Ninox (OCE)
: Because IP bans are basically ineffective in the age of dynamic IPs and are more likely to deny an entire university or net cafe the game than denying any single player. That said, threats are taken very seriously, and assuming you didn't make it to post-game to report I'd recommend submitting the screenshot (removed from this post under the name and shame rules) to player support: They won't be able to give you any information about any actions taken, since the status and any information regarding another player's account is private and not something support can share, but submitting a ticket ensures a manual review. To be clear, post-game reporting is always best to use where possible, as manual reviews are much slower and don't inform the IFS so it can make faster and more accurate decisions in future.
hardware ban is the most effective just like overwatch or apex
ZefLyf (OCE)
: "you already got the enjoyment for the money u spent" That sure is a funny way to look at what is advertised as a permanent unlock.
doesnt mean you owned it, even the account u created is just borrowed to you from riot, u dont own shit.
: A lot accusations is going on with that one comment there. Do you think am afraid of speaking out? So much so, that i would use your tactic? If you have any analytical skill at all, you wouldn't have arrived at that conclusion. Check out my LOL's history from season 2 up til now. If your conclusion is still the same, then i would pity you. > if so all your bullshit doesnt apply since you dont even play to know the situation What make you think you know the situation better? Evidently, you are in hiding; And for all the finger pointing, you have not display any credible supporting info. If the problem are in abundance as you have claimed, then it should be no problem to collect 1 week worth of statistical data. Right? In the instance of you don't know how to form a portfolio to represent your case; Reply here and I'll walk you through it.
old data doesnt even make sense..... old players left, the player base is now attended to casual or new players... what i need is season 9 data, and you have none
Ornn (OCE)
: used to get permi every few months because i like to shit talk trash players or trolls or inters kinda stupid if you ask me ive enver flamed anyone inocent lmfao but w/e. ive only had to permi bans in the last year and a half at the start of this year that accoount was almost a year old and then 2 weeks ago i got my main account banned for extremely unfair shit but its riots rules they dont care and i cant do anything about it I would say ive reformed but i still like shit talking
then dont play, this behavior shows that your attitude will not change regardless.
: Rich words, coming from a guy that post using his alias account.
same can be apply to you, i dont believe ur main is only playing arams...if so all your bullshit doesnt apply since you dont even play to know the situation
Ornn (OCE)
: ***
dont mind him..hes always defensive on this type of topics....regardless
: Chinese rampancy needs to be dealt with - ASAP
this have been addressed couple of times.. think nothing can be done.. they have brought their habits from china server....its way morrrrrrre toxic
OhDeer (OCE)
: Perma Ban
you are said it yourself..u got ban for a pretty good reason. and you already got the enjoyment for the money u spent. Take note of your actions next time.
: 4 man premade gas-lighting
because riot system sucks...tend to put you with toxic premades gangbang you and hold you hostages for surrender/win etc. game is decided on their aactions and not yours.
Rioter Comments
: Alright, am going to rant. Some of this is in respond to your comment, and some are directed at those who have confused individual with race. If they are actually from china. Most of the time, they would've cursed at you in Chinese characters. And if they wanted you to understand, then they would've typed it in broken English. In most cases those who used pinyin to insults are not the native Chinese. Because the majority of the native Chinese, have software installed on their computer to type characters. Why would they even bother switching it to pinyin, just so you can read a romanize version of words you don't understand? Am sure you cant copy and paste during the game to google translate. So what happen after is the usual verbal brawl when a team has lost. > It's a matter of fact that players are using chinese to avoid being banned A reason for the outrage is due to the fact, what was exchanged, goes undetected by the system. Yes, it is a reasonable argument. But lets review the point you've made and break it down in 2 chunk. The native perma banned players, and the oversea students. 1st. The players that is coming over from china's server. A popular believe is because they have been perma banned and wanting to start over. Lets go with that for now, for simplistic sake. Those players that have lost their prestige in the forms of money invested, ranking rewards, ETC... They already have nothing to lose, so the chances of them coming here to cause havoc is high. But! the percentage of their numbers isn't. People in general are not willing to go to a different server with many barriers. Such as langue, higher pings, friends are not with them, just so they can rage at the populace and not get ban. How many of you are willing to go to their server and extract your revenge the same way?? Again, a **small **handful. Not worth mentioning. 2nd. The oversea students who is coming over to study. There are a lot more of them than the 1st scenario. It take time for those kids to integrate and learn English. So in the mean while, they will use what they know. Let us look at how many of them will actually be toxic. This is the focal point.** Is anyone here willing to provide me with the evidence**, that the **majority **of them is behaving badly. Or are you guys cherry picking a few cases and narrate it down to chinese as the masses. To say that they are the primary concern, is the same as saying, they as a race/culture are the problem. And if that is the statement. Then provide the evidence to go with it. You don't make a huge claim as such, and have no statistic to back it up. If you have the problem with the individual. TAKE IT OUT ON THE INDIVIDUAL. What does it have to do with race?? You people are merely blending the 2 together, because you cant be bothered to think for yourself. Or lack the ability to do so.
u look so triggered imo... and you know them so well? far too well...hmmm as they say dogs that dont bite bark the loudest.
: Chinese ruining the game ...again
they are just leaving a bad impression for other people. i know theres different cultures but i have played with vietnamse,koreans,and japanese and they have no problems.


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