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Essembie (OCE)
: So done with community
: When casting Jhin's ult on the minimap, Jhin will face the cursor rather than the spot you chose...
I also hate Aurelion's Q going backwards or diagonal when i'm trying to make it go with my E. Atleast give us an option to use certain abilities on the minimap
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LGC Elam (OCE)
: Star Guardian Invasion Contest
So, in order to get the prizes for S or S+ does everyone have to get an S or S+? Does everyone in the premade have to put in an image or can you see people's ranks from the one image?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Willy Donka,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=n4TLGsqZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-07T10:04:35.741+0000) > > i havent got a single honor capsule and im level 4, so much for being a good player If it makes you feel better, I got 2 capsules, both contained champ shards and ones I already own (I forgot what the first one was, the second contained Gragas shard).
Update: got a capsule, had a champion shard, lee sin. Guess who I already own? So much for being a good team mate I guess.
: yes, i think so. do you want any new skins?
If you mean any of the new skins, yes, Star guardian Ahri. If you mean any skins for any champion, definitely not Ao shin for Aurelion sol. I think it is going to be 4 AM tomorrow, I hope it is. if it isn't tomorrow I may just turn into brand and start flaming everyone
Mega9102 (OCE)
: What is wrong with Riot, Im level 5 honor
i havent got a single honor capsule and im level 4, so much for being a good player
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: 8th
I swear to god, if someone says "8th" one more time. If it's the 8th, that means tomorrow right? I really hate time zones.
Talon12 (OCE)
: today is the 6th. he said the 8th. 8th-6th=2
It's the 7th in Australia, time zones should be removed, god pls fix
: They come out 8th September :) [Patch 7.17 notes]( I can't wait to get Star Guardian Ahri <3
So tomorrow or Friday?
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Simple solution to your problem: Don't use a mac. Works for a lot of people.
: Cleanse bug
Ok this bug isn't fixed yet? +1 for awareness
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SlothChan (OCE)
: Unable to connect
Kayn loses it
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: Next ultimate skin
Obviously the beloved Cryo-Phoenix will get it. It's crystal clear. But in all seriousness they will probably give it to the most played top laner. or JG because Udyr is top and JG.
: i think riot's intention wasnt to make you feel great, it was just to display how much you have played a champion lmao. like seriously you should be rewarded for playing well by gaining or a hextech chest or whatnot. the mastery system is just cosmetic and honestly represents nothing.
Well we don't really have a way of saying "THIS IS WHO WE PLAY" at the moment it just shows your recently played or your special ultimate skin icon. You have almost no control over your profiles background. Like I said, If we could have a dynamic background for the champion we main or an icon for that champion, we could say we main that champion while playing a different one.
MrPine (OCE)
: btw replied based on title only
How are rewards exploitable? I really don't see how other than selling accounts that would be exploitable. I'm generally confused due to the lack of context.
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: You're An Idiot.
Can you elaborate more on that?
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: So far, every single skin Ahri has, is glaringly bright and colourful. Even foxfire Ahri, her more 'serious' skin is still quite bright and 'cute.' While this does seem like a good piece of work, it also doesn't really bring anything new to Ahri? Personally, I don't want her next skin to be skanky and vibrant, I'd like something a little more... Violent?
maybe soulstealer/dark star Ahri is what you would be thinking of.
Fitzky (OCE)
: As sekai said, definitely doesn't look like a legendary skin, probably more towards a 1350 skin. Also the body proportions are so off, her fox ears are too long.
that's why it's a 1350+ level skin, model changes.
Nightjar (OCE)
: we all know we'd prefer Citmer's Jade Princess Ahri this would be a legendary skin and even though I can't play ahri, i'd buy her and the skin without a second thought. This has been made into a rather unimpressive custom skin, but the elegance of the design, the balance of the red, green and blue colour scheme, I just want this to be made into an official skin and it'd even fall into the jade warring kingdoms skin set.
not a big fan of the long nails, but other than that yeah that would be pretty good. still want to have a skin like that has foxfires as foxes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Willy Donka,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=0exNsqmQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-30T09:59:06.977+0000) > > that was so fast... but if they modeled the foxfires like that it would be epic/imperial or higher. > and i call 1350 epic. imperial sounds in-between ultimate and legendary. Yeah I'm not sure about how the skin tiers are called these days, I was just using what LoLWiki calls them. Hence why I listed the RP cost, because that conveys better. According to Riot's official skin tier differentiation: > **1350 RP** > Features: new model, new texture, new splash image, new animations, new visual effects, new sounds. > Sometimes includes: processed voice overs. > Examples: Blackthorn Morgana, Arcade Sona. > > **1820 RP - Legendary skins** > A legendary skin completely changes the look and feel of a champion. > Features: new model, new texture, new splash image, new animations, new visuals, new voice over and sounds. > Examples: Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath, Brolaf. So I suppose unless this skin gets drastically different theme to the champion's original design (which this skin isn't as it's still the Nine Tail Fox, only Japanese themed as opposed to Korean themed) and new voice overs, otherwise it's a 1350RP skin.
Yeah... I can't imagine what her voice would be with this skin or what she would say. but riot always comes up with something random with voicelines.... (Nunu bot has the best voicelines ever though) but other than that you're right.
: That doesn't seem like a legendary skin (1820RP), maybe imperial skin (1350RP) or even just your epic skin (975RP). But idk.
that was so fast... but if they modeled the foxfires like that it would be epic/imperial or higher. and i call 1350 epic. imperial sounds in-between ultimate and legendary.
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: If you could fuse two champions together, who would they be?
{{champion:103}}+{{champion:34}} because Ahri's R with an AOE slow around it. that's it.
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: they literally just removed Draft Normals from almost every other server except for NA, EUW and Brazil. There is no way they would add it to a smaller server. They even said its the plan to in the future, remove draft normals completely from LoL. Riot claim these servers (and ours) would be too small for 2 normal (+ ARAM, TT etc) and 2 ranked ques. So are removing Draft Norms and effectively replacing it with Flex Que.
well thats good because then no one has it no one can complain about not having it. so problem solved. the pokemon go way.
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: These anivia nerfs.
im starting to think that lux is cursing me along with her patch because my main gets nerfed really hard in her patch. but she gets 10 extra skins and still one-shots non-tanks
: If Riot wants to I am speaking as someone who plays Anivia, I will comment a little. I can't find her Q nerf anywhere so I won't comment on that. Her W as actually a small buff which is rather nice. As for her E its interesting because Anivia is generally oppressive as a champion in lane, not overpowered but oppressive because it's so easy to chunk your opponent down with her R>E combo with thunderlords however her laning might wound up weaker post 6. Her R changes on the other hand put more emphasis on controlling a zone or section of the area of the field which by itself is really really powerful. Overall I know that these changes are for the worst of Anivia. I guess what some people don't realise is that she actually can't kill you in a single rotation like Viktor or Syndra can. These changes will leave her dueling and laning power so much weaker making her even more vulnerable to her counters than ever before.
this Flash Frost (Q) - now only slows those stunned by Flash Frost instead of those damage by Flash Frost. and her E is pretty stupid. she already had her E damage nerfed by quite a lot and i got used to that. but now they just seem to nerf whatever i play. and whatever i hate they buff. i think rito hates me
Talon12 (OCE)
: How is 1 hitting you less broken than needing to use skill to snowball on yasuo, sure after you're snowballed he is easier to play, but up until then he needs a load of skill not to feed. Yasuo has the highest average deaths and the 3rd lowest average kda in the game, just take advantage of the easy wins instead of typing while he feeds on you. Anivia's playstyle has literally been press e and then ult under them just before it hits, then either instakill them or force them to back, she needed it.
seriously though what about other champions that are doing the same thing? and she never one shot with that E damage nerf she got a while back. she can chunk but not as much as lux can with her ult with a cooldown of what? 30-40 seconds?
Niji (OCE)
: Deserved nerfs
nice 7 second stun you got there....
: the e nerf is deserved. the double damage aspect was cancerous when she could turn r on and off immediately and then hit you like a truck.
meanwhile lux chunks health with her ult... yasuo infinitly dashes... and graves doesnt get his meme
: Elemantalist Lux
and she already has enough skins...
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: New Client Hextec Crafting bug?
it is a alpha/beta client check on the normal client and see if its still there if it isnt then i would recommend rito support i guess...
: Yeah hopefully the full rework fixes it, as it stands this hot"fix" broke her. 47% overall winrate on oce atm. over on na its 40% You cant tell me shes viable right now with stats like that.
pretty sure she was already broken. its like what they did with kat they did this magical thing called *echo* balance.
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