xStretchy (OCE)
: Excuse me?!?! dont tell me what to show I want URF NOW and RITO better hurry up and give it to me! who do you think you are telling me to show some patience, some people you know?!
Come back with a Dictionary and try again little buddy. {{item:3070}}
: Nobody cares where is URF ?
If nobody cared where URF was then there wouldn't be 30 comments worth of people bitching about it in every Riot post since April 1st. It WILL come, show some fucking patience.
: Gameplay update: juggernauts
What have they done to my solo laning god {{champion:82}} pick. Not to mention that {{champion:72}} (the one out of all of them who actually needed a buff) got the shittest buff of them all, Yeah a little movement speed buff that you actually HAVE to get unless you want to be disadvantaged through the other team getting it, honestly {{champion:72}} of all of them doesnt need help in the movement speed aspects, {{champion:82}} needs that not {{champion:72}} . Dont even get me started on the fact that they buffed {{champion:122}} . But i guess we wont have to worry about that as long as we stay in the fucking fountain.
: Why are you guys doing another Kat and Nid skin? They already have tons.... Cant we get something like a Quinn skin?
Cause we all know {{champion:133}} is the most viable ADC in the game XD
Claytos (OCE)
: im gonna go play dota until riot game brings it back </3 -{{champion:7}}
Good we dont need you scumbag {{champion:7}} mains ruining our games anyway
: Patch 5.2 notes
Rioter Comments
Noop (OCE)
: The IE change to marksman also nerfs Yasuo! With the standard 5 percent crit runes used on Yasuo, IE + Shiv doesn't give 100 percent crit chance only like 91 percent. I thought Yasuo at this point was balanced maybe even slightly weak considering his (arguably) high skill cap, how easy it is to gank and/or dive him and how many counter picks are available. In my eyes this change is a nerf to Yasuo that he didn't deserve.
Oh he does deserve it when he can go from 0/10 to 17/10 the instant he finishes his {{item:3087}} and {{item:3031}} and can just 3 shot any other champ at that point I think its kinda ridiculous that when you're a mid laner whos tried there best to keep him shut down all game and succeeded in doing so, just for him to finish 2 items and fling all your hopes and dreams in your face.
: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NERFING {{champion:37}} ?! Leave Sona alone and nerf people who actually NEED a nerf I.e {{champion:105}} , {{champion:55}} , {{champion:238}} , {{champion:92}}. And {{champion:25}} needs to be fixed. Her black shield should be made so it blocks only one form of CC instead of all kinds, as well as her Q hitbox needs to be fixed. I've been out of reach from Morgana's snares often and it just grazes the side of my champion and I get snared. The hitbox is deceptive.
They are nerfing {{champion:37}} because (as she may be squishy) her damage start game far exceeds pretty much every other bot lane so the enemy team just has to sit there and deal with the half hp shes dishing out every time she hits a passive. But I do agree with your list of nerfs, especially with {{champion:105}} but you forgot to add {{champion:84}} ......
: Still no nerfs on graves??
Thats because he doesnt need a nerf.
: Patch 4.21 notes
Yet no nerfs to the game breaking Akali and Fizz....... Pretty happy with everything else though.

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