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: Irelia's stun duration idea
Nah riot thinks too small for that
: Remove homeguards default buff make it a rune
Honestly wish they'd just bring back t3 boots
: Can we please have an update on the state of Kindred?
I personally don't feel like kindred is weak, just doesn't fit very well into the current meta. Though the only problem I see with them is that they rely too much on stacking and the enemy has too much information about where those stacks are. Often times the enemy can react before kindred can. I'd say if they want to 'fix' kindred then they should give her like a 10-second head start on where marks appear. Though imo that already sounds like a very strong buff to her playstyle.
: Lissandra is pretty hard to play though
I'd say she's a 2/5 in difficulty. To compare a 3/5 would be like brand/lux. 4/5 would be like a cassiopia/zoe. 5/5 would be azir/ryze. All you need to remember is that you don't always have to teleport to your e and to save your w to secure kills or run away. Q for dps or poke. R for kill combo or as a Zhonyas.
: YEAH THATS PRETTY OLD SCHOOL 19/F/NZ BUT IN THIS CURRENT META U NEED MASS DPS AND DMG STILL FROM BEHIND ALLOWING YOU TO BE USEFUL AKA SERK AND SS. UR BUILD IS NOT GOOD AND MIGHT WORK AT THAT LOW ELO BUT AT HIGHER TIER PLAY IT MAKES YOU A 4V5 FOR 20 MINUTES WHILE U HARDGRIND CS FROM BEHIND ON NINJA TABI AND +5DMG LMAO movespeed and aa is mass utility and functional and better at avoiding ganks then reworked ninja tabi further likewise also i could go on but basically movespeed to kite and aa is what ur meant to be doing anyway ull just have slightly less dmg but on what ur suggesting ull have none
Yeah ok go full damage then get destroyed in lane so hard its a 4v6 for the rest of the game. Kiting only works when you're ahead, if you are behind against another adc with equal or superior range you'll just die. If you go ninja tabi, you can run away with minimal damage while doran shield and refillable heal you up. Cull will help you sustain too so you can't be kill combo'd. Depending on what adc you're playing you will still have some damage anyway. But you can't do damage if you're dead.
: Haha, what?! I would never! Next time I'll int for you :D
: Kaboomblah's tip of the day!
Will never like another one of your posts after you beat me on thresh
: i thought ivern was early game
Daisy is very valuable late game.
: The HUGE problem with "illaoi"
Even if you get trashed in lane she can't do anything without her team. As long as your adc builds mortal reminder and you dont walk into her tentacles you can deal with her pretty easily.
: Does anyone feel like Lee Sin is too squishy compared to other champions?
Builds warrior smite, mobi boots and null magic mantle > fights a renekton 2 levels higher with black cleaver in a giant enemy minion wave > waa waa lee sin is squishy?
: When ADCs struggle
Wrong. If you have a tough match up as adc you start dorans shield and build ninja tabi, buy cull on first back and just farm.
: Jax is definitely a good top laner that has health, damage and can take down a MF. Jax only costs 1350 BE, which means he's relatively cheap. I would ask you to look into his abilities though, as the way he counters MF is his E ability. Take TP and flash on him top, and i'd suggest bringing triforce and another damage item, then building titanic hydra and build tanky after that. Best of luck on the rift! :)
Dont play jax mid.
: help
Lissandra pretty much ticks all the boxes. Top lane build: Rod, Hourglass, Abyssal mask, Morello, Liandries, Boots. Summoner spells: Teleport, Flash. Mid lane build: Ludens, Zhonyas, Void staff, Rabbadons, Morellonomicon, Boots. Summoner spells: Ignite, Flash. Cleanse, Flash. Teleport, Flash. Barrier, Flash.
: can i have a list of lategame junglers
1. Jax 2. Shyvanna 3. Twitch 4. Sej 5. Yi 6. Evelyn 7. Kayn 8. Graves 9. Zac 10. Ivern
FPStruck (NA)
: Rengar BUFF PLS
Rip, won't be missed :D
Erzsel (OCE)
: New Irelia is a joke
Maybe in low elo
Axylum (OCE)
: This really does help, tyvm! :) You've provided many tips for the areas I'm weakest in. Yeah you're right, I think I'm a good kha'zix player but when it comes to teamfighting and decision making in teamfights, during the late game, I find myself doing very poorly. One game, there was a kassadin who kept going into the front, so I was baited into thinking it was an easy kill. I was demoralized from assassinating their tristana (who was also a threat) because she had GA. So in the score screen chat, kasssadin mentioned how my decision to kill kassadin was a mistake when I should have been trying to kill tristana. Forgot to mention, the rest of their team were tanks. So playing that game makes me ask myself "What do I do against my targets when they build GA?" Just as you talk about how the first clear can be diversified, I did exactly what you said before reading this post. I went buff>wolf>buff then without possible ganks I went gromp-scuttle-enemy krugs. This really helps me out so that I don't fall behind (Which is especially important if I'm playing kha'zix). And thank you so much again for your last paragraph. This is the situation where my decision making usually results in me getting ????? ping spammed. But for clearing those large waves, should I consider getting Ravenous Hydra? I find that kha'zix has pretty poor wave clear if I don't land a good W aoe. About getting back to the team, I'm pretty confident I can get there in a short time given that I usually get mobility boots (not sure if getting mobi boots a good idea) and the Relentless hunter rune. I also evolve R most of the time for my last evolution (Also not sure if this is a good idea). And about the teamfighting whilst there are larges waves. Is it really my fault that the team gets into a teamfight whilst I'm clearing a large minion wave and farming up? I personally feel as if this is the sort of thing that only happens in low elo, where people are constantly thinking about fighting and no other 'objectives' such as farming.
For Kha'Zix it can be ok to get mobi and relentless hunter but only if you're actually going to use that mobility to act on decisions fast and succeed. Personally i like going electrocute,sudden impact, relentless hunter, transcendence, waterwalking, then I can build ionian boots if im ahead. Any excess CDR will turn into damage because of transcendence wich is easy to do on ad assassins. I like to evolve R first so i can stealth in bushes and proc my passive more which is a large source of damage early game. Then depending on the team I either get my w or e (if they are tanky i like to get my w so i can kite them since i wont be getting kills to reset my e [because they're tanks]) Then last I get whatever I feel like if they were tanky id get q for a faster cd so i can do dps to them (R-W-Q) Or if they're squishy and i know i can get kills then i get e (R-Q/W-E). W is good if you need the wave clear you were talking about. I will reiterate my last pont. If there is a giant minion wave about to hit your turret your team shouldn't be engaging. These kinds of waves are important to farm for gold and exp in order to keep up. During the late game however you can ignore them for something like an inhib or baron or elder dragon. That said, if it is mid game and your team wants to put themselves at a deficit for not getting the large minion wave then thats on them, however do not stay to farm the minions after you catch the large wave, you should group if possible. In low mmr i would say however all that really matters is just roflstomp killing everyone because they're bad at the game. When it comes to targets with GA I would say stay close to your team and help them kite the enemy front line until you see an opening to pop the adc's ga and living. If you stay grouped the enemy will just focus on diving your front line and thats the best time to dive their back line. The part about kassadin is possibly right, a good kassadin player wont die to a single assassin because they have flash on a 2 second cooldown. Kassadin needs to be close to do damage because he is also an assassin, so you could always stay next to your adc and blow him up when he decides to jump on them. Whats good and bad to do changes every second when you are team fighting so you need to be quick to identify whats going on. Often times it is teamfighting that seperates challenger soloq players and pro players. (As well as more controlled macro). Items on kha are pretty standard; warrior,duskblade,youmuus,cleaver,ga. Ravenous isn't terrible but again, if you really need the wave clear then evolve w. As assassin shouldn't be wave clearing anyway.
Axylum (OCE)
: Yeah, I slowly started realising that rek'sai is a strong early game champion who is much better at winning games in shorter times (no wonder why that challenger rek'sai main I saw was doing so well). It must just be that some champions are simply better in higher elo than lower elo, and I think Rek'sai is one of the champions. So for now, I'll be switching over to my other main Kha'zix, who I mained back in season 7 I have barely played any khazix in ranked, but in the few games I have. I was doing significantly better. The reason why I was worrying about champions is because I don't want to pick one mechanically skilled demanding champion and then play a game and fail a combo/skillshot and end up losing lane because of that. This is why I pick mechanically easier champions such as rek'sai and kha'zix. I can worry less about my own mechanics and focus on my other skills such as map awareness and decision making (by far my worst 2 skills). Another thing I'm concerned about is teamfighting. I often play champions that are only good at skirmishing or 1v1 duels such as irelia, kha'zix and rek'sai. But when it comes to teamfighting, more than half the time I feel like my team pick really bad engages and it psychologically affects me from joining in to help them. So when I leave the teamfight either unscathed or really low on hp, someone just HAS to spam ????? pings at me like a fking retard trying to tilt his own team. About matchups, I think I have pretty decent game knowledge on what champions have what's in their kit and their builds. I often go onto the league wikia to read up on champion skills and such to gain an understanding of them before fighting them. Jungle pathing is one thing I haven't put too much thought into. My first clear is simply, buff- wolves- buff, then decide scuttle or gank top/bot or mid, or invade enemy jungle. Usually after that, I back and buy my smite item and maybe something else like boots. But that is pretty much my early pathing in a nutshell. I've never thought to do anything too different since this pathing seems to work for me most of the time. I forgot to mention another thing about my decision making. Sometimes I'm in another lane just taking a big minion wave to farm and stop a push, whilst somewhere else on the map, a teamfight happens. I don't have TP, and I'm about to push into the enemy tower. So should I continue split pushing? or go help my team, where by the time I get there the teamfight outcome should have already been decided? I've tried experimenting with this type of situation, and often times, whenever I stay to farm and split push, my team flames me for not helping in teamfight and proceeds to spam ????? pings. but again, thanks for the tips, I really should be adapting to the situation more often. I mean come on, even my own champion, Kha'zix, is constantly talking about it. Edit: Excuse my poor grammar. A lot of these words sounded better in my head :/
Kha zix is more mechanically demanding than you realise, especially late game. You need to be close to the team and be looking to make picks and ways to assassinate squishies and resetting your e and procing your passive with r. E -> Q mid air -> land buffer w -> autoproc passive -> If they're not dead you can press r and auto proc passive into Q -> And or just E away once they are dead since you should have got the reset by then. Playing 'duelist' champions in teamfights is viable but you have to change you playstyle around. Meaning you need to be aware of what abilities are being used. If the malz still has ult, trying to jump onto the caitlyn will probably equal death. Often times when playing an assassin you have to wait for the fight to be well in and fought before going in to kill everyone, but you should always be ready to jump in. If you're not strong enough to get picks i would suggest staying near your mage or adc (whoever is more fed) and dealing damage out to whoever gets close. As for jungle pathing, you do have room for diversity. Buff-wolf-buff-gank is pretty standard but if you don't have the ability to gank the enemy you can always do gromp-scuttle-enemy krug for a level 4 first back. After that i would suggest heading to your own krugs and working towards a full clear while looking for ganks and heading to whatever lane needs you. If bot lane has gotten some early kills it is possible to do a level 4 dragon with some assistance, if you are playing someone like ww then you can solo it. Ideally you want to have the area scyered for wards and stuff before doing it. In terms of decision making, junglers should almost never split push unless that is what the champion is designed to do. If there is a large wave your team cant take then clear it as fast as possible and immediately head towards your team. YOur team shouldn't be looking for conflict when there are large waves pushing turrets in the first place but it happens. If you're someone like Yi however then you can split push if you see yourself getting a tower or more, but its almost always just a good idea to clear the wave then get back to your team asap. Even if they fight is mostly over you can still maybe get afew clean up kills or maybe help some surviving members of your team. Obviously, if everyone is already dead or out of the fight then you probably weren't going to make it in time anyway and the game could be over at that point. Hope this helps.
Rioter Comments
You can get some rp if you do some fan art for riot. Its a one time thing. I got some awhile back for doing a drawing of fullmetal jayce.
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: master yi ????????????????????????????????????????????
There's nothing wrong with yi. if you lose to a yi then you probably deserve to have lost.
LemuriaPQ (EUW)
: Why People Still Love Pokimane | THE SECRET OF POPULARITY
Connor (OCE)
: Looking for a gold+ jungle and a gold+ top for flex/tourny team
Axylum (OCE)
: Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong
Rek sai is great if your team is able to close out games before late game, but in bronze people don't know how to close out games, probably including you. I would suggest picking champions that scale well into the late game that don't have a horrible early/mid. Shyvanna, Sej, Kha'Zix, Jax, are my personal recommendations. If you think you actually deserve to be higher mmr than what you are then you can always play yi and ww and just noobstomp your way up, but doing so can stunt your growth as a player and you should expect large losing streaks after winning a lot. I would just suggest learning the game better and get a more thorough understanding of it before worrying about champions. It's pretty easy to get out of bronze doing whatever you want as long as you're good enough to do it. There a good chance you are severely lacking knowledge of match ups and are just doing the same strategies over and over hoping they'll work. You need to be able to adapt every minute of the game and identify what the next step should be in order to win. What turrets are up and how does that effect my jungle pathing? Who is fed? Who should i gank for? Can i effectively gank this person? What are their summoner spells and do they have them off cd? When is dragon spawning? Can i take herald uncontested? Should i group? Should i split? There are a bunch of decisions to be made outside of just trying to kill the enemy and those are probably the main factors holding you back. Kills will come from good decision making, not the other way around. Of course league is a team game. But any champion that can get ahead enough from good play will be able to well enough in team fights and skirmishes to make the game easier on their team. Remember that your team is just as good as the enemy team, if you can make the game easy enough for your team there is a good chance your team can beat the enemy.
: shes a high skill requirement champ thats why shes not picked in lol much as lol is a low skill requirement game somewhere around here is a good example of this in the user base
I hardly see how Liss requires more or equal skill to someone like Ryze or Azir, champion notorious for being amazing in pro play but garbage in soloq, yet they have high pick rates. If anything Liss is on par with if not easier than Syndra. Either way your arguments don't hold up to fact. Simply put, Liss isn't super strong, nor does she have a kit with abusable strengths. She needs to get close to deal any damage, and thats her largest flaw. Because of that flaw she will never break out of being a t2 mage unless her numbers get buffed, and if that happened she'd be busted.
: this isnt true shes actually prototypical solo mid solo q. her aoe lets you 2v1 their jungler/lane/burst solo 1v1s/escape/disengage/re-engage/crowd cc/ and snowball. shes a tier 1 mage, the best in the game
Lissandra is only a t2-3 for solo q with a 0.77 pick rate. I don't know where you get your stats from.
: Thanks for the advice! What you said about the one shotting makes sense as well so i'll keep that in mind.
yeah shes much better in a coordinated team than in solo q which is why she isn't as popular.
: When will Lissandra get help?
Your q increases in range after hitting a target so you can line up some pretty cool trick shots, at later levels its on a very low cd and it becomes your main source of damage. Your other abilities are simply tools for survival while your dish out your dps with Q, so when people come near you, you can root them and kite away with e or chase with e. I often like picking lissandra when theres a yi since you can just press r on him and he becomes useless. Lissandra isn't terrible but she could use some help to her numbers. The problem is if her damage is increased too much she can pretty much destroy squishies with one combo.
Imperial (OCE)
Its rewarding lux players for good play and allowing lux to actually be able to carry, making her a more viable pick where she has not been for a long time.
: New adc who should I buy and why?
Xayah is great if you're a good adc. Kai sa is still new so if you're tight on BE i wouldn't suggest her. My personal favourite is twitch and recommend any adc main to buy him.
I got my unranked account to gold 1 in under 20 games just playing yi. You could also do it with WW, Kha'Zix, Shyvanna, Jax, Graves. Keep in mind no champion will climb just on its own so make sure you're also improving your play as simply playing noob stompers will just get you thrown back down the ladder when they get sneezed on by riot.
: Minion Gold Changes Don't Add Up
They think fighting over the cannon and not roaming during cannon waves is enough but in reality it'll just promote the opposite. Take your cannon, then dont fight and go roam. Pretty dumb.
: Armor piercing items+Tank/Bruiser champs
Before i get into the post i just want to point out that the 'enter' key on your keyboard allows you to space out your thoughts in a more digestible manner. That said.. I think lethality items are in a good spot after the duskblade change (i wont say nerf because it was buffed in another way). Also note that lethality was designed to be less snowbally than armour pen used to be. Since you didn't point out WHO you mean specifically im going to assume you're complaing about AD assasins such as Zed, Kha'Zix, Rengar and Talon, with the occasional quinn and lethality mf. These champions are difficult to get ahead with when you are playing against someone of equal skill to you. When they do get ahead however it is very easy to start bursting anyone on the team, including tanks who i am assuming haven't built many tank items are lower level. Remember that these champions are designed to KILL, and that includes tanks, and the method of killing is in bursts. Meaning when their burst is over, you can easily shut them down. Tanks should be able to take the brunt of their force, but if there is no one to punish an assassin for wasting their burst on a tank, their skills will come off cooldown and the cycle will continue. Taking a full build ad assassin and a tank with at least a ninja tabi, thornmail, and one other heath/armour item (like randuins) on equal level, that tank will be able to survive the assasins full burst (Also depending on the assassin, i would be thinking of a talon). If the tank survives the burst, then your team has a huge advantage in team fights. It is a team effort, its not that the tanks are bad, but maybe as a team you are not working together well enough to punish assassins for using their abilities on a tank. Of course you also have other members of the enemy team to worry about too, but if everyone does what they should be doing you will always have counterplay options. Another thing to keep in mind is that allowing these types of items to exists allows for full AD comps to not be so terrible while still being punishable during the late game.
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: you know less about balance then riot and they don't know much either that's why you don';t seem to understand what's wrong with this and that's okey
You're talking about rengar, not another assassin lmao. But if you want to compare you can look at kha who relies on isolated q damage to kill his targets since that is his major form of damage. Auto attacks often are used to proc other forms of damage which may come from items or passives which scale with level. Hence, if you allow them to get ahead to the point they can kill you without their major abilities, then you are garbage at the game. I mean you comment on my knowledge about balancing but seem to think that assassins shouldn't be able to assassinate? Good one bro.
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: even without his enhanced auto attack q he can oneshot people why make the champ even worse
Uhmm. No dude. Without his q the only way he one shots people is if you're garbage at the game.
: ***
Do not talk down on our mighty kaboomblah
: #_Ahhhh how hard it must be having someone who's entire job is to babysit you all game.._ Have you stopped to wonder _why_ you get focused in team fights? Its because an ADC can carry a game so easily that if you don't focus them YOU WILL LOSE. Thats what the **C** stands for: **Carry.** I don't see the C in Mage, Fighter, Tank, Support, or Assassin. _(Interestingly though, you do find it in C*nt, which explains why Tryndamere and Yasuo carry so easily)_ __________________________ Lets look at the laning phase: **Jungle:** They have to clear their camps, predict/keep-track-of the enemy jungler, gank lanes, countergank lanes the enemy jungler is ganking, keep an eye on scuttle crab, dragon, rift herald, warding the jungle, all while trying to keep up in farm with the rest of the players. They also have to cover lanes, like mid, when this players decide to roam. The choices a jungler makes in early game regarding who to gank, and when/how to get objectives, which objectives to sacrifice, set the course for the rest of the game. Not to mention jugglers like Kindred also have the added bonus of chasing marks all over the globe. **Mid:** Firstly and most importantly, they have to not feed Zed/Yasuo/Fizz/Akali/Katarina etc etc. _(which is not easy)_ Secondly unlike side lanes, they are surrounded on all sides by jungle and bushes, and unlike bot, they cant ward it all. They have to keep up in CS while having to roam, and poking the enemy laner down enough so that they cant roam, while not being poked down themselves. **Top:** Being mostly melee champs who have to stand next to each other to farm, Top lane is basically one big duel all lane phase, they have to focus on being in battle pretty much constantly _(which while doesn't look hard, is very mentally draining)_, while trying to farm, push lane to keep the enemy jungler off other lanes. AND being pushers, they more often than not, are tasked with trying to get first tower objective. **Support:** Apart from babysitting the ADC, jumping in front of blitz and thresh hooks, and not taking One. Single. Farm. _(because the ADC will rage quit)_. They also have to have insane map awareness, be constantly warding. Predicting the engages of the enemy support and planning counter-engages. **ADC:** Literally, all you need to do for the first 20 minutes, is last hit minions. And if you somehow manage to fuck that up and get into a fight, you have a designated bodyguard to jump in front of bullets for you. The only thing you need concern yourself with all early game, is that your little number in the corner, is higher then their little number in the corner. __________________________ How about mid game: **Jungle:** Now on the defensive, they have to watch all lanes and defend whenever necessary, for the enemy will start to group or split push, as well as making picks and predicting/catching roamers out in the jungle. While still looking after objectives. Most tank junglers have lost their early game durability base stats, but don't have enough gold to get late game durability from items. Early game junglers like Shaco or Evelynn, are in a very tough spot if they haven't got kills by now. Kindred is sitting at base rocking back and forth wondering why on early she picked Kindred. **Mid:** Mid game is a mage's time to shine _(or ruin the game completely)_, they shoulder the majority of the weight in this stage, being 'controllers' they are now the primary damage for the team, as well as the CC machine, its their job to poke down enemies before fights, and help make picks before fights. Pretty much everything except tanking is their job mid game. **Top:** Deciding where, how, and when to split push. Not getting caught out when split pushing, and making sure that wherever they are splitpushing, they can still get to fights relatively quickly. Top lane has only just broken out of its perma-duel/bro-lane in top, so they know very little about how strong the rest of the enemy champs are at this stage. This is the time when your 5/0 Jax suddenly ends up at 5/7 because unlike mid and jungle, he hasn't got a good grasp of who he can and cant fight yet. **Support:** The same job as always, being the wading machine, diving in front of bullets, pulling people from the fire, singlehandedly warding EVERYWHERE, AND not taking One. Single. Farm. **ADC:** Yep, still farming. CS is worth more than kills. Be in the occasional teamfight, but otherwise be in the opposite lane that the split pusher is in, so that rascal doesn't take your precious CS. The support even has your map awareness covered, don't even need to bother wandering your gaze lazily to the right to check the map. ____________________________ Late game: **Jungle:** Be a meat shield for the ADC. **Mid:** Throw your CC, then be a meatshiled for the ADC. **Top:** Be a meat shield for the ADC. **Support:** You guessed it son!: Be a meat shield for the ADC. **ADC:** If it moves, right click it till it stops moving. _______________________________ What my point here is, is that you're only considering difficulty from the point of view of an ADC, while the above looks at ADC from the other roles' perspective. Both sides are over-exaggerated. All of the roles have easy and hard aspects. Take the champs for example: The difficulty in ADC certainly doesn't come from the champion pool... Compare your champs to another lane, like mid: **ADC:** Miss Fortune Draven Kog'Maw Sivir Ashe **Mid:** Syndra LeBlanc Azir Aurelion Sol Orianna Theres no comparison in which lane has the bulk of mechanically difficult champs, both to play, and to have to counterplay around. Nor does the difficulty come from the mental game, Look at the number of things ADC has to think about in relation, to say, Jungle: **ADC:** CS Kills Positioning **Jungle:** Tower defence Camp clearing routes CS Counter-jungling Lane holding Objective control Ganking Counter-ganking Tracking the enemy jungler etc. Where does the difficulty come from? In my view, the hardest thing about the ADC role, is their need for good positioning _(and that is very hard indeed)_. Good positioning is the difference between that vayne that gets pentakills every fight, and the Jhin who gets pulled becasue he runs towards the enemy desperate to find something to use his 4th shot on. Fighters and tanks can survive being out of position, and as long as they are in the thick of things, they are probably in-position anyway. Mid laners have enough range to often safely sit on the edge of fights lobbing spells in, if they get too close to the action, many of them have escapes. Supports are weaving all through the fight, healing/shielding/tanking whoever needs them, they are only really out of position if they are not in the fight, or have left the ADC alone too long. ADC's on the other hand, their range is short enough that that have to be close-ish to the fight, well in range of the mid laner's long shots, and at high risk of sudden engage from fighters like Camille and Irelia. But if they don't get in close, their team doesn't have enough damage. Do I think ADC is the easiest role? **No.** Do I think its the hardest role? **No.** ______________________________ #What do I think the hardest position is? If I had to pick a role as hardest position, I would pick support. They have so much to think about, and on top of playing themselves, they also have to play around the ADC as well. Support champs often have all the mechanical difficulties that Mid lane champs have, except without any of the damage. Rakan is just as complex to play as Viktor, but if they meet in the jungle, Viktor is the one walking out alive. Support tanks get just as tanky as top lane tanks, but if they meet in the jungle, Nasus is walking out alive, and Leona isn't. Unlike every other position (ADC included) supports _(true supports, not shit like Brand etc.)_find it very difficult to function on their own. When youre the only one alive, and you're trying to save an Inhibitor from a huge wave of minions _(or even an enemy champ)_. Azir/Irelia/Kalista/Nocturne are gunna breeze through that situation, saving the inhib in moments. Nami will watch the inhib crumble as she desperately auto attacks 3 waves of minions. ADC's and every other AD champ can push turrets very quickly, most of them can solo objectives such as dragon _(or even Baron)_ as well. Mages have enough AoE to instantly clear waves around turrets so that their minions can focus on it. Supports are neither AD, or have big AoE damage. Leaving them unable to secure objectives alone _(even if no enemy champs are in sight)_ or take towers easily. Getting caught out in the jungle? most top laners and junglers will be fine duelling it out. Most mid laners have decent escapes and CC, or enough burst to dissuade an attacker. ADC's have enough damage out-damage the person who finds them. Supports die. Supports imo, have the least amount of things they are able to do alone. which makes them very heavily team reliant, and predicting what other players are going to do, isn't always the easiest.
I would have to agree but disagree with your choice of the hardest role. While supports have a lot of responsibility, the difficulty of those responsibilities are not so severe. Not to mention how strong supports are made to be in order to be able to babysit their adc. 1. Mid lane= Basically has a hand everything at all stages of the game. You say throw cc and be a meat shield. but neglect the fact not all mid laners are control mages. Some pick assassins, some pick sustain damage. 2. Top lane= Majority of the macro responsibility. 3. Support 4. Jungle = Jungling is a breeze, you just have to pull off ganks and have good decision making. 5. Adc = Literally hit the closest thing to you.
: TBH The Hardest Role in LoL is...
: Poachers knife so you can still have utility/function out of smite off spellbook (can swap out of smite and still functionally gain the benefit of poachers knife wards - which use to be so good on pantheon - allowing you to ward-jump(w) and map control in general). It's quite ironic because the only 3 good items in the game for pantheon were wards (removed, doubly so from poachers), mana potions, and sword of the occult. The last 2 in particular because they are 100% the most aggressive/scaling/damage orientation items in the game. Biscuits and bullshit don't cut it. That's why I mentioned it, a mere tribute or ode to what was and should be. A further orientation on playstyle evolution and guidance. Comet gives burst which is superior on pantheon over poke the closer to same skill level they are to you.
Stop talking about poachers knife, it's not in the game anymore. If you want burst then you take electrocute, never arcane comet on pantheon; but if you are top lane, poke is superior, which means you take summon aery.
: Help me 🤤
Diana is an OK pick especially for low mmr. But there are just way better champions than her both in mid and jungle.
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: Rengar
So you'd rather a braindead champ than could do oneshot aoe damage rather than single target?
: Kaboomblah's tip of the day!
Sn4ke (OCE)
: Best Riven Skin
I have championship riven (just because i want to own all the championship skins) but I think dawnbringer is the better stand-alone skin. It kind of sounds like you already know what the answer is.
george355 (EUW)
: Be OR IP, what do you want
Be makes it way easier to start getting champs when you're new. It doesn't benefit old players but hey at least we can use our essence for mystery wards and icons. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: He was talking about items in the context of runes. Some runes will go better with some builds than others and there are things to consider in items because you're lacking in runes. I don't see how that's irrelevant information when you're considering what runes to take.
Item choices should almost always be based on who you are playing against. Not what you're playing. But obviously, you're not going to take a dorans ring or a mana crystal on pantheon. Also, I find it weird this person posted this 4 days ago and recommends taking poachers knife and sword of the occult. Like what? Also for the op, arcane comet isn't better on panth than aery as a moving target will always dodge aery on his spears. You are only really going to hit comet if you w them.
: summon aery is a situational setup for pantheon lane, its garbage out of the jungle and only good for sustained laning which is nigh impossible since they removed manapot on him without running corrputing potion and tp (you start boots and 1 hp or 0 hp pots and rest mana then you can kite/skirt and spear infinitely it cant be beat but since no more mana pot)... and then ur setting urself up for a reactionary sustain lane as pantheon??? doesnt make sense, hes better clearing/ganking/killing from lane and like you said other heroes do SA better eg jayce starting mana crystal on pantheon is also garbage, so is corrupting imo, better off going dorans (any of 3) then at least u can hard/tank engage with domination setup which is the other half of his kit, you cant dance (moving in and out with superior movespeed to abuse q, peppering and then KOing) anymore in this setup.. you use to be able to with mana regen runes, mana pots, movespeed runes, dmg runes.. but not anymore if u were gonna play summon aery panth ur in riven territory as its a niche/perfectionist setup pantheon standard lane setup was 1-3xmovespeed dependent upon what hero they had (more movespeed to dodge skill shots or avoid being heavily ganked/babysat top lane etc) seal/yellow mana regen fill the rest with dmg then u start boots and divide rest between 0-1 hp pots and rest mana, sometimes more hp if it was a direct counter/farm and wait for gank lane from here u just spear and dance (in and out), it was very tough to beat back in s02-04 (didnt play 5-6-7 so much) now u cant do any of that, pantheon lanes shit apart from what we were talking about, aery,tp,corrupting, so i just play him exclusively jungle now only other real/decent viable option of pantheon top (or mid sometimes) is dorans shield and farm to 6 patiantly but its sooo much more boring then what it use to be or going jungle when u(or where u use to be able to for lane) can dictate game from lvl 1 or if the matchups easy.. domination flash and ignite but u you have nowhere near the map influence and if ur gonna rail top u can do it as anything else too, comets a good one with the cdr refresh but again it sucks mana and theres nothing that desirable for a ad bruiser in mana items apart from mana pots.. they need to bring them back.. and sword of the occult... and poachers, no reason to take any one of these 3 out, league are stupid af sometimes (a lot) you can go like sorcery aery/comet(comets better for pantheon so you can still burst/target access) manaflow band /(ultimate hat out of jungle) transcendence gathering storm with precision /(inspiration or atk speed etc out of jungle) presence of mind coup de grace this will give u mana sustain but its very clunky/ not fluid nor adaptive (dependent upon a set timer and ur bursts are restricted to lvl ups) compared to the freedom manapots gave you.. its a vastly subpar/inferior setup. domination will give you kills, and you cant be fucked with vs any setup. thats what gives it its power, its not niche but meta. like again ur comment on being a subpar version of another hero, pantheon is first and foremost an assasin with best target access in game. zed or kha cant tank 5 and kill adc at any point (going through front door no less) in game like a pantheon can, nothing comes close
We're talking about current meta and rune pages. Not items. Please don't brickwall me with irrelevant information. The whole point of playing pantheon is to harass your opponent in lane and potential kill and snowball. If you can't get a kill early as panth with summon aery ignite then you've lost the game for your team. But if you do get a kill you can start roaming and gaining advantages for your team so you can hopefully end the game during the mid game. If it goes to late game you might as well build tank. Taking anything other than aery will hinder your ability to poke and snowball. Edit: Obviously this only goes for lane panth which you never made clear if you were talking about jungle or top.
: Umm what about garen, darius and illaoi? I heard silver junglers love to feed those champs.
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: whilst I'll admit Warwick definitely may stunt your mechanical growth and even encourages the 'stand still and auto' the jungle camp playstyle since he has so much sustain kiting isn't worth it, the blood scent does help encourage the player to look around the map more for ganks. Xin Zhao is a good champion and earlygame champions do help to teach players to look to create jungle pressure, I'd say someone like shyvanna or fiddles would stunt your growth even more, and being encouraged to gank early is very important to climbing and being successful in low elo. Nami's bubble is very difficult to land, and I'd argue that such precise skillshots that are positional pressure dependant aren't something you should start learning below gold, since it will screw up your dodge reads as you climb and can also make you worse at defensive kiting, not to mention it is not reliable cc and so you'll be a deadweight to your team since nami heal isn't very strong or spammable compared to similar healers. Bard teaches roaming. Sure maybe you don't want to be using bard tunnels in combat as you're beginning to learn him, but they do encourage and facilitate the concept that a support should look for opportunities to impact the map rather than just sit botlane, whilst it isn't their full potential, using them to roam more quickly or escape is a good way to learn the map and helps you grow whilst also not being too much of a drain on your team. Also positioning on bard is much simpler than nami as Bard's q stun is reliable and creates far more reliable zone pressure than nami does. Finally whilsts Bard's ult does create a large degree of potential to screw up, it teaches you to know your limits, and as a low elo bard you'll tend to use it more as a catchout long range stun than as a combat tool. The bard ult teaches you alot about fight and positioning dynamics, and also improves map awareness. So long as the bard learns from his mistakes and doesn't try anything too fancy, it's still a very powerful and effective ult. Also thresh in low elo is a nono. Waayyy too hard to use, with his positional pressure dependant hook, his flail which has alot of depth to it, his lantern and his combos. Thresh does way too much to be considered a learning tool or even playable for a less competent player, thresh takes alot of practice, and you're probably still doing it wrong. For instance a tendency you'll see in thresh players is looking to engage with hook. A terrible idea unless you can zone and force their movement. Thresh also has some very low base stats, which makes him very risky to play, since his soul mechanic literally requires him to play aggressive (his armour base stat growth through his soul passive literally requires him to be ahead to keep up with armour per level growth of other melee supports), he has no natural sustain or tankiness, nor does he have any defensive amplifiers like Alistair, Leona, Braum, Tahm, Nautilus, ect... Thresh is very much the Lee Sin of supports, can do alot of everything, and is always viable if you're good enough but way too difficult for anything short of the best, popular in low elo because everyone has a god complex but he's really not a good choice for improving or their team. Thresh barely even lanes if you don't understand minion aggro btw, and a huge part of making thresh work is auto attack harass with his e's passive and then reseting minion aggro whilst being careful during the moveup and poke without getting retaliated by either an engage or spells from the enemy. If you aren't above Gold you really shouldn't be playing Thresh, he's very fun, but you aren't good enough.
You seem to not understand what is actually good for new payers and what isn't.
: And yet you play a lot of Warwick yourself... How hypocritical. Just because you made up this list does not mean you are exempt from the rules you made. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Ahuh check the last time i played ww. Despite having a 63% winrate on him i stopped playing him because i knew he was bad for me as a player.
: but supports can just take it themselves...
Then ignite doesn't effect bot?
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