: Abyss eSports Club AMA
@general how did you get your IGN? Secondly why should I watch Abyss in OPL over watching other teams in other leagues?
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SpinLord (OCE)
: what is your user name so i know it's you who added me.
the name you comment with is your IGN...
SpinLord (OCE)
: Looking for a uni team, Victoria
I am from Monash Uni Clayton and I organise all LoL related things for the uni in conjunction with the Society of Video Games Appreciation. I'll add you for a chat cause we are building teams of all levels currently to compete.
Pantster (OCE)
: Swiffer played against ambition and won? I would like to see this. Not becuase I don't believe, I just cant seem to find any mention of it anywhere but here D=
this was at World Cyber Games in 2013. This was held in China. The game was casted in English as well as chinese. I can confirm that Swiffer killed ambition in mid as I was there to see it live


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