: I Need Help
ur probs on tilt get some shut eye and try lata
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: hi, i had the same problem, i cleared my application rules on my firewall(BITDEFENDER) there after it worked thought it might help you
i tried dude , turned my firewall off but didn't work , i uninstalled but cant get it back :(
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: [RESOLVED] Login Issues - 9/1/2015
i know u are busy but the link to get the installer of league is not working https://signup.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/redownload can u plz fix i need to re-download league?
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: Log in servers dead?
Guys the RADS Error was happening to me , so i uninstalled as it worked with my friend like 2 mouths ago but i tried to install it again a went to sign up however the like from the sing up page lead me to unfounded server!!!!!!!!!! PLZ HELP I DIDNT EVEN GET TO SEE IF I GOT A MYSTERY GIFT !!!!!!!!!! HELP


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