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: Honor system requirement for ranked?
Honor takes too long to level up to be used for ranked, and honor gets reset every season. Doesn't work.
00shots00 (OCE)
: Legit got flamed for joining the spectacular club.
Keep in mind, when you skin boost it forces those people onto whatever shitty skin they got. Also 10 dollars for a temporary thing is not work it, at all. You don't get anything permanent from it, so it's a complete waste. Maybe you're rich, but it's still a waste. It doesn't carry over to the next ARURF, unless that was changed to be more reasonable.
: Got called the n-word
Who tf would get beaten up at school for saying the N-word? Damn christian people assuming everyone is treated as stupid as them....
: thats fucking sad
what the fuck, these are weekdays... Why would you put your event on weekdays instead of the weekend like usual?
: You forget that it cost a lot of people a lot more than $20 for Kai'sa. Some people like yourself had the luxury of playing as much or as little as you wanted. Other people have regular commitments, or real life factors that prevent them playing enough to earn the skins (it was a hard grind, I played for hours every day, and only barely made it, and even then I still had to buy some tokens.) Not to mention that Akali's grind happened over Christmas/new years. where a vast majority of people travel or have to spend lots of time with family. Thus through no fault of their own, people don't have enough time to sit through the summer break glued to League of Legends for weeks on end, just for a gold chroma. _(Like honestly, what self-respecting company puts out a massive grind over Christmas?)_ So many people did fork out money for the hugely overpriced bundles of crap, that was the only way to get more tokens. (because a lot of people cant just say _"Sorry Grandma, it was nice that you travelled across the country to see me, but imma lock myself in my room and grind out 1800 tokens for the next couple'a'weeks"_) So, just because it didn't cost you personally, doesn't mean many people haven't already been forced to pay this sort of price for previous skins. It's been disgusting long before Aatrox. Aatrox was just Riot outwardly being greedy in the light of day, instead of loosely trying to hide it.
I actually played only a couple of games every day, even skipped a few days and still managed to get the skin with only the initial pass purchase, It certainly was an absolutely massive grind, but it gave me something to do in the damn game, I also had school during this whole thing, of course 6 hours compared to the amount of time most people have to work... The grind could have been less intense, but it certainly was fun for me to grind with an actual goal for once, I actually had FUN playing the game, compared to ranked grinding for a victorious skin with trolls every single time you get to series. May have gone off on a tangent, but again, the grind was definitely pretty huge, but only a couple of games a day and I had the skin a bit before the tokens stopped being earnable. Didn't even start grinding as soon as worlds came out, either. But yes, if you have a job that you're working from really early in the morning to really late in the afternoon, it would be almost impossible to get the skin. They should go back to the system they had in place, though. just drop the token cost to maybe half or a third of what it was with Kai'sa, and keep the gains the same. I didn't grind for akali since I didn't play league around christmas, just didn't want to because I wasn't able to purchase the pass and No new skins for any of my mains that made me interested in playing. Jeez this is way too big, and is not at all relevant to anything you said, tend to go off on tangents and make giant text walls that repeat the same thing, woops, not going to delet this though.
Wait wait wait, so you're telling me that people have found out how to make custom skins even with that WAD thing that supposedly killed them?
: Prestige skins = cash grabs
Well, Aatrox and the next prestige skins are 100% cash grabs, Prestige KDA Akali and Kai'sa cost under 20 dollars, same as an epic skin, but they actually encourage playing the game. I had fun grinding for KDA prestige Kai'sa with the pass, but now it's just drop 100+ dollars for a skin that is of epic quality, not even ultimate. It's disgusting that riot made aatrox cost that much, let alone even thought about it.
: Of course everyone wants to pay less for stuff, but the reality is you pay for what you get, and riot has opted to go for better quality skins that cost more but are ultimately worth it.
False, Mecha aurelion sol and high noon urgot were not quality, and they're overpriced and not worth it. Stop justifying their laziness towards underplayed champions who haven't had good skins for years, or even a skin at all.
: There are far more champs that need skins. Example: Kindred - It's been 2 years and yet no new skin.
Don't even bother, it's not worth it. Asol, Urgot, Kled, Yorick, Rengar, Illaoi and Evelynn all got uninspired and lazy skins, just because they're not played very much. Aurelion and Urgot especially. If you want to counter my Lazy argument, I direct you to the furnace on High noon urgot, and the colors on Mecha Asol's default. I think Super galaxy kindred was the same, not sure though, doesn't look good at all and I rarely see it when people play Kindred.
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Ninox (OCE)
: Dark Star, Arcade and Star Guardian seem to be trending towards set releases (i.e a group of the skins released at once), so he's not necessarily out for those themes just it'll most likely be tied to an event of some sort. Battlecast has been somewhat redefined over the years and for a champ like Sol would likely be legendary tier thus incurring a much longer development time, though it seems unlikely he'd end up with both since they're thematically similar. You also have to remember personal taste is a factor. Generally speaking I'm not a fan of any of the Mecha or Battlecast skins, and I much prefer the fantasy or magic based themes, but I'm not going to hold that against Mecha Sol. Everything I've seen of it tells me it's a well made skin, even if it personally doesn't appeal to me. In fact I actually *really* don't like Zoe's release skin, which you tout as being amazing and epic. Personal preference plays a huge role here.
Dark star has been moving more towards single skin releases, Dark star cho'gath might count for that? but dark star jarvan didn't come with anyone else. Arcade usually gets released towards September, so there is a chance for a battle boss or arcade skin for Sol. Cyber pop Zoe isn't "Amazing" It's just better than what we were handed with ashen lord, fire skins have been overused imo, but cyber pop zoe was new, and has more potential than Ashen. I'm also slated more towards fantasy and magic. But the only tech skins I enjoy are Battlecast and project. Mecha is very boring, with the exception of Sion and Kha'zix. Those skins were done amazingly. Most people on the feedback thread have said that they're disappointed with mecha sol, due to it being quite underwhelming for 2 years without a skin. I'm trying to like the skin, but every time I see the colors on the skin, and the head shape I just remember why I hate it so much. But we will see if riot fixes everything wrong with the skin, i'll hold off on getting more pissed at riot until after it's released.
: oooh Arcade Sol sounds cool. Too bad we won't see it for atleast 2 years now.
Yep, I hope the people who worked on this skin get fired, it's so disgusting to look at especially after 2 whole years. I mean look at Zoe's god damn skin, she was released for so little time and she's got 2 amazing epic skins. Aurelion has a boring fire one, and now some giant lump of metal with gargled voice lines.
: You are cruel Riot, so very cruel....... D:
It feels half-assed, everyone gave so many good option that weren't a shitty anubis looking piece of trash, and they went and made it as shitty as possible. And they did this on my fucking birthday, I just hate this so much, Dark star, star guardian, battlecast and arcade are all wide open. Why didn't they choose a good skin line for his first skin :(
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Essembie (OCE)
: So done with community
: When casting Jhin's ult on the minimap, Jhin will face the cursor rather than the spot you chose...
I also hate Aurelion's Q going backwards or diagonal when i'm trying to make it go with my E. Atleast give us an option to use certain abilities on the minimap
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: Star Guardian Invasion Contest
So, in order to get the prizes for S or S+ does everyone have to get an S or S+? Does everyone in the premade have to put in an image or can you see people's ranks from the one image?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Willy Donka,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=n4TLGsqZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-07T10:04:35.741+0000) > > i havent got a single honor capsule and im level 4, so much for being a good player If it makes you feel better, I got 2 capsules, both contained champ shards and ones I already own (I forgot what the first one was, the second contained Gragas shard).
Update: got a capsule, had a champion shard, lee sin. Guess who I already own? So much for being a good team mate I guess.
: yes, i think so. do you want any new skins?
If you mean any of the new skins, yes, Star guardian Ahri. If you mean any skins for any champion, definitely not Ao shin for Aurelion sol. I think it is going to be 4 AM tomorrow, I hope it is. if it isn't tomorrow I may just turn into brand and start flaming everyone
Mega9102 (OCE)
: What is wrong with Riot, Im level 5 honor
i havent got a single honor capsule and im level 4, so much for being a good player
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: 8th
I swear to god, if someone says "8th" one more time. If it's the 8th, that means tomorrow right? I really hate time zones.
Talon12 (OCE)
: today is the 6th. he said the 8th. 8th-6th=2
It's the 7th in Australia, time zones should be removed, god pls fix
: They come out 8th September :) [Patch 7.17 notes]( I can't wait to get Star Guardian Ahri <3
So tomorrow or Friday?
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Simple solution to your problem: Don't use a mac. Works for a lot of people.
: Cleanse bug
Ok this bug isn't fixed yet? +1 for awareness
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SlothChan (OCE)
: Unable to connect
Kayn loses it
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: Next ultimate skin
Obviously the beloved Cryo-Phoenix will get it. It's crystal clear. But in all seriousness they will probably give it to the most played top laner. or JG because Udyr is top and JG.
Sneed (OCE)
: i think riot's intention wasnt to make you feel great, it was just to display how much you have played a champion lmao. like seriously you should be rewarded for playing well by gaining or a hextech chest or whatnot. the mastery system is just cosmetic and honestly represents nothing.
Well we don't really have a way of saying "THIS IS WHO WE PLAY" at the moment it just shows your recently played or your special ultimate skin icon. You have almost no control over your profiles background. Like I said, If we could have a dynamic background for the champion we main or an icon for that champion, we could say we main that champion while playing a different one.
MrPine (OCE)
: btw replied based on title only
How are rewards exploitable? I really don't see how other than selling accounts that would be exploitable. I'm generally confused due to the lack of context.
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: You're An Idiot.
Can you elaborate more on that?
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: So far, every single skin Ahri has, is glaringly bright and colourful. Even foxfire Ahri, her more 'serious' skin is still quite bright and 'cute.' While this does seem like a good piece of work, it also doesn't really bring anything new to Ahri? Personally, I don't want her next skin to be skanky and vibrant, I'd like something a little more... Violent?
maybe soulstealer/dark star Ahri is what you would be thinking of.
Fitzky (OCE)
: As sekai said, definitely doesn't look like a legendary skin, probably more towards a 1350 skin. Also the body proportions are so off, her fox ears are too long.
that's why it's a 1350+ level skin, model changes.
Nightjar (OCE)
: we all know we'd prefer Citmer's Jade Princess Ahri this would be a legendary skin and even though I can't play ahri, i'd buy her and the skin without a second thought. This has been made into a rather unimpressive custom skin, but the elegance of the design, the balance of the red, green and blue colour scheme, I just want this to be made into an official skin and it'd even fall into the jade warring kingdoms skin set.
not a big fan of the long nails, but other than that yeah that would be pretty good. still want to have a skin like that has foxfires as foxes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Willy Donka,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=0exNsqmQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-30T09:59:06.977+0000) > > that was so fast... but if they modeled the foxfires like that it would be epic/imperial or higher. > and i call 1350 epic. imperial sounds in-between ultimate and legendary. Yeah I'm not sure about how the skin tiers are called these days, I was just using what LoLWiki calls them. Hence why I listed the RP cost, because that conveys better. According to Riot's official skin tier differentiation: > **1350 RP** > Features: new model, new texture, new splash image, new animations, new visual effects, new sounds. > Sometimes includes: processed voice overs. > Examples: Blackthorn Morgana, Arcade Sona. > > **1820 RP - Legendary skins** > A legendary skin completely changes the look and feel of a champion. > Features: new model, new texture, new splash image, new animations, new visuals, new voice over and sounds. > Examples: Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath, Brolaf. So I suppose unless this skin gets drastically different theme to the champion's original design (which this skin isn't as it's still the Nine Tail Fox, only Japanese themed as opposed to Korean themed) and new voice overs, otherwise it's a 1350RP skin.
Yeah... I can't imagine what her voice would be with this skin or what she would say. but riot always comes up with something random with voicelines.... (Nunu bot has the best voicelines ever though) but other than that you're right.
: That doesn't seem like a legendary skin (1820RP), maybe imperial skin (1350RP) or even just your epic skin (975RP). But idk.
that was so fast... but if they modeled the foxfires like that it would be epic/imperial or higher. and i call 1350 epic. imperial sounds in-between ultimate and legendary.
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Valico (OCE)
: If you could fuse two champions together, who would they be?
{{champion:103}}+{{champion:34}} because Ahri's R with an AOE slow around it. that's it.
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: they literally just removed Draft Normals from almost every other server except for NA, EUW and Brazil. There is no way they would add it to a smaller server. They even said its the plan to in the future, remove draft normals completely from LoL. Riot claim these servers (and ours) would be too small for 2 normal (+ ARAM, TT etc) and 2 ranked ques. So are removing Draft Norms and effectively replacing it with Flex Que.
well thats good because then no one has it no one can complain about not having it. so problem solved. the pokemon go way.
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