Suker (OCE)
: Hextech Annie!!!
: is this good
1000 MMR is going to place you in bronze.
Sherk420 (OCE)
: Best Hextech yet?
: Unlocked Camera
I only started playing unlocked camera half a years ago. Being someone who started season 2 it was a REALLY hard transition for me. So what you can do, is start off with the camera movement at 1/4 of the way, then progressively increase it as you get more and more used to the unlocked cam.
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Hydroxide (OCE)
: Best Twisted Fate Skin to Buff Champion
nay dardy (OCE)
Its based on your MMR. Rito is also encourages climbing so you get put a bit lower than you should be. Still, they made it alot easier.
: Champion Update: Shen
Will we be getting a Traditional Shen skin or nah?
: how many games have u gays lose in a roll??
Hahaha mate, you're just on a really bad tilt. It happens.
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Saythes (OCE)
: Mainly Jazz and funk. I can't stand that heavy metal shit they call music... I'd rather pop, and that is saying something...
Okay you may not like heavy metal, but that doesn't mean its not music. It took talented people to create it. Unlike techno and electronic where anyone can just make songs by tapping some buttons hoping it would make something.
: You need the blood of a unicorn
And the heart of your most dearly beloved.
: Cant self gift.
It finished a few days ago.
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: Why isn't this game good.
Nah you can 360 quickscope with Caitlyn. I do it every game and get 20 hexakills every game
: Activity Score
Sorry, I don't understand numbers. I dropped math.
Erøse (OCE)
: You can always check recently played.Also I don't think having RHETT as a name for 3 people is possible.
I think he means people whose real name is Rhett.
Skorm94 (OCE)
: Looking for Fun Active Team?
Eddie18 (OCE)
: Where to find when I first joined League?
Varus was knew when I joined. So when was that about?
giddo244 (OCE)
: How long will Challenger Ahri be on sale in OCE for?
: LF Duo partner - Silver 2 - LF B1+
Hahaha, I versed you before, don't think it was on this account though.
Venzo (OCE)
: Duo?
Depends, what ADC do you play?
Redgum (OCE)
: Which champion would be your closest friend?
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bollockz (OCE)
: Thank you, a lot more sensical.
Yeah, thats what I meant :) I don't see the point of owning two skins for the same champ because if you have 2, why would anyone ever want to play with the lower tier skin. What makes it even worse is if you don't even play the champion, yet you have two skins for the neglected champ.
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: Creating a Ranked 5 for S6
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: There is a notification system in game right now. It's important to remember that only the report that triggered the action will receive a notification. For instance if a player is being really negative in game, they're likely to get reported by a lot of people. It's the report that triggers that will receive a notification. This basically means that you won't receive a notification for every player that is punished by your reports, but you will see it sometimes when your report triggers the action. The system is being fine-tuned by the PBJ team to try and improve the feedback loop you are part of as someone sending in reports.
Well, every player who contributes to the report should know I reckon
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: Are we just going to pretend MF is fine now???
She is my 2nd most played and mastery level 5 champion. I stopped playing her when they got rid of grieving wounds from her W. I find her really useless now because of it. Thanks rito...
: New Oce Skin-50% half price?
At least you don't have to pay GST {{champion:17}}
Lamnent (OCE)
: Compensation for AFK's in ranked.
Definately! I just played a game with 3 afk's... ON MY TEAM! Now i'm at 0lp wtf rito? Elo hell exists.
: Champion Update: Miss Fortune struts to PBE
NOOO REMOVED GRIEVING WOUNDS :( I main {{champion:21}} and that W is what made it so easy to kill {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} and {{champion:266}} and all that. The visual update looks pretty good but I still prefer the old Bullet time. This update doesn't really seem as a buff imo.


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