES), that is easily another 150 games you need just for 2 rune pages of runes if you are stingy with it. Oh what about if you want to buy a new rune page? You want to test new rune pages out but not lose the others? Well that's another 6300ip. It really means if you average a champ OR a runepage every 77.7 games (if getting 90ip a game). I mean for someone who has over 15000 matches its fine. But new players.. never going to catch up if they can only play 4 games a night MAX. I think the IP gain WHILE LEVELING should be tripled at least and once they reach 30 (which you could get in around 300 matches now i was told) you will have enough for some runes, at least 2 pages worth, and all the champions you find very interesting. Because right now i see people hit max and have 35 or so champs and start ranked with no runes.. its criminal i swear.
: Is there any counterplay against Vayne? No. Therefore.... No.
I hold a pink at all times for when i start a fight with Vayne. Drop it on her ass so when she ults no more disabling my auto. Also they are easy to tilt. I have NOT met a vayne player i couldn't tilt. Also forcing her farm under tower pisses her off. Not running near walls on engage works a charm too. I seriously hardly have problems with Vayne.. The only problem i have with vayne is when my team have no clue how to counter her, or they try 1v1 one her when she is behind because they think she is weak due to being behind then give her an easy kill as she is one of the BEST 1v1 champions in the game, certainly second only to Quinn as an ADC that can 1v1.
: Frustration at its finest
You might of been in a game i was in. Fed twitch sounds like my M/O.
: Yorrick is busted.
His ghouls are 5 gold each, last longer so easier to kill than Malz voidlings and do less damage, also i don't think they scale on any of his stats and have hard stats depending on his level. So you can farm them real easy. Nasus can also get stacks off them (friend told me this one.. so take with a grain of salt). They also take AOE damage, So even a champ like Kayle wrecks them. They are only summoned with one ability, and if Yorick doesn't want to summon them it increases the time his Q takes to come off CD. His wall is easy to break early on, and if you are all-in on him it kind of is your fault for letting him trap you when you 'think' you can take him, you need to KNOW you can take him before you trade, like you do with Irelia, Yas, Panth or Riven in top lane. His ult is strong, very strong. So try not fight him when he has it up, or bait his ult, run then kill the ult. Not sure how much gold the ult gives you but if it is like Tibbers it should be 50gold. Also note, it isn't as strong as tibbers and locks on to close targets. So either wait until it is under tower (if you are melee) or range it down. He is very reliant on HITTING you, so range champs destroy him early game. Also teemo hard counters him. Even at 6. Illaoi also destroys him as he will get him self in some stupid trades on her as he still is a melee champ. Punish him for last hitting with his Q. Every time he runs in he runs the risk of you dumping on his ass, wait until then and just run back after, his wasted a ton of his damage by using his Q. His E (the slow) takes a while for it to land, it is easy to spot him using it, KEEP MOBILE against him. Move side to side not run directly from him, this will make his E nearly impossible to hit. His W as said before is easy to kill. Also telegraphs hard. Any mobility move can get you out of it. Even Vaynes roll will get you out of the wall even if it is already up. It isn't like J4's ult, you DON'T need flash. He is forced to build tanky. Most i see tend to stick to armor, so just hope you aren't AD heavy as his whole kit is amazing revolving around HP and armor. Kog and Vayne wreck him because of this. Also Teemo as i already stated just f's him in the butt if you do the on hit build with some AP/CDR.
: Now if only OCE had Normal Draft hmmmmmmmmmmm {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
I am sure the many OCE players out there who play a lot of normals would freaking upvote this to the moon and back.
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