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: URF, when is it ending?
I wouldnt want it to end it's a fun mode.
: U get BE for first win of the day... do ur research before u start complaining. But I do agree that they should up the amount of BE in total. But a bad ig currency system doesnt affect gameplay at all... sounds like a bad player finding an excuse to quit.
I just went and checked my match history and, my mistake i had no idea they removed us being able to get blue ess per match after first win. i just returned to league a few days ago. yes it's true we get some for first win of the day, though idk why they'd do that.
Driggz (OCE)
: They have taken alot of the Rotating game mode and changed them, not for the better with all of them in my opinion either. I do miss the fact that Doom Bots is no longer an actual match but more of a tower defence game about wave clearing.
the old one was more challenging because it covered the entire map, to win current doom bots ppl just play ziggs
: ARURF 2017 Snowdown Letdown
riot and their garbage ideas sometimes
Fitzky (OCE)
: Or, stop being such a sensitive hard-ass company and get over it. Words are words, words can be muted, problem solved. Running down mid can't be stopped, they deserve perma bans, not people who TYPE WORDS.
But than again if this was in comp/ranked it'd be hard because the only communication in this game are pings and chat, this game doesn't have voice chat. They just need to nerf the 2 week ban.
: If you continue to use instant 14 day bans for one word
Riot is doing this? I didn't hear about this since im returning but that's just up right stupid imo.
Fitzky (OCE)
: I played a game and when my client went back it had loaded
Same just takes some load time.
esp (OCE)
: You wrecked league.
Troll post? they infused blue ess and ip together. What do you mean you got non per game?
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Ingénue (OCE)
: It's in draft format, so I believe you do have to lock in your champion. Typically featured game modes do have the standard 6 minute dodge timer, poro king however, has the 15 minute timer associated with ARAM (I guess because they are both howling abyss)
Ah ok ty
: Honor Capsules Are Worthless
As a returning player they do seem that way but are highly efficient for "newer" players
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Warau (OCE)
: Team Omaze rewards
is it possible to get a comment of someone who's gotten their reward in Australia or a reply from a RIOT dev/Employee that'd be great and reassuring.
: And the other regions call OCE shit, maybe so, but at least we had a charity event that they didn't. {{summoner:14}}
I still haven't gotten my artwork jesus...
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: Join in the Riot Impact Challenge
BTW did anyone get a Promocode?
: Join in the Riot Impact Challenge
So I put 250 in but it said 327...I'm worried. Is Omaze in NA if so that'd be reassuring. I mean or is it only RIOT in NA who's going to be sending this out to places and not OCE?
Fangthane (OCE)
: Are these non-profit orgs in Australia? Just looking at the last one makes me wonder why we don't have our own is all....
I think it's NA cause my donation/payment wasn't 250 but it was 327 :/
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: Nah, hextech is a completely different issue.
Oh so what's the reason behind the Brand ban in doombots?
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They even removed hextech cause it's this bad....
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: Join in the Riot Impact Challenge
I just put 250 in I hope that Jinx Art is large :)
: The Client Update Alpha Ending Soon
: Join in the Riot Impact Challenge
Doesn't tell the dimensions of the artworks rip.
: Join in the Riot Impact Challenge
Would like a closer look on that jinx art work :/
SmaugCity (OCE)
: Hey dude, just report each of them. The accounts are usually running on a script until they hit Level 30 and can be sold.
The thing is I had games where when we finish their lvl was still 30 and they kept botting.
: 4 Feeder Bots in a single Co-op game....Nice.....
LOL having this a lot in bot games, hey it's good I can practice more, at least we have valid excuse for losing. Early version of Doombots hh, still I report the bots. Idk why riot hasn't done anything about this 4rd party program thing that they're using but it's still annoying when they keep feeding.
: Did The quiz, didn't get the icon
I did the quiz last week, no icon yet...
: Did star guardian icon?
Same I did it last week still no Icon...inb4 scam
Spidicus (OCE)
: Thanks you're right. ANX and ROX are on different sides of the bracket. The official site was just all messed up at the time (for like 30 minutes after the draw) as can be seen by my above linked screenshot of the site. It looks all fixed now, it makes sense. As for who plays what day, seems strange but I can't see an advantage as to who plays who on what day.
heard there was a team called "Korean Destroyers" is that ANX ?
Spidicus (OCE)
: Why did they change where ANX starts in the World Championship Finals Draw?
It's weird I saw this LIVE. I mean it's LIVE and suddenly* there's a mistake? Like what? I'm just confused...They MIGHT be staging something.
: i doubt it, it seems like an entirely new mode. 22 bots, global curses, custom difficulty from 1-100,no enemy towers or nexus, survive 15 minutes only to face a giant devil teemo, defeat the final boss to win the game.
BUUUUUUT ANYWAY. Still gonna play it hh hf :d
: i doubt it, it seems like an entirely new mode. 22 bots, global curses, custom difficulty from 1-100,no enemy towers or nexus, survive 15 minutes only to face a giant devil teemo, defeat the final boss to win the game.
Two new things would be half map and a satanic teeto
: i've read everything about it on ff @ 20 and i'm pumped for this game mode. It sounds fun as fuck.
i've played this before, it's really fun. Though I did watch someone stream a bit of the game mode, only 2 new things added.
: quite a while ago yes...
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: Riot panels coming to PAX Australia
Now how do we get these tickets where do we order/book them?
: It finishes at 3am and starts back up at 11am I presume this is either to give their servers a break, or to ensure people actually sleep for a few hours xD
I don't understand I mean we were in game but everything wacked out.
EzeBlood (OCE)
: u sure it was arurf?
Yes it was a lot of us alt f4'd. Just today I came on it was takin down but it's back up now though
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: Is Aram really random?
I think every certain day there's a poll and like let's say 10 champs. Each dday u play aram u get 1 of 10 in the pool. I mean it's just my thought I don't really think it's random at all.
Warau (OCE)
: [Poll] Doombots
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