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: I mean, the new player experience is still a forced part of the experience, so you know, can still be judged.
The "new player experience" is trying to play an actual matchmaking game and being put with multiple bot account sellers on your team that just run into the enemy and die every time they spawn, riot don't do anything about them and people just quit because of it. fucking dead game.
: Three days and I'm already sick of this game
Try playing regular matchmaking games and getting 3 bot farming accounts on your team.... riot is fucking useless and won't do anything about these account farmers artificially inflating their player numbers.
: will i get banned for my name?
You should be banned just for the pure stupidity of having a name like that.
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: Riot employees make me physically sad
Have you ever had someone from riot in your games? I have, they are literally worse than bots.
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Zaleskar (OCE)
had them in my game too, they have been around for years and riot gives 0 stuffs about them
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