: 6 number digit thread
riots to busy dealing with staff riots lol
: IG win = Korea win
rookie duke and the shy lol
HeavyLift (OCE)
: ADC role is dead
not quite, bot lane is the lane where you stick your support and your main carry, for a long time that was ranged ads, saying adcs are all bot lane can be is like saying all top can be is tanks. i am not saying right now bot lane is perfect but good players will adapt and better players can still play marksman
VixenKiss (OCE)
: Came across a challenger player in "ARURF"
i think clash didn't crash for the tier1 players since there was so few of them, also unless that dudes challenger in solo/duo im inclined to believe hes d3 at best, since very few actual Challenger players play flex. your flex rank means nothing, there are player who cant hit challenger in solo/duo that hit it easy in flex since there are way less good players playing flex
: agreed, Clash was very hard to program in two fucking weeks, so give riot breathing room. It's like turning Csgo into Fortnite in 2 mths...
lol what?, rito announced clash (or it was leaked i cant remember) over 6 months ago, they likely had already been developing it for another 6 months prior, where do you get 2 weeks from, hell it had beta tests like a month ago on NA and i think a couple of other regions
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oPuredo (OCE)
: Legal Trolling?
the tip says competitive bm/trash talking is ok trolling is iffy, if your trolling is resulting in a unfair advantage for the enemy team (stealing camps/telling the enemy where your jungler is) that should be bannable, it use to be refereed to assisting the enemy team and it should still be a report able offense. if your just saying dumb shit in your team chat trying to bait out a response your not going to get punished unless your saying offensive stuff or unless you get reported to high hell over multiple games as for bm/trashtalking that means saying git gud, rekt cy@ and the likes after outplaying someone. even just telling someone "you suck at the game" is ok what is ok is saying "your fucking garbage, uninstall and kys". what isn't ok is when you get aggressive telling people to kys swearing at someone. if i get ganked and say in my team chat "fuck me i got dicked" thats fine, if i say in /all "fuck you, your a dick" thats bad you can't get punished for dropping a "?" in allchat after killing someone its bm but not nearly bad enough to be ban-worthy. contrary to what people whine about on the forums its relatively hard to get banned when it comes to speach marcos i dont think its against the rules but if you assblast the chat you will get reported for it. but i dont see anything wrong with a chat marco to call your position in blind pick for you
: Unfair RIOT
"My main issue is that I am the only person being punished here however I have done nothing wrong. No one gains anything from banning my account so what is the point of it? All they are doing is upsetting me, who has put a lot of time and effort into this game and thoroughly enjoy it. " lmao its against the rules to buy an account. even if rito took pity in you because it wasn't YOU who botted they would just ban you for account sharing https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202290340-Don-t-Buy-Accounts-
Õrnn Bot (OCE)
: master yi ????????????????????????????????????????????
over time the average skill level of the player base has gone up. yi use to be known as shit in high elo and godly in low elo (this was because low elo players couldn't deal with him wouldn't group and would miss/not use cc) but now hes shit in all elos (outside of 1tricks). if you couldn't kill aurelion in a lane than what is he suppose to do. i use to play yi all the time but now i almost never play him now since it feels like the only time im useful is when the enemy team ints over a few kills but even then if the enemy team has some cc or if one of my lanes is loosing its straight back to useless. i don't think yi needs to be nerfed or buffed, either the game itself needs to slow down or he needs a rework also if you get caught in the jungle or in a lane by yourself i don't see why a assassin/hypercarry hybrid (though assassin is debatable) shouldn't be able to kill you, thats like saying i face checked veigar why wont rito nerf him
Gehirn (OCE)
: ARAM’s Unofficial (Read: Accidental) Never-ending Sale Comes to an...End
oPuredo (OCE)
: LeDead
i prefer current lb and i play her semi regularly, but i never see her on the other team, i think she gets banned a lot more than shes played as well
Cl0wn boy (OCE)
: bro
what about Bruhkan for rakkan
Lezgodx (OCE)
: Old champ select music
it is pretty hype
: My problems with balance is that we are 8 seasons in and the general balance of the game ATM seems to be way worse than some of the earlier seasons. ------------------------------ But people aren't just saying "I don't like vsing Zoe", they're saying "zoe has too much damage." "Zoe's cc lasts for too long." "Zoe's cooldowns are too short." Which aren't vague responces at all, they are clear feedback critiques on a specific champion's kit. I haven't seen any posts that are just: "Hi, I don't like hecarim, goodbye." -------------------------- Of course you don't just nerf champs because of a few people saying they don't like them. But usually it's not just a few people is it. Yasuo/Zed/Zoe are permabanned in many elos, and you always hear people complaining about them in the games they are in. Now I'm fine with Azir or Janna or Cass being nerfed if that's what the population want, but I think you'll find that the numbers of people who want Yasuo nerfed are vastly superior to the number of people who want Cass nerfed. -------------------------- Personally I couldn't care less about Esports, all that does is fill my games with players thinking they can be pros just by being sheep and playing Olaf mid or Ezreal jungle or whatever. However I am a minority in the opinion so therefore I'm not a person who should be highly listened to when it comes to that genre. No I don't think that we should balance by region, however I think NA and EU should have a bigger sway over balance than smaller servers such as OCE. And I'd like to see Riots stats on how the different Elo's of each server compare, because I doubt that NA bronze will have huge problems with Yasuo and EU bronze will have no problem at all. --------------------- No you can't please everyone, so, why don't we put more emphasis on where the majority of people are (bronze/silver/gold) and less on the extreme low and extreme high elos.
because most low elo balance problems are fixed by getting gud while high elo blaance problems are where the real over powered picks are
: Oceania Below Gold is The Most Toxic Server In The World
they way you played in that riven game this morning, makes me wonder if you're trolling or not
: Does anyone remember Madred's Bloodrazor on Kog? 1 item terror much?
rxvqur (OCE)
: Intuition for champion strength? E.g. "Kog is a 6 item terror instead of 2 item terror"
the 6 item hyper carry kogmaw is trinity bork ie boots manamune (i think) and something else no one builds it tho they go for the onhit build so he spikes alot earlyer imo kog isnt a late game carry anymore hes a mid game one
: Champs with Gap Closer and Stun???
: Typical.
as someone whos oneshot and been oneshot i never really see rengar in my games anymore neither have i really played him since the rework, the ap looks fun and i dont mind seeing him,
WilliK (OCE)
: Just a few questions about gameplay and ranking up
> in bronze do you basically just play and if you are good enough you will climb? yeah pretty much, those players you see who are bronze but claim to be way better, those who say they get shit team mates who hold them back those players usually have shit mechanics and try to play champions that are to hard for them, the usually dont notice they are tilted and playing poorly until they are super tilted > I am playing around counter picks, meta champions and high win rate champions based on stats on websites. Is this necessary to do in bronze? imo it isn't necessary in bronze, the most important thing is playing easy champions that you are good on, obviously if a champion is genuinely under-powered its not a good idea. i always recommend playing Morgana mid because you can farm super safe with her w get picks in the midgame with your q help your adc with your w and since its bronze its not really that hard to get solo kills with her. > I play around 8-12 games a week if I actually start climbing and improving more is getting to silver 5 in 1-2 months a realistic goal? i think it is a realistic goal 2 months is more than enough time so long as you play smart and dont keep playing if you start to tilt (if tilting is a major problem for you that is) > how do I deal with dc’s, feeders and teammates that just tilt and give up? you report the ones who need it, but if that does happen you just need to keep positive and maybe take a break, also if you play ranked in the middle of the night your more likely to get matched up with tired/stoned/drunk team mates its better to play when you think there will be less of that > I’ve been suggested to play ahri to climb as I play mid and top in ranked. Is she a good champion to climb and if not is there any other picks anyone can recommend imo i wouldn't play ahri in ranked not unless your willing to get her to level 6 or 7 in normals first. i dont think shes a bad champion but most of her lanes are skill match ups which unless your jungler camps it mean you have to outplay your opponent but she is good a snow balling games and great at getting picks, but shes one of the higher skill champs even tho im bronze 1 in flex this season and haven't done my placement games for solo/duo i did get to silver 5 relatively easily last season playing TF and ganking botlane and in season 6 i started playing a tonne of lulu mid towards the middle of the season when the adc was a hyper carry, i also played a lot of eve jungle and would camp my duo.
: What is Your "Custom Status Message"?
: Let's Talk About Patch 8.2 Support Item Changes
adcs got relic for the shield it gave you, it no longer shields, and non supports that got frost fang got it for the ghosts it no longer ghosts
: Good one Riot! Lets get rid of probably the most balanced position atm.
skt lost to jin air last night because of jin airs adc
: history was made just now
it was a godly base defence
esp (OCE)
: Riots response to my chat restriction ticket, and why I got punished. :)
as a adc main the dude should know that sometime your support needs a good flaming lmao. but seriously that "evidence" is weak either you edited the page or rito going to pound town on your ass
: Year in Review knows me so well
yeah but werent all the boosted monkeys demoted after a couple of months
: What is this?
the reward you get from the blue essence quest is based on how much ip you have spent on runes and runepages in the old system, kkoma probably had all the runes and runepages, the best way to describe it is a refund rito refunded the ip you spent on runes with blue. unfortunately it wasn't a 1-1 refund, however kkoma got 90k i got 50k and you got 9k. as far as getting blue essence goes 450ip champs gibe you like 90 while 6300 give you 1kish you also get a few shards when you level up so it shouldn't be to bad
Mofle (EUNE)
: Blue Essence??..
isn't the new system faster for unlocking champions tho
: Games are REALLY one sided.
preseason is always like this, the problem i have is I've had more people go afk at the 1-2 min mark this week than i have the last 2 years, it cant be the preseasons fault this it happening but its one hell of a coincidence
Belrick (OCE)
: How much blue essence did you other old time players end up with?
: How Samsung Galaxy won Worlds but not SKT
this iteration of skt in comparison to the competition is by far the weakest, bot lane was under performing and huni/peanut were also struggling. things wouldn't have been much better if they had brought untara instead of huni but untara would have been more consistent less carrying but also less feeding
GraKham (OCE)
: Legacy orb
feral warwick is in the legacy vault
Aquilin (OCE)
: How many views did the 2017 oce finals between Direwolves and Legacy get
i think it was about 1kish on youtube usually 10x on twitch(though 10k viewers doesn't sound right for the opl) getting in touch with riot oce would be the way to go
: So if I'm vsing teemo as say an auto-reliant bruiser like Camille... (or more specifically, Camille)
: Still so many bots in aram
im sure riot actively bans the bots but its not like its hard to make another league of legends account
: LoL vs PUBG ?
your going to enjoy a new game more than one you've been playing for years though
: How did Levi 2 shot a karma as noc?
his team got him pretty fed for that to happen but nocs always been able to do that since rito brought in lethality
: {{item:1400}} or {{item:1402}} ? to start with
> [{quoted}](name=AwesomeSlash55,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=wUpx3YwQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-05T00:19:24.921+0000) > > {{item:1400}} or {{item:1402}} ? to start with definitely{{item:1402}}
Hii (OCE)
: Worlds start time oce
it says 3:30 aest for me
Jellytots (OCE)
: Confessions of a League player
i play a shit load of tank ekko on release (wasn't in ranked though but still) i was preaching ardents censor for about 3months before it became meta i have 170k points on master yi but i played at least 300k points worth in season 4 and 5 before the mastery system came out
: I just spent 20 minutes oiling a bench AMA
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JhinJhin (OCE)
: Give AP champion some skills.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPPhh5Oh_Po&t=176s I just found this guy, covers it pretty well! Still keen on hearing thoughts of others on it.
the reason is so you can start the lane with 3 health potions along side the heal from relic, the gold share also helps your support rush {{item:3504}}, its not something you just do with a random support player and with any old marksman. i think its best done with a kog maw and a lulu
: And? I'm level 0 you mad?
nice i can respect that
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: Honour Capsule Feels
yeah sometimes it feelsbadman, I've gotten one thats dropped a nightbringer yas shard which isn't bad, but on the other side one of my friends had gotten 3 capsules already
Fitzky (OCE)
: Riot you've made a slight mistake with the duskblade changes
it wouldn't be league of legends if every couple of months draven wasn't unstoppable
Katy (OCE)
: 6:30pm AEST SIN Gaming AMA. 600IQ, JACKED, Alpha Male ONLY.
@juves how many wheetbix did the split 1 gauntlet run take
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