: Have you tried uninstalling the client and then beginning the install process again? Do you have league installed somewhere non-default? Did you select this non-default location upon installation?
Yeah don't worry man it just somehow ended up working the next day, hopefully this is just a once off bug.
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: Its easy enough to find the research. it was named Crux (latin for cross) by early explorers because of its likeness to the cross carried by christ and has been seen as a religious symbol since. think about why its on the flags of two religious colonial countries, not because its pretty but because it had geographical and cultural significance to the people who lived here.
But it all comes down to, who cares? The answer is, no one but you :) The southern cross is featured on both the Australian and New Zealand flags, therefore I think it's a nice touch to the skin.
chewbucca (OCE)
: Do i have to be the obvious one about this {{champion:15}} like who else wields weapons of that exact shape that's also rather large.
: no mention of Tahm {{item:3070}} ... next patch i guess {{summoner:4}}
he's been on the PBE for literally 2 days calm yo tits
: this looks like howling abyiss.
: What ISP are you with, and what OS are you on? Do you have any applications running in the background?
no i've closed everything, i'm with tesltra and windows 7
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Tele (OCE)
: Need footage for montage!
why not just let a lol recorder run in the background for 2 weeks and then get your own footage featuring yourself?
: Skin Suggestions - Ba-Gnar-na
Alamo (OCE)
: LoL Hipster Picks
Bipolar (OCE)
: I have more fun trolling than actually playing the game.
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: First attempt at pixel art
no offense but i call bullshit that you made this, it looks like you just got some random picture of ekko, pixelated it, then called it your own
: Bard Pentakill
you stacked armor against a team with only 1 ad, this must be bronze 5 or something if they couldn't win that
Astrozoid (OCE)
: League of Legends Anime?
I reckon a continuous anime would suck, but instead have maybe each episode it's separate story, sort of like in Halo: Legends. So one episode it's shen and zed, another it's exploring ekkos lore, and another maybe vi + cait vs jinx, but just have a series of short stories to expand upon the lore of league, instead of a chronological story.
: ***
nice bait, well played
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: Haunted Maokai
personally i like the soccer one the best
: Where do we report people who bought their accounts off ebay?
: IF you do not delete/nerf Ekko, I will no longer playing LOL
um, ekko 45% winrate????? http://champion.gg/champion/Ekko
Kazaragho (OCE)
: Thx i am new on this website how do i put it on the NA forums?
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/ Login here
Ediwir (OCE)
: He just compared the Sun to the moon. What a fool, how could he think they were anything alike?
well they are both round, that is all
Kazaragho (OCE)
: Riot Leona skin.
wow riot please, but theres already a riot support so it's unlikely, but this skin beats riot blitz by far. you should put this on the NA forums, to gain more traction
: Hexakill’s back and hexier than ever!
I find hexakill such a boring gamemode, i mean all it is is just 2 extra people, literally no point to it
Olee (OCE)
: I get what you're saying, but I find all those "Easy" champs incredibly boring :/ Guess that doesn't really help my situation but Annie for example I feel like is pretty broken atm and I've played her in the past and have dominated without doing much at all. But I really didn't enjoy myself at all lol. And you do have to be pretty good mechanically to play Leblanc **well**
> And you do have to be pretty good mechanically to play Leblanc well wot. Well do you wanna rank up fast? or do you want to play 'fun' champs and flop at them, your choice really
DrMattie (OCE)
: My Experience With LoL Client.
: Why is D5 MMR is so screwed?
I think it's because master tier fucked everything over
: What makes you feel powerful?
getting a perfect yasuo ult
: Leaving country for a couple months.... is there anyway not to get demoted for inactivity??
Get someone you trust to play a few games each month, if not only one would be fine.
: Riot, why don't you guys share full res splash arts?
vicelore (OCE)
: 50% win rate = B4
Lol last season i won 6/10 of my placements, got bronze 3, then after mid year exams i smashed through ranked throughout the holidays and climbed to silver 1 This year i won 7/10 got placed silver 3, now i'm silver 1 again. I've never experienced being 'stuck' in bronze, my first year of league i just played 10 games for the icon, but never tried to climb due to ranked anxiety, then in 2 weeks i ranked up a division and a half.
Olee (OCE)
: I suck.
Learn how to properly play easy champs, champs that don't require much mechanical skill, i notice that you say you have cardboard 7 mechanics, so this seems perfect for you > Plus Cardboard 7 mechanics I would suggest Jungle: Rammus, Amumu, Rek'sai, Vi, Sejuani, Nunu Mid: LeBlanc, Akali, Annie Top: Garen. Hecarim, Pantheon, Wukong Support: Leona, Nautilus ADC: Jinx, Ashe
: which is the best ad jungler
: Tip for iiNet users
wouldn't it be nice if we all had fibreeeeee (in tune of cadbury song)
: liandry's torment {{item:3151}}
: Support players should get less LP than the rest of the team
Ediwir (OCE)
: Grills are hot.
If you keep them around too long they can flame you and you will be burned
: Easier to buy as a bundle, also you can purchase at a cheaper rate buying as a bundle, plus to add on to this, the first week of release is a lot more expensive for IP. In terms of Riot earning money id you even read my discussion as it's mainly base around they could and would still earn money.
um, but if you have 140000 ip stacking up, and a champ is only released every few months. please enlighten me, in what world is buying the bundle **CHEAPER** than just the skin, and the champ seperately with your **140000**ip
: maybe not this exactly but something else to buy with ip would b nice, maybe like chromas for ip or have a wide array of icons/ward skins that become available for playing the game for so long. in the 3 years i have played i have spent alot and earned alot. i may not have over 100,000 ip but something to compensate like an icon for 1000 wins that you can buy with ip would b nice i think
chromas for 6300 ip would be great
: 1. I said nothing about skins. 2. Its champion "Mastery" key word in that. I can understand that reading can be hard sometimes but try it, it works wonders. the whole point of Champion mastery is to show your team that you have mastered that champion. Its an achievement, as I have said (If you can read). Someone thats challenger can master Bard lets say and be really good and get lvl 5 as him, and feel like they have achieved something. But some guy thats lvl X or unranked or whatever elo. can do really shit or average (Basically not properly earn it) and can reach lvl 5. Im saying its not fair on those who actually work for there mastery points. because why bother to master when you can feed intentionally forever and still get the banners for them. Try to read this this time.
> I said nothing about skins. It's called a fucking analogy, i can understand that english is hard sometimes but try it, it works wonders
: Team Evolution
I'm silver one, i'll be happy to jungle or support
Erøse (OCE)
: stop complatin' complatin'(complaining+hating) Zed is love Zed is life,deal with it xD.
dude, that was so bad
6pathss (OCE)
: looking for a team for competetive i main adc jg and sup
Olee (OCE)
i don't know why riot still uses adobe air, such a shitty outdated piece of software
IVIemes (OCE)
get e level 1 and use e to farm
BluRage (OCE)
: Ekko: Seconds Music
darude: sandstorm ekko
: I'm guessing you guys have never played {{champion:3}}
to be fair galio is an old wives tale at this point, i only ever see him in aram, ARAM!
Foxer919 (OCE)
: Will he be out next week
: What is your rarest skin
kJs (OCE)
: I don't see the problem. If **B** can laugh at himself then it's completely fine.
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