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: [COMPLETE] - OCE - Clash tournaments cancelled for the rest of this weekend
: *cough* cough* Abbott government would of done it sooner but it was the Labor government that forced liberal into fixing other country debt issues that Labor caused
No abbott wouldn't have, he was the one who made it that NBN would go to the nodes (FttN) and not to peoples homes (FttP), and forcing us to pay to get NBN to our homes. Abbotts goverment slowed it down regardless if labor forced them into fixing countries or not (which i never heard of), he slowed it down when the big ears made the mistake of actually increasing the NBN's funding from 30 Billion AUD to 46 Billion AUD, because they're 'plan' of making it more affordable, faster, and sooner fucking failed lmao. Liberal have always been about money and not the people, they treat the government like a business, thats not how you run a country that is retarded, they also have actually increased the debt by 100 billion AUD in 2 years and i found a quote "the deficit would be smaller if Labor had supported Government measures in the Senate, the experts say" - ABC News. Labor are about the people, and the little guys, they had planned to make NBN go to peoples home (FttP). It upsets me to see that liberal are actually voted for, yes labor has done harm, but so does liberal, at least if the government is going to increase the debt at least do it in style, and have a government that actually wants to help poor people and not treat it like a business. ( i couldn't find anything about labor forcing the liberals into fixing other countrys debt issues soz) http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-05-18/fact-check-did-the-govt-triple-the-deficit/7407538 http://theconversation.com/the-nbn-why-its-slow-expensive-and-obsolete-47191
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: It's a great idea, but at the moment there's nothing that special about him/her... In fact, she/he sorta reminds me of riven. Keep up with the idea though, your halfway there!
thanks for the comment man, it's a guy btw :P. and i guess you have a point. i reckon the thing that makes him special/unique is his passive, and the ability to focus on ad/health items to get an edge on most other tank champions out there, also how his E when his ult is active is pretty much an unavoidable engage that stuns them, which will help in team fights. i was having an idea that when his ult is active, the Q does something else as well, like the E, but then i thought it was probably unnecessary.
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