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: What happened to the podcast?
Hi Hakaunion, I've launched my own OPL content site snowballesports.com Every friday we are doing the "flash forward" podcast via twitch at 8.30pm which we will upload to our youtube/website. Hope you enjoy our content!
: Abyss eSports Club AMA
@pacman how are you finding the meta, will pocket trundle still be an option? @seb I've always felt you're an under-rated jungler, with the gaming house and a coaching system in place, is this the split to shine? @Frae how have you been able to reset from HLN and ensure you and your team dont suffer the same fate? @Raid how are you finding learning/gelling with such a different support in cuden compared to tgun? @Cuden how does this team compare to previous teams you've been on in DW and LGC?
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: We are OPL team, Dire Wolves. Ask us anything!
Hey Guys, What other Pros do you guys look up to? Do you have a favorite or a play style you felt inspired by?
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: We're making a couple of significant changes to the OPL format for 2016, specifically: - all regular season matches will be best of three, - each split will run for ten weeks. The way this will work is that the league will have two groups (e.g. A and B). Group A plays a double round robin, Group B plays a double round robin, and Group A teams play vs Group B teams in a cross-group single round robin. [EDIT:] All teams are still playing on a single ladder, with standings from 1 through 8. Effectively, within a split, every team will still play each of the others once, and some twice.
That seems like a very odd system as conferences tend to promote inequality in terms of scheduling and finals, not to mention there are no Australian sports that cover conference systems, do you think it can become popular in Oceania? Given that a bo3 setup will lower fluke wins and cheese due to having more games to take out a series, why not have it as 7 weeks everyone plays each other once? Doesn't that system fit a really familiar format that the oceanic viewing public are used to?
: Gippy with the hard hitting questions! 1) favorite united player: i'm old school and Peter Schmeichel is truly the best of the best. I can never forget the season where he took us to a Treble with FA Cup, EPL and champions league in the 1998-1999 season. What a moment in history to be proud of as a fan. 2) On the same note, very cliche but Michael Schumacher. Coming in close second is Sebastian Vettel. Nope i do not have a favorite worlds match but the most memorable match personally is the 7hour craziness that is WE vs CLG EU during the Season 2 worlds! I stayed up for it all and it was all WORTH
So no favourite current player? Eww, liking Sebastian is not allowed thanks to Mark Webber. That was crazy!
: Hello! I'm FerlynYoshimi, Esports Player Manager at Riot OCE, AMA!
Favourite United player? Favourite F1 Driver? Do you have a favourite worlds match?
: Great thoughts here Gippy! When we designed the three tier league format we had a different goal in mind for each tier. I'll cover each briefly. I'll also quickly add that the structure you've seen this far is not the end game. There are a few key changes we want to progressively put into play over the next few years that will optimise each league in achieving it's goals, as well as facilitate the movement of players between them * OOL - Where it all starts. If you aspire to be a professional player this is the starting point. It's where you'll join a team, learn the different in competitive team play, get used to joining structured tournaments, etc. This is the first step. The OCS is about preparation. * OCS - This tier is about preparation. You're now entering more structured play. Your team might have a manager. You are using the Tournament Realm. Your games are broadcast online. You're on your way to the OPL. It's possible your entire team will win through promotion/relegation or you might get signed personally. * OPL - Pretty self explanatory. This is all about teams becoming clubs and growing fan bases. The players are the best and entertaining to watch. Fans know the players,have read their stories, etc. Sponsors want to build partnerships. You get paid. You play in stadiums So to address your original comment I don't think OOL teams need to be financially viable entities. They don't need much money. They need teamwork and the willingness to put in the hard yards to keep moving forward. I think the OCS is actually the most under developed tier at the moment. I think in the ideal world mthe OCS is the nursery/incubator for the players who are on the cusp of going pro. As an avid NRL fan (go Rabbitohs) the idea of State of Origin is super appealing. BUT, it's only really worked in Rugby League. AFL and a few other sports have tried it and it didn't work. So we'll see. I agree with you though, university pride in ANZ is much different to collegiate pride in the US. I think there's room for university competition, but I don't think it will function like college football does for example.
Thanks for the reply, great answer :)
: What an exciting year for esports! So far 2015 has seen the creation of the Oceanic Pro League, Oceanic Challenger Series and the Oceanic Open Ladder. 16 universities battled it out to claim Oceanic Uni bragging rights. The regions dedicated [esports website!](http://oce.lolesports.com/) launched. We all watched The Chiefs represent Oceania against the world in Turkey and of course I think we’re all excited for the OPL final at [Luna Park](http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/oplfinals-2015/). So what are we working on right now? Obviously the OPL Grand Final event is going to be a big one. I won’t steal General Coxy’s thunder, though, so read more about the event below! Spring semester is almost in class so any Uni students can look forward to another [university tournament!](http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/esports/esports-event/rally-your-classmates-next-uni-tournament)! Anyone at university can get involved and the final will be streamed live from the Sydney studio. Group stages start soon so check it out asap. We’ve also got the Worlds Wildcard Qualifier coming up in August. The winner of the OPL Grand Final will travel to Istanbul, Turkey to compete against Japan, SEA and Turkey for a ticket to the big show in Europe. We’ll be broadcasting all the action so you won’t miss a minute. So where do we go from here? We’ve got a strategic plan, but we also want to hear from the fans. What do you want from esports that you’re not currently getting? What do you admire about the LCS that you would like to see Oceania adopt? Maybe there’s something cool the NRL, AFL or A-League does you think would be awesome for esports. Please let us know!
Just wondering, a strong top division requires great levels of grass roots growth and high amateur standard. It seems like this is an area that is struggling for the oceanic region. Whilst most OPL teams are able to gather a following and are able to get themselves running, so that they can try and be financially and competitively sustainable, it is a great struggle for teams in the OOL to meet such standards. Whilst I understand that currently the OOL is all about participation, at what point does the goal shift from participation to being another competitive and sustainable league? I feel like this is probably one of the few glaring negatives in the OCE eSports scene and may just be due to how new it is rather than anything else. I like the idea of collegiate tournaments are you planning to also have other tournaments like State of Origin? The collegiate idea is really strong in US culture but i feel the state vs state rivalries in Australia have a long standing history developed from sports like NRL, AFL and Cricket.
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