: Wow man, you don't even understand your own idea create the most imbalance mechanic only the lucky few can have. Imagine this. 2 Nobles at 3stars, + 2 Imperials 2stars, + 2 Wilds 2 stars, need i go on? <--- Look at that OP combination; With only 6 champs!! Your initial idea is so bad, it is down right UNBALANCE.
how is it unbalanced if everyone can do it? there's nothing stopping everyone on the map from having many synergies going so that becomes the aim of the game and that one guy who got a guinsoo's rageblade after the first minion round now only has a slight advantage because the item has less overall impact in the face of the synergies that take over the game.
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: Morgana’s Passive Requires a Rework
she needs a passive like that to give her survivability when she build damage and then runs into 5 people with her ultimate
: Why is iron lower than bronze?
bronze is a better looking metal.
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: League of Legends needs to make a movie
i reckon they should make it an anime like naruto and one piece so it can be super long and do heaps of different stories. make the main character poppy or smth cause she goes all over runterra looking for the hero to wield the hammer
: Played 10 Placements games lost 9 won 1 and got placed silver 5 WTF
if you're in silver 5 then you're ~~better~~ higher rank than like 50% of the player base idk why you're mad... i got placed in bronze 2 after my first promos.
: Base attack damage items
there's a lot of champions who benefit more from bonus ad than base ad. that number of champions also HEAVILY outweighs the number of champion that would benefit more from being able to by base ad to boost triforce. being able to buy base ad also makes trinity force scale a LOT harder than it should cause it's basically doubling your next auto after an ability. base ad is for early game balance, scalings are for late game balance, and messing with a stat that mucks up this balance makes balancing individual champions really hard
: Blue Essence
the new system is just a sneaky way to get people to play more. in the old system, you got a super consistent amount of ip per game (outside of first win bonus). the difference now is that you have to level up to get blue essence and if you play a lot, you'll earn it a LOT faster than you did before but if you don't play a lot, all of the blue essence you would earn gets front loaded onto your level up so it feels slower even though it's not really.
: I can't help but feel cursed
Going off of this, it looks like you're a mid lane main which means you have all the initiative in the world to stop this from happening. It sucks that it happens but if you, instead of trying to carry hard, maybe roamed a a lot instead and gave your team the tools to carry with you, you'd probably see a significant increase in winrate.
: Tutorials for new accounts
Different accounts having different tutorials feels like a good idea to me cause learning league all at once is painful where as doing a tutorial for say a bruiser after filling out a questionare to guess what role you would like would probably be beneficial for smoothing out the skill curve a bit. The ashe thornmail thing should be imortalised in the form of answering yes to the question "have you played league of legends before?" on the hypothetical questionare cause it's funny as imo.
: What champs can be played at both mid and top?
Galio. All day every day. Just roam with R and soak in the free lp if you do it well
: Climb with Thresh
Thresh does nothing by himself and is only as good as the person playing him what are you talking about?
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Decibelle (OCE)
: Feedback: I hate this VS event and how negatively it impacts my time in-game.
i just think its legit filthy that they made the event pay to play
A Corpse (OCE)
: B5 support/adc main needing coach/mentor
just watch videos from people like Phylol and stuff and play a lot of different adc's to figure out whether you like crit/attack speed adc's like jinx and cait or caster adc's like jhin and lucian. in all seriousness though, climbing really doesn't matter unless you're gonna put the time in to make it to mid gold or higher. i was in bronze 5 too and made it my mission to get to silver and it's no different.
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Zeverz (OCE)
: Galio rework too much?
look, i like it on paper. it keeps that big impact scary zone of certain death that a fed galio has now and makes him way more interesting to play as and against.
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