Shouri (OCE)
: Team recruitment
I'll play. I'm silver 3 on my main. But I've been involved with teams before, and done work for challenger teams.
Phoénix (OCE)
: I'm a support main who finished last season in gold but stopped playing about halfway through the year because I just wasn't enjoying it. I was kind of thinking I might try pushing for plat this year (I don't claim to be great or anything but I've played the game since the end of season 1, so I don't thinking I'm terrible either) but I just can't seem to climb at all. I'm hardstuck at the top of silver atm with a negative winrate and I swear the game has never felt more like a cointoss than it does right now, at least at that elo. It's sad when the norm for me now is people who either die a couple of times and give up or go afk/quit, or just outright run it down, as well as the classic "winning game but won't listen to the shots the support is calling because they're just the support" and end up throwing the game. It may just be me, I'm not sure, but silver feels worse than ever before for me this season and being a support main it's damn hard/ virtually impossible to hard carry bad team mates. I love the role however, so I guess it's just something I have to persevere with.
If you watch NEACE's stream, you'll see that its the case at all elos now, not just silver. Diamond 4 is the new cesspool like Diamond 5 used to be. As for me I don't care about my rank, I'm just wondering if there will ever be skilled games again in "solo"queue? A few seasons ago the game was far better. Actually it was the time before even role select was introduced. Perhaps its because players had to play all roles and actually understood the game better in terms of teamwork. Ironic, isn't it? Then again, when the game is dumbed down for casuals, and made so that "if we play badly, we can still comeback!" we can't really be surprised. Typical NA mentality at work here.
: RANKED SOLO DUO is trash
The ranked system is completely screwed up right now, because of a few factors: 1) They introduced new tiers into the system, making mmr not equivalent to rank for many players. 2) In some regions positional matchmaking accelerates the above, because offrole-d players don't care if they lose 3lp. 3) It's even easier to level an account these days. Hence more account selling/buying. 4) Banned players come back into ranked with new accounts and get placed higher than they should be. Now with the extra tier, some players are two tiers higher than their actual skill. 5) The new cs bounty system has made the game different, and so there are many coinflips and a lot of games won by who got the baron and steamrolled through base carrying monkeys on their back. 6) Catch-up gimmicks in game are at an all time high, meaning that at lower elos, the game is a coinflip. The worst player/afker/troller on a team decides the game in favour of the opposition, whether they are good or not. 7) I've noticed a lot more afkers in game. And it's not just because of ragequitting (fix the client please!). When Riot updates the front page, lag happens in game. 8) Since dynamic queue days in Season 6, many monkeys are placed higher than they should be. The fallout is still real. 9) Riot don't punish trolls, they only punish "toxic" players. 10) Because of all of this stuff, a lot of players don't actually care too much anymore about trying in ranked, they just treat it casually. Consider any new players introduced to the game. With this sort of system in place, do you think they will ever learn the basics? The snowball gets bigger. And yes there's not a single player on this server that can play Yasuo competently, not even in challenger. The only player that could has left the game. (Rymeister)
Wyntr (OCE)
: [Reset Ranked Please, OCE is a shitshow right now](
> [{quoted}](name=Wyntr,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=bKE4Ydcw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-26T08:35:24.678+0000) > > [Reset Ranked Please, OCE is a shitshow right now]( [Challenger BTW]( P.S. They weren't inting either. Just trash. P.P.S. And no, they weren't sitting on the fountain. They were getting permantly killed, like all idiots who play Twitch jungle in a higher elo than they can handle.
: Ranked is gambling, Too much negative behavior
[Reset Ranked Please, OCE is a shitshow right now](
Catski (OCE)
: Thoughts on the Kayle and Morgana rework
What was the point of the Kayle rework? Looks like nothing will change. Quick skin sales maybe. She won't be picked in competitive, and probably only the same people will play her. Early game looks weaker than ever but late game looks stronger than ever. Not viable for competitive.


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