we don't have a community big enough for more game modes, if it was anything more than co-op vs AI queues would take forever
: OOOOOOOOOOOOOO--- Who lives in top bushes in low elo que? CRIT-RUNES-GANG-PLANK Who's sharpned and ready and coming for you? CRIT-RUNES-GANG-PLANK If one-hitting minions is something you wish! CRIT-RUNES-GANG-PLANK Immune to CC cause my citrus delish! CRIT-RUNES-GANG-PLANK CRIT-RUNES-GANG-PLANK CRIT-RUNES-GANG-PLANK CRIT RUUUUUNES-GANG PLAAAANK!{{champion:41}}
i detest the fact that i will remember this forever :'[
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Looking for a Duo Partner in BRONZE NOT DIAMOND
Going to add both of you, any readers feel free to add me too :)
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey Wiggy, I just want to preface this by saying, in the situation listed I do think the bullies were wrong but so was the guy that got baited. Now while the bullies were "more" wrong, imo it doesnt excuse the behaviour of the baited. My question to you is do you think that both should be punished? If they ended up hurling insults at each other? Also this comment from Riot lyte might interest you about out current systems. http://ask.fm/RiotLyte/answer/131188058306 We are going to be bring player voting back soon™ its just going to take time. The old one was taken down in all regions a long time ago, it was very slow and really needed an overhaul.
i actually do believe they all deserved punishment, however the severity of said punishments in my opinion only, should've been different for the 2 parties, which is where i feel a person would be the better judge, however after reading through the links you provided, this seems like it was more of a missed case, rather than neglect on behalf of your player mod team.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey Wiggy, A couple of points I would like to touch on in this discussion > bunch of angsty teenagers self-moderate [51% of players are between 19 and 25 years old](http://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/stg.ign.com/2013/10/league_of_legends_infographic_800.jpg) - 2013 [60% are enrolled in or have completed some University](http://majorleagueoflegends.s3.amazonaws.com/lol_infographic.png) - 2012 A large proportion of our players are over 20. A large proportion of our players are in or have completed university Is this age range still considered angsty teenagers? or are they considered young adults now? > just witnessed a trio flaming our jungle, and after fifteen mins of abuse, i mean literal abuse, he told them to fuck off, which in the real world is completely acceptable when dealing with people of their calibre, our jg was obviously not the most mature guy himself, he seemed to be in his early teens by the way he responded, he rose to the bait after a while and started flaming back, around the 35 minute mark they then decided they'd try to get him reported by the enemy team, which actually worked because when they said "pls report" he took to all chat and started losing his cool there too, after baiting him in to a frenzy that hardly seems fair to me, and while im fully aware that neither side was right here, you have to wonder. In this situation you seemed to have summed it up well, "im fully aware that neither side was right here". So both parties will get punished is this thinking incorrect? "WHAT WAS RIOT THINKING?" TLDR: There is no silver bullet that solves negative behavior in online games. Players are a diverse bunch, and each player has different motivations and responds differently to different consequences. We design diverse systems using three core philosophies based on reform, punishment, and reward. read more about out Player Behaviour Design Values here - http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/player-behavior/exploring-player-behavior-design-values Read more about what we already have in place here - http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/L65wrRYe-player-behaviour-faq-updated-for-instant-feedback And if you're really interested I highly suggest watching these great GDC talks by our Player Behaviour lead Riot Lyte http://gdcvault.com/play/1017940/The-Science-Behind-Shaping-Player http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1022160/More-Science-Behind-Shaping-Player
I actually appreciate your reply, and while the majority of players may well be 19-25 it does beg a more serious question about adults in general after some of the people I've seen. And while i'm quite well aware that there is no silver bullet i along with quite a few other people i know feel that a re-worked tribuna that instituted players with perfect records to judgement position (or something along those lines)l and not a computer program would've been a far better alternative to fixing toxicity overall, a person with empathy would have read the discussion in that game and seen that while our jungler may well have been quite mad himself, he was pushed to breaking point by 3 pathetic bullies who quite obviously enjoy trolling.
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Lets just say this, referencing to the age group: Wiggy got rekt, entirely
the unfortunate thing is, not only did i not have easy access to riots statistics, that's exactly how a good majority of league players i meet behave... like angsty teenagers, so if theyre actually 19-25 behaving like that, time to take a serious look at their lives
D0W0knu (OCE)
: Not to mention the rewards are hardly, if at all, given anyway, honours don't come in anymore because the same people that should be rewarding the good players are the ones dragging them down...
good points from both of you, unfortunately. i feel like the cream on the cake for this post is that i came back expecting multiple troll posts and see only agreement, looks like i struck the nail on the head.. sadly =/
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EzRdr (OCE)
: What you describe is very real, and Ive had similar experiences, but don't bother writing to Riot about it.. they are lazy programmers and game managers and don't give a shit.. it's the best system they can come up with, which says a lot about their lack of game management skills ... Welcome to Riot Games online where you can expect to be constantly abused, threatened, ridiculed, sworn at, swarmed by trolls and never-ending toxic behaviour, harassed out of your lane by team-mates even though you have called it first in pregame, constantly plagued by afks and quitters. and regularly have games ruined by the never ending procession of bots in Aram.! Adding insult to injury is this bullshit system called Leaverbuster which blanket sweeps you up into it's magic sucker and spits you out without any form of redress or comeback!! It only takes a handful of the toxic little turds over a period of time to anonymously report you as afk and the next thing you get this almighty fist from the sky smashing you in all its might and anonymity that you are penalised blah blah blah! I thought we lived in the freeworld, not some backwater 3rd world dictatorship ruled by Idi Amin or in some ISIS caliphate... is there no such thing as innocent until proven guilty . RIOT seems to be declaring themselves judge jury and executioner here, and if any feel harshly done by from any of these judgements then it's just stiff shit!! RIOT DOESN'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Why is it that when I try to question such decisions and ask for answers to several other issues also (not related, but concerning bugs/ problems/disconnects etc) I am given complete silence!! Several emails and complete silence later can only lead me to one conclusion. Riot sucks bigtime and have no clues and have no answers to the many questions I have emailed them........ bunch of rude ignorant pricks! How can this be called customer service? How can ignoring emails from clients be called anything other than being total ignorant assholes? Customer Support is a joke! It's sad enough having to engage with the constant toxic trash in so many games, but when you get treated like dirt and totally ignored by the game creators then how can they honestly expect improving behaviour from the players themselves?? Is this a fair enough question? Any system that relies upon toxic prepubescent teens to regulate themselves and each other is going to be 90% flawed and imo is created by lazy and inadequate designers who are incapable it seems of thinking up better designs for improvement. The current systems are so rubbish it's laughable....
simple fact is, there's more of them in the end game lobby so they simply report me and i pay the price for being so rude as to defend myself
: Correct me if I'm wrong but this appears to be the situation you are describing: - You did well top, managing to push back your opposing laner. - Your ally jungler got countered, something not in their control, and, as a result, they had less of a presence in the game. - Both mid and bot lost their lanes. - You didn't care about helping your team mates in a team game. The bot laners brought this up in chat, to which the jungler agreed, and you responded with a derogatory statement. - They reported you for not being a team player. To me it looks like you ***SHOULD*** have helped out your team. You were the one who was ahead so assisting your team mates, who were obviously struggling, was the most effective way to win the game. Objectives and teamwork win games, not kills and "winning" lanes. However, you decided that the only lane that matters is your own, an attitude that this game could very well do without. Quite frankly, I hope you get banned. I'm not saying the other people weren't in the wrong, I don't know what they said specifically or how they acted specifically, but, based on the way you described the situation, it's quite evident that you are in the wrong.
you see though, it's not as easy as "win top, roam win game" i couldn't just leave teemo top, like he's gonna sit there and do nothing. and i certainly had absolutely no incentive to roam and help 3 asshats who start throwing BS at me over their mistakes, considering i didn't say anything once the feeding begun, i am absolutely justified to respond, the biggest issue is they can give it but can't take it back.
: I agree
again, politically correct BS, i should not ever, nor should anybody else, have to sit idly by, or even mute people, just because they feel justified lumping their own mistakes on others. and certainly shouldn't be banned because morons band together in packs of idiocy.
: > it's not a reportable offence. Actually, it is. It's stated on the "[Reporting a Player](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player)" page of the support section of the website that it's reportable to not focus on the team aspect of the game.
what type of politically correct bullshit are you trying to shove down peoples throats? if 3 people screw up, and 1 doesn't, regardless of riots rules, logically it is not therefore that persons responsibility to fix the mistakes of the other 3.
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: Thanks for the help lads
also dude, as thurst said, if you even give people a budget to work with, a lot of nice people exist on forums around the place, i had a guy build my first pc for me, didnt even know the dude, he found me cheap parts and got me free shipping just cuz he's a fucking legend. have a look around ;)
: Upgrading my PC
60+ fps.. k man pls.. gonna send you a little link, just browse the possible builds in the forums... 60fps these days is a joke, have a look, this site also has "budget builds" AND builds you could easily fork out 5k for. http://www.tomshardware.com/ http://pccasegear.com/
R4iot (OCE)
: This game.
also mate starting adc as vayne is a hard route to take, just sayin.
: I have an Issue .... with my friend.
you literally answered your own question, you're just looking for approval from others. basically tell him to piss off. or tell him you're duoing with somebody else. if you need to you could add a heap of people from games that are half-decent to back up the lie.
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Yumekaze (OCE)
: Church of the Gromp
is this a serious clan recruitment haha?!
Rioter Comments
daveeyx (OCE)
: I seem to vaguely remember seeing a Red post a while ago about this being rare, due to intellectual property law or something along those lines but I don't remember exactly tbh.
generally in australia it's your intelluectual property once you've written the idea down (not sure if it counts on an internet forum however)
juznut (OCE)
: Riot allowing paedophiles?
OP attention seeker.
: Who is gonna be the next champ after ekko? a marksman a fighter or tank
: Do Player designed Champions ever get implemented into leauge??
if i ran a company like riot, i'd take people up on the superb concepts i see appear on the forums, however i can't say i've ever heard of them using an idea. (never seen anybody given credit in a champions history etc, and i've read them all.)
Bipolar (OCE)
: I would leave if Riot did this, no joke.
may i ask why? as ive stated a bit further down, i'm simply suggesting riot give the game, even just normals a bit more of a "fun" feel.
: No for me. Backwards integration is already present with chroma skins, which allows for people to have the skin without actually buying the skin. The same could be done for exclusive art borders, which would be easy to access through game files anyway. I moved from DoTA to League in part because of the skin system they had.
fair enough points honestly, i'm really only suggesting this as i feel like league needs a bit more novelty to it, at the end of the day it is a game, and the more we can enjoy it the better :)
: For me, I wan't to see more customisations for your profile. I mean, the only customisations for your profile are your Summoner Icon and champion/ward skins.
Big part of the incentive for me too, it'd be nice to have a few options :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wiggy,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=0g2WEqjm,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-11T05:57:17.374+0000) > > As a massive league fan, as well as an avid DOTA and WoW player You must be a hit with the ladies
Not sure what you hope to gain by this sad comment.
: what the actual fuck is the point of a loading border that only you can see.
Different things appeal to different people, it was simply an idea that would be easy to implement, assume that your main is volibear, and this border contained volibear art seen nowhere else, i'm assuming you'd like it, it could even be turned in to a downloadable screen saver once unlocked.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Bipolar (OCE)
: If you play Naut support,
seems like OP either got thrashed by a naut support, or had a naut support and was too much of a noob to wait til 6 and farm patiently :)
: Gifting Skins
i don't believe locked vault skins are available via mystery gifts, if i was riot i wouldn't do that, they make a killing when they re-release skins 2-3 times a year :)
Niji (OCE)
: If they buy it from you just with the RP gift required to name change it would be fine because it still stays all within the client and technically would be ->They gift you RP ->You decide you want to spend it on a name change ->They name change to your old name None of these things are against the rules therefore it is allowed, however if actual real life money or goods come into play that is when it would break the EULA as you are selling things in Riots game for real life money
not that anybody cares, played every big game in the last 15 yrs, hasn't stopped anybody from trying, and in most cases suceeding
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: @Riot, would you ever partner up with Razer Comms or Curse Voice for the sake of your playerbase?
without mentioning too many games, voice chat is crucial for any online team game in this era (looking at you DOTA and WoW) Crap! you get my point though ;)
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Wiggy (OCE)
: best tanks atm?
ty for the replies ladies n gents :)
: All top laners or jgs LEL Cinderhulk is so op
lol who is cinderhulk :P?
Rioter Comments
: Champion Mastery hits PBE
cmon tho, only getting points in norms? you're practically forcing people who only enjoy ranked to choose between enjoying the game, or playing norms
: I replied to you already so I will just copy the other answer: > The last thing we want is for Riot to turn into a currency company where we make changes constantly and players have to speculate. Therefore we have decided to monitor the situation and to make changes only if currencies or inflation make significant **long term moves**. > If you look at the graph attached, this is the exchange rate of AUD and USD since we launched here. When we launched, we positioned our prices slightly lower than the US because we were not sure where the dollar was going. > Any time the currency went above that line, in OCE we paid a bit more. As you can see, it happened only once and for a short time.
at the end of the day you are selling a virtual item that you make an absolute killing off of, and now you're hiking the prices.
: dj songs songs suck i just mute her. it would be dope if we could put in our own music and set them as the tunes instead
: after 5 seasons you'd think that the store would be fixed
: do you ever do anything apart from complain? that is the only thing i have ever seen you do, complain. all the time. no one %%%%ing cares about you and your %%%%ty little elo problems.
ezpz don't read his comments, shrekt.
: Love how people think they're good when
ezpz. shrek skrubz daily. gg shrekt. trolol pwnt.
Rioter Comments
: Play jungle best place to carry from. Or play properly and don't be a %%%% to your team mates.{{champion:17}} {{item:3157}}
i actually feel like jungle is the best place to carry from as well, however some people can't jungle to save their mothers so it may not work for OP
Strat (OCE)
: I'm all for duo bots. It's one of the better combinations to have as a duo. You tend to remember the ones that fail more often than the ones that go averagely or do well, I'm guessing this is the case with OP.
It's generally a low-elo issue too, where people do well in a game just before the one they play with OP, add eachother and duo bot attempting to re-produce their awesomeness only to discover they know nothing about their newfound friends playstyle and they begin to feed and blame eachother, these are the duos people remember.
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