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: Sure thing! My summoner name is Itachi Uchiha But ill warn you, my theory of the game is stronger than my actual practice of it xD
I know what you mean, I was coaching in CGA for a while, couldn't make CGO for csgo because my mechanics weren't good enough. Theory however...... Teaching people playing the game for 5 years when I had for 2
: Hey man :) I don't have Aspergers, but for a long time my job was to do with providing assistance and support to people who do. So hopefully I have some credibility xD I actually met one of my best friends though that. _(I got him into league, naturally)_. And what seemed to help was to break down the game into its seperate parts, rather than worrying about the whole picture Eg. _**"are we winning or losing"**_ is the big picture, and when you look at it like that, unless you're a fed Vayne or Yi, you have very little control over what happens. and then it's easy to get tilted because nothing you do makes much of a difference. And people with Aspergers tend to feel more comfortable with a bit of control. So breaking the game up into its seperate parts and focusing on one or more of them, can be helpful. Rather than looking at: _**"are we winning or losing"**_, look at lots of smaller factors like: **_"Who has better objective control."_** or **_"Which team has the CS advantage"_** or _**"Who has greater map pressure"**_ or **_"Whose warding game is stronger"_** _**"Who has greater kill participation"**_ _(remember that kill participation isnt the same as who has the most kills, a team with 20 kills can have less participation than a team with 10 depending on how many people were present for those kills, and so the gold difference isn't always what it looks like.)_ and there are many other factors too, that you can look at. What this does, is break the game up into more manageable sections, and sections that can be more easily controlled. For example, you have virtually no control over who wins or loses as everyone is trying their best to control this, and your effort is just 1 out of 10. But it is easier to wrestle control over something more tangible like CS numbers. If you are behind, start bringing your team's gold advantage up by doing some jungle farming and lane pushing, take note of how many CS certain members on their team are getting per minute, and try to beat that. Now, not only are you giving yourself a clear task to complete, _(which takes your mind off tilting)_, but it also gives you control over one section of the game. which in turn increases your chances of winning. And just by completing these tasks like _"get better CS than their team in the next 5 minutes"_ your mind sees this as a little victory, and every victory reduces the feeling of being tilted. And you don't have to keep it to yourself either. If you think they'll listen, tell your team: _"Look guys, we are behind, I want us to average X number of CS in the next X number of minutes, can we focus on closing the gold gap before doing any teamfights."_ It's easier to take control over and win small battles and focus on making those battles bigger and bigger, than it is to just look at the overall war. so start by looking at your lane opponent: If you are top lane and Rumble has 154 CS, I have 120. Give yourself an achievable amount of time to beat him, and focus on that. Once thats done, move on to a bigger goal, like increasing the whole team's CS. Start warding areas that make it safer for your ADC to farm. Leave CS for your mid laner if they need it, and go take some of the jungle for yourself, as it's easier for top laners to farm the jungle that it is for mid laners. Now your team is ahead in farm and the gold gap is close, you cam move to a new segment of the game. Maybe focus on just taking towers or making sure you and your team are in the right position for the next 2 dragons. You don't have to win every battle in every part of the game. Just focus on winning enough to bridge the gap. This gives you more control over a situation, in a time when you can feel behind and helpless. So Instead of thinking _"Shit we are losing."_ You think _"Daymn son, we are beating them in CS, or map control"_ It may help, it may not, but at least it's a better mindset! Anyway thats my rambling, I hope that can help at least a little. xD _(my friend now always out-farms me in every game!)_ Good luck! ________ _**TL;DR:**_ Rather than focusing on just _"Are we wining"_, which is something we have little control over, break up the game into smaller battles like _"Who is winning in CS"_, _"Who has more objective control"_, _"Which side has more map pressure."_ and focus on controlling and winning these small battles, that way you get a sense of control _(important for not tilting)_ and you get to see your team winning little things every now and then _(also important for not tilting)_, and if you win enough little battles, the game will look after itself anyway. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Can I add you in game please?
: If i may ask what rank are you?
B3, stopped playing for a quarter of the year so not as high as I would like. It is my first season and I did start ranked again recently
fum422 (OCE)
: > Try landing all Xerath or Karthus's crap. I can land Karthus's ult every time
I have a hard time landing Karthus ult in Urf
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Unfortunately we don't have an ETA at this point - but we're working as fast as we can to get everything online again
Can people Stop saying OH MY GORD UNPROFESSIONAL about this. PGL had the worst major in CS:GO history and they got this amount of hate. 12 hours of delay total is worse than a few hours


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