slykyubi (OCE)
: Why is punishment so harsh on a first time offenders
Strange. It shouldn't be. Have you been banned/punished before for whatever reason? What about hate speech did you say anything like "kys" or homophobic/racist etc.
: The Power Of Words
Words do have an effect yes, but it is not extreme enough to deserve an arrest or a probational warrant. In the justice system we don't execute criminals for petty larceny despite, say a 13 year old might have lost an account with 30 dollars worth of skin, nor will the court make orders outside of its jurisdiction, say within a company, or a commodore sector. It is the same in league, when a person uses hate speech like "kys" the fair punishment is to leave it to RIOT rather than bringing the police into this. For example if a 13 year old pretends to be a 30 year old man, people will not say "hey you're a ****** ******** 13 year old with ** **** just get ******" instead they will calmly trying to explain it like said 13 year old is really a 30 year old man out of respect and politeness and reciprocative karmic understanding. The justice system is only "just" because it is only "just" in the sense that the punishments are no more and no less than what is fair.
: New Champ Already?
Maybe the morg/kayle reworks?
: 9x reports aren't a thing.
> [{quoted}](name=Xivilai Anaxes,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=J3olH0HW,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-31T23:19:06.312+0000) > > 9x reports aren't a thing. Cool.
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: Should I Quit?
Where ever you go, people will taunt you, will BM, and they will show their dominance. You're not the only one who has to suffer through this, some people learn to defend themselves, others learn to let it go.
: Riot Scam? Lol Pros or Riot shareholders?
You got permanently banned correct? Then you must be ready for them to roll out your complete chat history of all your games to the judge/s pointing out the toxic/hate speech. The judge cannot order them to compensate/review every permanently banned player, but what she will do is look at what you said, then probably convict you for being a public nuisance/indecency, discriminatory misendeavors, or technological and social/gaming network misuse.
iloverem (OCE)
: how do i get banned for this?
Okay, looking at this, I literally haven't seen any intolerance words or hate speech that deserves a permanent ban. What happened here is likely because of 9x report, this is definitely not fair. You've been trying to reform so riot should definitely look into your other chat histories. Everyone has bad games I am sure this is one of them, riot should not have banned you for this, there may be other reasons but a permanent ban seems too harsh. This is a mistake, someone please review this, this person has been trying to reform throughout this entire game, he has definitely shown that despite everyone flaming he was responsible enough to show self-restraint and not use pejoratives or discriminatory speech. Under no circumstances does someone like this deserve to be permanently banned.
Astara (OCE)
: Even if it looks like you only inted 1 game on purpose, you have a history of games with a lot of deaths. Some people report that because it shows that you don't seem to care about dying so long as you maybe get a kill for it. A lot of people think that is not worth, and if you do it often, they'll report you because in their eyes, that is inting. I think "there was 1 single game i didn't try as hard as i could" is a MASSIVE understatement. You fed, plain and simple. Choosing bad sums is 1 thing, going 1/21/6 is another thing, buiding AP on a champ that has literally one spell affected by AP, and making yourself quite useless to your team is again another thing. Those things add up and there is no way you cannot say you were not inting there. Also this is ranked. It is a game mode for taking the game seriously. Purposefully trying to lose the game in any way should be punished. I get that you were upset because your own team banned what looks like your main champ. You had 2 options for that game. Dodge and lose 3LP and maybe go get a drink while you wait to queue back up, or play something else. That is what people do who only play 1 champion. I ban Neeko in every single ranked game I go into, regardless of whether or not someone had it hovered on my team. That is because I simply do not trust people at my elo who play new champs right after they come out. I don't want that champ on either team, simple as that. I've had people probably report me for "griefing", and I'm ok with that, because in my eyes it raises the chance for a win. Until I see Neeko being played decently in my normal games, I refuse to take that chance in my ranked games. I don't need to dodge every time someone picks Neeko if I can simply ban it away. Whoever your mid laner was, it is very possible he has had a very high percentage of negative experiences with Shaco and therefore bans him in his games. You may not think it's fair, but it's not JUST your game. And you clearly made it difficult for the other 3 people who had nothing to do with the argument at all.
I completely agree, there's a reason there's a minimum number of champions required to play ranked. A player that got into say challenger as a champion that someone else may have considered broken isn't undeniably as good as a player who got into challenger being able to play a variety of roles and champions that can survive the bans and picks of every patch.
: Pretty Harsh Ban? And can this Be lifted?
I remember you p0rnstar shaco, I was someone who was in your one of your last 20 games as fiora. I think you were pretty cool that game, so I went and checked your match history. Out of the past 20 games, not including remakes, you have 9 in which your KDA has more deaths than kills. Just looking at these without a chat log I've came up with a decent conclusion. Lets look at those games: Game A - 0-6-10 shaco. So I don't know what went on in that game but I'm guessing you went shaco support seeing you have thief and exhaust? In that case 0-6-10 isn't actually that bad of a score considering shaco actually has to actively place his boxes, command his ult, and get upclose and personal to get any damage in, so unlike alot of other supports getting assists as shaco isn't as easy. INT OR NO? -> No Game B - 1/21/6 yasuo... jungle? I mean come on, you started with amplifying tome, smite and cleanse against a potential neeko/swain/brand mid opponent. Turns out you weren't jg cause you had evelynn but whatever your team did they didn't deserve a 1/21/6 yasuo with smite cleans and tome. INT OR NO? -> Yes Game C - 10/12/18 shaco I was gonna say you carried but it was a game that lasted around 50 minutes, so everyone had similar KDAs. You weren't doing particularly bad for this game? I mean your vision sucked and you got carried by kaisa but overall I don't think you've fed INT OR NO? -> No Game D - 0/4/1 teemo... smite again? Like seriously? I think you went teemo adc that game cause you have a fiora and a rengar for the jungle and top roles, either that or mid, but then why would you bring smite? INT OR NO? -> Yes Game E - 0/6/6 shaco You did poorly this game but what I think happened, since your draven was 14/12 Ace, was that your bot lane got fed but you kept dying so they reported you along with the 2/10 yasuo. and illaoi, who was 4/9, not wanting to be blamed, also reported you. You did come 10th this game though. INT OR NO? -> No Game F - 2/7/4 warwick You came 10th this game again. Did they ban shaco? is that why you shifted from your main? I don't see any direct evidence for feeding without looking at chat,so I'm going to go: INT OR NO -> No Game G - 1/4/1 Annie mid You came 9th this game. Against a yasuo that's a bit sad, but you were only 1/4/1 so I wouldn't call it feeding. Kayn was the Ace so he probably reported you along with the rest of the team for inting. INT OR NO -> NO Game H - 6/9/4 Rengar Again you went 9th, but you have the 2nd highest number of kills in your team so I wouldn't say you've "inted" INT OR NO - > NO Game I - 1/4/1 Kaisa 10th place. INT OR NO -> NO Conclusion: Everytime you got autofilled, or if someone bans shaco, or if someone tilted you, you do so badly and just completely tilts into 9th or 10th place. You've literally won all but one of your shaco games in your match history. I'd love to duo with you from your skills, but, that being said, I would hate for you to start tilting and go smite just cause you got a reason to do so. Verdict: Deserved or No? Yes, you deserved it. Take time off to think about what you've done. No one wants a 1/21 yasuo in their game, no one.
SaltyBay (OCE)
: 14 day suspension
While I agree that a 14 day ban may have been too harsh, "kys" shouldn't be said to a stranger that you've never met. You don't know if they've been contemplating death that day, you don't know if someone just broke up with them, you don't know anything about them so you don't have the right to suggest to someone to kill themselves just because they did badly at league. "%%%got" is just hate speech, nuff said.
: because riot dont give a shit and treat all players negative or not as toxic asshole thats why nice people can get permi banned from 1 game their system is hog shit and refuse to fix it because it makes them money
> [{quoted}](name=Chocolate Cake,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=PoPGAMXs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-29T08:09:42.788+0000) > > because riot dont give a shit and treat all players negative or not as toxic asshole thats why nice people can get permi banned from 1 game their system is hog shit and refuse to fix it because it makes them money Easy does it now
Truth (OCE)
: 14 day suspension for 1 game where i snapped.
Just from this chat, what I'm seeing is that your principle is "if you wanna get on this level, then so can I". It's definitely how most people works, I wouldn't have given you a 14 day ban, maybe a 5 game chat ban? But the thing is, you have to understand to adjust your emotion levels. If you allow others to define the playing field that you're going to fight on, then you're letting yourself be manipulated emotionally. You cannot do that, at one point you just have to learn to say "cool story" "k thanks bye" or "whatever muted" instead of going onto a full on keyboard war. Because the truth is, no one is going to remember you after that game ended, no matter how badly or greatly you performed. Your egos, presence and innate abilities are not information anyone else cares about, even if you buff up your chest and protect your reputation the only thing that's going to get harmed is your ability to play games, and maybe your ranked level. So, I'm going to say this: 1. Riot, revert the 14 day ban this one is a bit unfair 2. Truth, do not let your emotions get in your way
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: Patch 8.24b notes
Sometimes I wonder if riot buffs a champ for high ELOs, come back a season later and nerf them for low elos, then buff them for low elos and go back to buff them for high elos just to keep the game fresh.
: \\Theory Crafting\Neeko
I don't think the uses of her passive are limited to tricking the enemy team. Doesn't she also get ad/movement speed stats as well? So she should be able to copy a higher ad teammate when farming/ leashing, and then switch to a higher movement speed teammate for moving around the map.
: lmao rookie error if you think Riot's gonna release content with the patch. Based off their last few events we'll likely be waiting 7-12 more days.
Ah but it's fun to give false hope no?
: I just wiped my Block List (over 200 Players)
I block every person I see so I'd always meet new people ^_^ #positivityAndOptimism
: This Game Doesn't Punish Death Threats?
: Chewing someone out for inting gets you a chat restriction apparently
Look this doesn't deserve a permaban because I don't see any hate speech, but it does deserve a chat restriction. To me a chat restriction is like a "hey you need to stop and think about your attitude in league" so just get over it and adjust your behavior.
Cyan101 (OCE)
: So whens Neeko becoming playable/unlockable?
should be in 2 hours
: so, when it starts?
: A blood moon is rising.
Are the new released skins legacy skins?
Zaps (OCE)
: This is a little vauge, so I'll just tell you for all of the hextech available: * Box+Key #1: You needed to have 4 points before the end of Monday. If you had earned the points early enough for this, you would already have the chest and key * Box+Key #2: You have 10 points by the end of Sunday, and the community beats the final battle. * Box+Key #3: You have 20 points by the end of Sunday.
"Box+Chest", um did you mean chest+key?
: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
Just saying.... a KACKLING KOOKABURRA isn't a monster...
: November Early Sales: 25.11 - 29.11
Why are people down voting the riot sales announcement????????
: i beleve it will come out o tuesday everyone is mad at rito about this right now
MOOOOONDAY!!!! YAY!!!!! IT"S OUT ON MONDAY!!!! OMG!!!! OUR PRAYERS WERE HEARD!!! You can see the announcement in the actual facebook page
Wysp (OCE)
: When does Elementalist Lux come live??
At this rate we could start a How many ways could one rephrase "When is Elementalist Lux released?" contest.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Wouldn't be surprising. But Camille is more of a batman than anything. Though ask me, she reminds me of this character
LOL I literally just thought you posted a random fan art of Camille
: Join in the Riot Impact Challenge
Yes this is exactly what a large organisation like riot needs. Not only does it leads a whole generation of young people through generous examples, it also makes money spent at riot felt at a deeper level.
Ouren (OCE)
: Just wondering if Twisted Fate's ultimate and Lee Sin's E can still reveal the invisible units
: Check out Ivern’s PBE Gameplay
It really reminds me of the wise old baboon from lion king.

XD haha

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