: Fizz might require a nurf
the only high base damage spells he has are the troll poll and ult, both of which can be avoided as for getting bursted by this abilities, his Q applies the onhit affects of his BoTRK + his ad, so that is ~15% of your hp if he Q + autos, and if he is in melee range he can AA reset for an instant AA Q AA, then the botrk active for another 10% of max hp, all amplified by 20% if his ult is attached to you, then trident deals missing health %, its got nothing to do with his base damage, just botrks synergy with onhit AA resets
Sackboy (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Worst Mid Ever,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=c1EGqit6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-04-25T07:18:33.855+0000) > > "soon to be nerfed after enough money is made current meta pick bundle" What are the changes for her? She's honestly the only ADC that I enjoy playing, besides Kalista, I love her entire kit design, if they change it then idk I want refunds.
next patch * Super Mega Death Rocket (R) minimum damage decreased to 25/35/45 from 125/175/225 * Super Mega Death Rocket (R) minimum AD ratio reduced to .1 bonus AD from .5 bonus AD' more nerfs after that probably, she has been ~55% winrate for the past year in plat+ which is disgusting for a popular adc
: Ranked Dodgeing
inb4 first picks constantly get kicked for picking mid/jungle by the other 3-4 mid/jungle mains in the lobby also i've played almost 200 ranked games this season on OCE and I've only had 1 person saying they will feed in pregame lobby, that shit usually starts 10 minutes into the game
Sackboy (OCE)
: Short-ranged Marksman Bundle
"soon to be nerfed after enough money is made current meta pick bundle"
: Tank meta making game less fun
i like how an item gets a minor stat change, a pro complains about it and then people think it changes the entire game, if tanks are so good why are you still playing and winning with a massive winrate on riven?
: 2+ Yrs of this imaginary TRIBUNAL "TESTING" what a joke!
the server will die if every toxic player on OCE gets banned
: Share your ONE HOUR + games
why didnt you sell morellos?
: > [{quoted}](name=Worst Mid Ever,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=7agjgL7E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-17T12:13:54.764+0000) > > how? Premade of 5 + I bought an IP boost.
its not the weekend yet?
: Holy IP.
Yuudachi (OCE)
: When your enemy laner roams...
only if your jungler is on the bottom side of the map or you have vision control, if you follow riven bot and she is just waiting in a bush for you as ori you're going to get destroyed, make sure to fastpush if you cant follow to deny farm and get tower damage
: OCE Trans Girls Unite :D
post on the NA forums or reddit, americans love this weird "progressive" shit
GZed (OCE)
: Team ranked matchmaking and ranking is completely broken
everyone above you is win trading, don't bother with ranked 5s just play on a ladder like cybergamer
: Is Riot trolling with Nidalee?
I was wondering this as well, I stopped playing LoL for a 16 months after failing my gold V placements 6 times in a row during the cancercat freelo era just before she got gutted, come back and she seems stronger than ever and is also now viable in another role, plus her new cougar form kit is less buggy than the old one making her easier to play, someone at riot must main her lmao.
: How many games do you play in a day?
2-3 games a day, I spend more time watching replays or streams
: your giving players tips that don't help them close out games. Fact is most bronze games you will have one good person that will roam and setup winning lanes from level 6, because snowballing people is better then doing fuck all and then wondering why you lose 50% Fact is with late scaling champs, they only work in high elo, or in a team environment, because in both those cases you can trust people not to entirely feed. Otherwise your sitting on a champ that has no relevance until 20 minutes and will have their team stomped into the ground by half decent players that pick early game snowballers. In fact half these tips don't work until high elo anyway (hint: cs doesn't matter until at least high gold if you can get a kill in lane and snowball off it.) Siv and his entire group are a massive showing off this, they suck at CSing, however they are all between gold-plat, why? BECAUSE THEY PLAY EARLY GAME CHAMPS AND CAN SNOWBALL OFF KILLS. Also your level 21 and giving tips on ranked, why? These tips are worthless between bronze V to at least Gold III-I
if you watch high elo replays most games only go for ~25 mins because teams know how to close, the best strategy for low elo imo is to play champions that scale well but have the kit to also get early kills on bad players, like {{champion:55}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:24}}{{champion:34}}
iNoob (OCE)
: tips for noobs to climb elo
step 1. buy {{champion:55}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:113}} step 2. play {{champion:55}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:113}}
Excited (OCE)
: Katarina players be like

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