Achenar (OCE)
: Oceanic Artathon Final Round - Sponsored by Wacom and SMASH!
i didnt enter the past two rounds. So does that mean i can't win the wacom prizes?
Windrenz (OCE)
: First.
> [{quoted}](name=Wind of Destiny,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=dcJAyHzW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-28T14:13:18.639+0000) > > First. dogs, this took me 2 hours
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Windrenz (OCE)
: An average day in Summoner Rift ft. Draven and Urgot
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Malygos (OCE)
: So Taric's from Demacia now?
The community already thinks he's gay soooo... Anyway, Riot does change lore many times like the part of adding Shurima. Taric may become a Demacian or he may have been thought to be one by the guy because of his skin and brown hair, similar to Garen.
Windrenz (OCE)
: URF discussion, please support with your opinion
At first, i attempted to create a poll, however it wouldn't allow me to post the discussion for some reason. I'd like to start off by asking to fix the issue because it took a while to create it. {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}}
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Windrenz (OCE)
: can't post my discussion ;.;
wow hy did this one work
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Fitzky (OCE)
: Riot I think You Just F*cked Up
Actually hating on Rito right now. I can assure you that over half of the community was hyped up for URF, don't know why they didn't release it... I'd rather have surf than the rotating game modes tbh.
: Data and Champion Balance – Part 2
Still waiting for One For All to come out… {{champion:115}} {{item:3070}}
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: OPL Fan Art Contest!
If i post this on Instagram, how will that be put into the entry as you can't take the file? I remember submitting one of my own into the art contest and posting it on Instagram where it was not included ;(
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: Maybe there were not about ocean week?
They were, plenty of ones beached themed
idc (OCE)
: Oh, damn. Also, is the voting up for the art contest yet?
Yes it is, but most entries aren't in it. Riot please add more, people really worked hard drawing and colouring. Don't just pick pictures that look appealing to you! :C
RoflDofl (OCE)
: Can you include more entries to chose from? I don't think there is enough..
So true, i posted mine on Instagram and i don't see mine up there... Riot please at least give others a chance who've posted on Instagram and Twitter! {{champion:6}}
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Aydozzz (OCE)
: Where did they go?
You have a 0.0001% chance of getting it in a mystery gift! Try your luck bro, otherwise just wait a couple months, they'll bring back some legacy skins for a little time.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Ocean Week Q&A!
I just recently posted my entry for the Ocean Week Competition on Instagram and put the logo of Riot in the middle to make the background seem more satisfying. I checked the rules once again after my post and realised one of the specific rules were to have no logos in the artwork. Does this mean my entry will not be qualified? D:
Tribrid3d (OCE)
: Question about ocean week
Nope, I don't think so at alll.
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: Lulu's face LMAO. It's kinda hard to see every bit of the drawing. Like, it's not as defined so it's hard to differentiate one section from another. Maybe try some shading or darker lines if you're not going to colour it? I think a lot of people are the same as me when they draw it, then add colour. BOOM! Killed it ;-; All that effort. Goodluck! {{champion:117}}
Haha thanks! Since my internet is being mean (disconnecting when i end up playing normal games) i'll work more on the awesome drawing of mine in hope i can win the 10000 RP and den skins! :DDD
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: Ocean Week diorama and art contest!
Gonna try this! Hope that just a greyled drawing will work :3 Will it be qualified?
: Vote for the Ocean Week reinforcements!
What a shame... thought that they were going to get the new Pool Party skins ;( {{champion:51}} {{champion:254}} {{item:3070}}
Holy sheit that's awesome! like as if they aren't making this!{{champion:154}} {{item:3070}}
: Vote for the Ocean Week reinforcements!
Caitlyn x Vi confirmed, can't wait to see the awesome bikinis, especially on Vi since her skins are always so manly.
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Hi guys from Riot :D I was thinking of trying to create my own champion and post it on the board some time this year. Can you help me with guiding in the steps and ways to make it seem legit for Rioters? This will be sincerely appreciated and a big help for the future! :D
Deadspec (OCE)
: Whats your best League of legends pun
Me (Leona): Ok next wave we go ham. Graves: ok *Gets clobbered on by Nami and Miss Fortune meanwhile Graves escapes. Leona: I didn't mean Nami's wave!{{champion:89}} {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}}
: Choose a Champ! 25 wins in a row. PLEASE READ
{{champion:119}} Got to get dat draaaaaaaven on.
: My new Orianna skin concept!
Orianna Grande confirmed, new legendary skin approaching!!!! {{champion:61}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3070}}
Windrenz (OCE)
: Let's see: Fruits Salad Team! (forms a meta) Mid: Pineapple Anivia {{champion:34}} ADC: Strawberry Jinx {{champion:222}} Support: Bananas Soraka {{champion:16}} Jungler: Orange Zac {{champion:154}} Top: Watermelone Dr.Mundo {{champion:36}} Well, they could be better champs but i just made them up as i went XD
OR, Just add bunch of fruits, forget about the specific ones! Form a meta with just Fruits Salad, not just Eggnivia! xD
: Fruit Salad Anivia Skin - It's Totally Bananas!
Let's see: Fruits Salad Team! (forms a meta) Mid: Pineapple Anivia {{champion:34}} ADC: Strawberry Jinx {{champion:222}} Support: Bananas Soraka {{champion:16}} Jungler: Orange Zac {{champion:154}} Top: Watermelone Dr.Mundo {{champion:36}} Well, they could be better champs but i just made them up as i went XD
Area2609 (OCE)
: What did you get from the Riot Mystery gift?
I got myself a free Urgot skin, ty riot, suits me very well
: I sent this to help and support but no one is helping. Thought id retry here. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!
"Stay calm and wait for help." You're over reacting m8, i have a mac too and it's not the best for gaming…and it's been a pain when seeing a game, downloading it and realising it's only for windows is why i hate my father for buying the mac. I'm able to play LoL thanks to their help and their help comes through email after 1 day or 2 depending on your problem. Just be patient fellow mac user, the hate will come. {{champion:6}}
Windrenz (OCE)
: New Game Mode Idea: Survival
Well thanks for all the views xD But i think this won't become a game mode cos it's not Riot's style, so thanks anyway for your feedback and support!
thelost1 (OCE)
: ARAM ranked
YES PLEASE ME WANT RANKED ARAM/1!Wwtk wgmlz klµWpt gMGlwjrklg mzl{{champion:41}} {{champion:6}}
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: hide and seek on sr
I agree that hide n seek is a fun game, but on SR, it's too big and take way too long to find people. Trolls will be more likely to ruin games as well (push and backdoor). If this was the case it would be 5 seekers, 4 hunters instead.
Gary1q2 (OCE)
omg omg i love this :D {{champion:103}} {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:4}} {{champion:17}} {{item:3070}}
Riso (OCE)
: You must turn it into blind draft or else some people would be sad, but imagine {{champion:26}} or {{champion:83}}
We mustn't otherwise we can't ban the op champs. yes there will be unhappy people but that's the point in making modes like these: know who to ban otherwise there will be trouble. Kinda like Katarina in Legend of the Poro King.{{champion:55}} {{summoner:31}}
Windrenz (OCE)
: New Game Mode Idea: Survival
OK guys, i've updated it in order to add more equality, please feel free to share your opinion! :)
Windrenz (OCE)
: New Game Mode Idea: Survival
Thanks for your support guys! But i was thinking of some improvements i could make so i'll try updating it and making it more fair for the less op champs :3 {{champion:32}}
: ok my team will be akali/kat/vayne/ ryze/ sona you won't get 1 shotted, dw i like the concept though
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