: New champion Names??
Banana I do see where your coming from thanks for the info :0
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: Champion Insights: Kled, the Noxian Meme
: Duo Partners Bronze/Silver
I'm in bronze 3 add meh Xdeathlolliepop 😄 I play supp and Iv won all my supp games
: My 17 birth on the 17
Sick Happy BirthDay Fam :)
: New Ekko Skins
Thanks guys think that PROJECT ekko would be cool same with Zac or something like that{{champion:245}}
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: Looking for Bronze players
Im not bronze but i can see if i can get there I'm level 18 and I save been playing for 8 months swell just not play 247 because of school and stuff like sports i have someday but i love to play lol and i would like to play with you.p.s i sent you a friend request.{{item:3060}} {{summoner:14}}
: New skins for xin zhao
how about bruam he does have that many skins
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