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: Hey, same problem.. I lost ma first game and got demoted to Bronze 1 (80Lp) from Silver 4... Now i have a 4 wins streak and nothing changed? {{item:3520}}
My advice is to not play ranked right now at all until this is fixed (seems Riot is aware of the problem). As well as the immediate demotion problem, LP gains are completely messed up right now. Eg. 1 win = 12 LP gained. 1 loss = 23 LP lost.
: Can somone please explain this to me. I'm fucken so pissed. Played 6 games. went 4/2 and have less LP than when I started. Seriously, fuck this game.
There is currently an issue with LP gains. I believe Riot are aware of this and working on a fix. You should normally be gaining slightly more LP per win than you lose per loss. This means if you can maintain a roughly 50% win rate or higher in your games you should see some progress in your ranked climb.
: Demotion bug, be careful!
Hey, I've had a similar thing happen to me. This is not exclusive to promotions - it seems that your very first loss in the new Silver tier will demote you straight back to Bronze 1 :/ (At least that's what happened to me). First game played - loss = immediately demoted to Bronze 1.
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