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Chewaii (OCE)
Aznleg4cy (OCE)
: LF Clash Team > P4 Support Main
Solov (NA)
: Needing good players to learn from
add me. I do coaching/analysis :)
Shouri (OCE)
: Management recruitment
: LF Plat TOP, JUNG, TOP, SUP mains for permanent SUB position. i-p team
Apè (OCE)
: LF Gold/Plat Support Main for tourneys
P4 Nami thresh blitz raka rakan etc.
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: I'd be keen. Played a few seasons ago and went from Bronze 1 after 4 wins in my promos. This pre-season won 5 out of 10 in promos and ended up in Bronze 5. I know I have a lot to learn, but ending up in the lowest possible rank and having to so frequently play in games where I can end up like this; Or worse like this; Honestly, how did I end up in Bronze 5 when I can play a game with the most kills, least deaths, most assists, most damage to the enemy champs, most gold, most wards etc. as a {{champion:432}} support
Yeah usually provisionals place you really shitty the second + time you do them. Got your add request.
: I just played league of legends for like 2 or 3 months now. and i got silver 1 in my provitionals. Can you still help me please? C: add me - oterladyfl
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Wuks (OCE)
: If you click on another Summoner and then back on your own name, are you able to click on "See more stats"? Also, it's best if you lodge your report in the [**Report a Bug**]( sub-boards so that the dev team can see it and resolve any issues.
this only worked in season 5... didnt work for me this season tho
: Do you have LoLreply? If you can send me your game play files and can have a look if you want. Seeing what you are doing wrong, and how you can do better. stuff like this, im always happy to help others improve.
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adc is me (OCE)
: silver 2 adc main. on tilt atm because im sick. but i should be fine today. my csing is fairly good (not always the best). hmu :)
Add me! I wont be able to play for about a week but ill msg u as soon as i can :D
Horizonn (OCE)
: I Main jinx and lucian and I also play Kalista and Ash but not as well{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Oo i love kalista! Add me on league, i wont be able to play for a week or so, but ill add u as soon as i can!
: an adc shouldn't have 60 cs at 10 minutes. I main adc so I can help you get out of silver when I get my placements done. find me and add me: robot unicorn 1
CushCush (OCE)
: 60 cs isn't something you should be aiming for by 10 min.
i have adcs in my elo hitting 20 at 10 minutes... i know 60 isnt great but its at least carryable.
Horizonn (OCE)
: Hello c: , I Main ADC but i was stupid and did all my placements once i hit level 30 5 months ago whih left me in bronze 3. But I can meet your requirements. Do you have any champs you prefer to support?
i play soraka blitz thresh and annie well.
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Jink (OCE)
: Yes Attack speed slows affect attack casting, you should know this from playing against Nasus and trying to orb walk. If you play Riven into Nasus it's really hard to be running with Q-s then turning to land an auto-attack because it takes several years to land your attack with 0.0001 attacks a second. (Same with Frozen heart).
ohhhh ok. i thought lower attack speed only makes the space between your autos longer. Thanks!
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Dasostsu (OCE)
: Leaverbuster did a good work!
um i hope u guys realize this is Bots.... who cares if a lvl 6 afks in bots... when he gets into norms he will eventually get banned
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noogai (OCE)
: Leblanc has plenty of counterplay
she has pretty blatant weaknesses tbh. (no waveclear, has to jump in for about 1 second to assasinate) the waveclear kinda fks her tbh like to win lane against lb all you have to do is shove really hard and she either can harass you and miss minions or can farm. i know your thinking "well its not gunna be harass if she 1 shots me in lane." but still any champion like viktor and ekko cna just stay kinda far and just waveclear with 1-2 rotations of spells. Another tip when vsing lb is notice if she uses the combo wqre OR weqr (there are more but these are the ones people complain about no counterplay). either one has counterplay. for the first combo it is her burstiest combo but in it she throws her e last so its easier to dodge, wait for the qr to be shot and then juke the e. she wont proc her r and all her spells are on cd, you can play agressive/all in her. the second combo is easier to land her e, but the ult wont proc until the 2nd e proc. right when she W towards you you can walk diagonally down next to her (assuming she hit w). Im a lb main myself, but ive vsed a lot of good lbs before and these are my counterplay options. obviously when shes fed as hell and qr does 3/4 of your health, there is no counterplay.
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
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: Making ranked 5's Team
IGN: Xpitchpleasex Role: Support/jg Top 3 Champs: raka naut nidalee Have Ts3: Curse and Skype Semi new account so i dont have many champions on it. Moved from NA to OCE so i am proficent with most supports
Zame (OCE)
: Making Ranked 5s team
sup main Silver 5 skype and curse. IGN: Xpitchpleasex
: LFM for Semi Serious team. 16+ only :)
Turoc44 (OCE)
: Making a ranked Team (bronze-silver)
Role: Sup Main champ: Soraka Two sub champs: Its a kinda new account because i moved from NA to OCE so i only have naut rn but am willing to spend all my ip on sup champs. i am proficient on most support champs on my Main account. IGN: XPitchPleaseX Also im Silver 5 but have only been playing ranked for about a month and am climbing prty fast.
: Creating a Team
IGN: XPitchPleaseX Rank: S5 rn but im climbing prty fast Skype: Y Role: Sup Secondary role: JG Age: 16
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: Why not All Random Abilities. Each player gets a random champ with random abilities picked from ALL the champions? that would be much more interesting. Imagine the potential outcomes. Or better yet, why not let people PICK all the abilities?
yea dude lets let them PICK the abilities : qwer from lb kit and passive from kat kit... balnced right?
Strat (OCE)
: rofl we (OCE) are shit, including Chiefs, but I'm so happy they have a chance to make it to worlds. They'll 100% get crushed, the standard of play is too far below the main region LCS teams, but the only way they're going to take it to the next level is by getting experience vs the better teams.
im sorry but its kinda true... The top OCE can be compared to the worst NA and EU mid laners (Btw who are still very talented). OCE has no communication because theres no competition.


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