: hmmm it updated on my client a 55MB patch then asked for admin permission once that update had finished but before it applied patches? repairing client now to see if that helps but seems rather weird that it asked for admin permission which it had never done for a patch until this new client came out.... i had unavailable in the server status area too
Were up and running, i just ended up reading through all the update patches till it came back online lol.
: Yeah i updtaed and got a RUNDLL error did you guys get that too? did it ask you for admin permission?
I can open the client, just says unavailable top right corner and the launch bar cant be pressed
: i think only OCE has the issue or maybe certain people in OCE i have no clue but i hope it gets fixed soon
yeah I changed over to brazil and their one works, changed back to oce and still unavailable. sad i wanted to play all day too
: yea i have that to
Yeah no idea whats up, i even updated patch to 6.23.. rito whats going
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