: Patch 9.23 notes
The Elder Dragon change is, frankly, unbelievably stupid. The game doesn't need an execute like that, it's obscene. Why add *more* lethality items? Don't assassins already dominate enough? I know flashy plays are all that matter, not skill, not planning, but at least *try* not to further alienate anyone who isn't a tank and/or assassin. You've also officially killed off half the supports in the game too with this patch. We won't have an ADC/support lane any more, we will end up with disgusting duo lanes between champions who were never meant to lane together. Also, the new Thresh skins are terrible. They don't look like Pulsefire skins, they look like a beta version of a Program skin.
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Techno (OCE)
: The blitzcrank one imo isnt that big of a deal, its on his ult, and its a 2v2 lane. The renekton one actually just makes it impossible to beat him on a number of champions, and removes a huge portion of counterplay from his trading pattern.
They are still unnecessary, Blitz just adds to his high damage output (which I still think needs to be cut by a third), and yes, the Renekton one is unbelievably stupid.
: singed chnage was not needed at all like he was already in a bad spot and adding the recast makes him feel clunky and even worse in a meta where he has no viable runes and few winning matchups :( not even a compensation buff? heres to hoping it gets reverted for the sake of enjoying the champ
He did need this though, it was far to easy to hit the button twice and waste mana. Ultimately Singed needs a rework of some kind, he's obsolete.
: Patch 9.14 notes
It's hard to put into words just how stupid the anti-shielding/healing changes are, the anti-shielding ones in particular. {{champion:53}} ult already does too much damage considering its incredibly low cooldowns late-game, and the last thing {{champion:58}} needs is the ability to negate one of the few ways to defend against him. Also, 60% healing reduction for *5* seconds? Really? You mention {{item:3123}} but how is that in any way relevant to this idiotic change?
: ARAM - Back to Bilgewater!
You have already received feedback on the proposed ARAM changes, and that feedback is overwhelmingly negative. The nerfs and buffs are not necessary if you are also adding bans, and adding bans to the game-mode is pointless when the mode is supposed to be random (we all know it isn't). There's a saying: Leave well enough alone. I suggest you, Riot, figure out what that means and apply it to ARAM. Fiddle with the items and summoner spells all you want to establish a balance, but don't go after the champions, particularly the poke mages who have literally nothing but poke to their name. I fact, the champions you should be prioritizing are the tanks who become literally indestructible post 15 minutes, and can single-handedly carry a game even if they were previously losing by a massive margin. Ever seen a 0/10 {{champion:57}} suddenly turn around and solo-carry? I have, far too many times. The long-range champions will do literally nothing with these changes, and the short-range champions will be *more* overwhelming, particularly the tanks, they were bullshit beforehand, now it's beyond idiotic.
pigi (OCE)
: blitz to me is fun cause its fast you just lock in,play, 18 mins win/lose doesn't matter cause its not competitive. but i get to play whatever champ build however and not get flamed like i would in summoners rift. adding bans ruins the purpose of blitz for me. do you understand :) and no, im not a onetrick you can check my opgg. stop assuming pls.
No, I don't. It is a game mode which makes already snowbally champions even worse, and that just sucks the fun from the game when they completey stomp you the moment they get a few kills.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Nexus Blitz alpha: Week 4 feedback
The biggest issue I have with this mode is the damn fire buff. It doesn't make the games any faster, it just means that if someone like Trynd get it, they will win. For a gamemode which is hard-capped at ~20 minutes, creating a buff which makes the already winning team even more opressive just subtracts from the fun of it. Also, why do the death timers have to be so bloody insane late-game? Being locked out of the game for over a minute, when the game only lasts 20, is rediculous.
Zoedorable (EUNE)
: Please no. It's supposed to be a quick join a game, pick what you want and just play mode. I have 160+ games in Nexus Blitz and haven't seen any champions picked fairly often besides maybe Pyke, and I would much rather have you guys just balance down champions with base stat nerfs that you have already been doing instead of adding bans. Also with how hated some champions like Yasuo, Zed, Zoe, etc are it would essentially prevent people who main those champions from enjoying the game mode.
If you can't play more than one champion, then that's your problem if they get banned. A ban system will deal with some of the bullshit the super heavy snowballing champions cause.
pigi (OCE)
: people who suggested bans are just spoiled little kids exercising their privilege. it is unnecessary. pls remove, its unfun!!!!! >:( . there is no good reasoning to even add bans besides "hey guys, i hate this champ.. i want to ban it". you guys should really use the client to ask players what they think of the game mode, i for one cant be bothered using these forums. having the freedom to pick whatever i want is what makes blitz unique and fun. played 350 games so far gj riot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Unfair? Being able to ban the champions who snowball to insane levels is unfair? Let me guess, you only play those snowballing champions who will most likely be banned most of the time?
: League of Stats
My question is why only add this to ranked/normal rift games? If they're going to the effort to add it, they might as well add it all permanent or recurring game modes.
: Actually I had a better idea. A URF is A-OK BUT here's the issue. You vs the same **** people again and again and again or get the same **** people again and again. So how about, everytime URF gets enabled, it randomizes the whole champion order. Now here's the catch, you only get the champion once and then you won't ever get him again. Given you played every single champ in existence, it re-rolls again. With this approach, we can ensure people play the same champion only once. Now I know it might be too little, it could be tweaked. But as it stands, getting the same champs again is really god damn annoying... The problem normal urf has: People pick the same person every time. You vs different people everytime so therefore, in theory, you will still vs the same champs over and over cause you are being put with different players. I don't think limiting it to 10 will affect much tbh. But then again, I don't think my method would do some good either, who knows...
I was thinking about the people who can't play many champions (the 10 is arbitrary, it could be more, 15-20 would be fine), they would suffer most in a system where you couldn't play the same one more than once before cycling through them all again. I mean, there's 141 champions, and I doubt many people would play that many games during the event, even if it went over several weeks. The only reason ARAM works for those people is it isn't actually random, it has specific biases which are supposedly based on what players use (although I've seen little evidence to support that), and it holds the free rotation champions at a higher weight (I have had it gave me Fiddle five damn games in a row, and other times where there was an Illaoi in the game 5/7 games). The main thing I want is to get rid of is Riot's bullshit "random" mechanic, which just picks from the same 30-40 champions. It is the hated most aspect.
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: Patch 8.11 Early Look
It's rather funny how, in this "ADC patch", the AD assassins and brawlers are the ones who really benefit. As per the usual, Riot looks at an issue, then changes everything but the the cause.
: Patch 8.11 Early Look
It's rather funny how, in this "ADC patch", the AD assassins and brawlers are the ones who really benefit.
: New skins: Lancer Paragon and Rogue Blitzcrank
: Runes Reforged: Top Lane
Well, this is going to suck. Sure, let's bring back the notoriously broken champions who were finally nearing a balanced state.
Norin (OCE)
: Seems like the majority of these stupidly worded comments are simply : _ "I'm so but hurt, I've spent countless hours grinding IP for Runes. Blah, blah, blabbidy blah."_ In my opinion, and I do fret **MY OPINION** because opinions are like assholes everyone shows them, but yours needs to be thoroughly examined... In my opinion, from a perspective of putting myself in the Riot Developers and the Staff that have been put on this task, because they get paid to do such a thing... They have done decent so far. Am I concerned about compensation? Kinda, sorta... Everyone would be butt hurt if they gave us like some Hextech Loot and called it a day, or a refund on all the IP ever, which would be funny... But I doubt Riot, even though they are a business, would be so harsh and cruel. Optimism is a quality I have. Anyways the point I am trying to get across, is everyone is so narrow minded on incredibly early in the process changes that wont be here for at-least! At-least 4-5 Months ~ ish. They wanted to get to us early because of this volatile change. But everyone who has made an angry post about there resentment towards Riot for the way they are treating this community, are just silly and rushed to a conclusion. Riot work there ass off just so the community has bloody entertainment for 3 hours a day, and so that Pro's can make a living off said entertainment. The initial team that was founded by Mark, etc, etc you know them all... where extremely passionate about this game, and probably still have a soft spot for it, considering how much success they have made off the game. People should just realize that they want GOOD QUALITY feedback. Not fuck you riot, compensate me. They will, calm it. But anyways RITO has done it again, long live URF and Merry Snowdown. I do believe this looks really awesome, I do like the direction of this, as it streamlines League and makes it easier, considering we can change everything on the fly. Im interested to see if any existing Keystones will remain. ** One of my ideas to Riot / Questions is will there be number changes across the board? Or ways to make up for the changes that are happening as this will effect the entire meta, and will probably shift it a lot more than most pre-seasons. I am hyped.** _~ Candlewick Out._
I'm pretty sure this will just push the game further into the tank/assassin meta, further alienating carries.
NeverDie (OCE)
: I don't feel having Runes and Masteries forged into one system will be good at all, you're limiting customization a lot. what are there like 70 different runes? take out 40 for being pretty close to useless, so thats still 30 runes to mix and match along with 3 different build trees in masteries(where you get a full 1 tree and half of another) you limit this to 5 build trees of masteries only with the same system of one and a half trees. The choices you make are slightly more important but so so much more limiting
That's what I've been thinking too. We don't need more masteries. The whole point of runes was fine-tuning stats, this will just introduce more chaotic BS whist Riot tries to balance it.
: Love the Grail changes but I just got into a game and the changes aren't live yet? {{item:3070}}
They should be, I think the tooltips are not up to date yet.
: Patch 7.12 notes
Why can we only honor one player when the game ends?
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
I can't say I'm happy at all with this idea. We don't need more masteries (which is what these basically are). The whole point of runes was to fine-tune stats in whatever way the player wants. They were supposed to grant freedom to players to buff particular strengths, or shore up weaknesses (early armour in Thresh for example). This just sucks out that freedom to really build a champion how you want them, and (once again) reduces the skill cap in the game. I don't want another set of masteries, I want my +14MP, +12MR, +9 armour rune page.
: New Client Rollout - Phase 2
Will I be able to get over 15FPS on the new client (compared to 40 on the old)? Or will you just ignore that it has shit performance, even with "low-spec" mode?
: For all you people complaining of problems with the client, here's how to fix it: Step 1: Throw out your pc Step 2: Get a new / better one Step 3: Profit Now stop complaining about riot working on their game. If your pc is THAT trash you can't handle the client without low-spec mode, then you shouldn't play games on that pc. Simple as that. Just be happy you CAN play league on your potato computer. Grow up and stop complaining. <3
How about you grow up and accept most people can't just get a new computer?
: Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion
Does this mean the performance issues are going to be resolved soon? I'd rather enjoy not being forced to operate on 10-15FPS, when the original client gives me 30-40.
Crimzone (OCE)
: I don't really understand why Riot decided to slap All Random on Summoner's Rift for a game mode, when someone can just go into a custom with a bunch of friends and do just that.
Normal games are pretty much random given the mess the meta is currently in.
: Why would you force the new client upon us when all I have heard and seen is that it Sucks sweaty balls.
It's definitely not better than the legacy client. It's just more shiny. And you know what they say about polishing a turd.
: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
Riot, learn from your comments. You need to either improve the new client to make it perform as well as the old one, update the old one consistently with the new one, or can the new client entirely. It is not an improvement to the game if people can't use it.
: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
"An evil entity is devouring our animals." You mean our stupid government?
: To save the animals?{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
And how are they doing that. All we know is it has something to do with saving animals. Which animals? Where? And how?
: heres an idea if hes so nooby then play him you might actaully rank up some more that elo of yours
I don't play ranked. The players in normal games are disgusting enough.
TTShounen (OCE)
: Where is heart seeker lucian??{{item:3070}}
Is it valentines day yet?
: okay id have to argue with what you would call balance champs...people who you think are unbalanced such as you said tryndamere, ive got near 2k games tryn and i can you this hes easily beaten providing you use a little research on how to beat him such as building ninja tabi's and armor...... there you go providing you didnt feed tryn early and thier isnt a massive gold disadvantage bam any tanky champ beats him easily that way.......... tryn is suppose to have a strong late game due his lack of early game strength makes sense yeah? you wont have champs such as darious who is a god of the top lane laning phase be as big of a threat late game when every1 is full build if you have noticed that in lower elos such as bronze silver and gold yeh people deem tryn as op like you becuase someone who can play tryn gets ahead and owns the game
Would you look at that, someone who plays a champion trying to argue they aren't OP. Tryn fits the "noobish" category of champions, which includes Riven, Yi, Kat, Darius, Garen, etc. Easy to use, and incredibly strong late game. Press R and go ham.
: Patch 7.1 notes
I love how Riot always makes **absolutely** sure we know balancing is a difficult job, whilst completely ignore the community, which is the **first** place to look when you want to make balancing easier.
: TURBO MODE: The Data Behind Your Spell Spamming
The charts are great and all, but they are practically pointless on their own. Some way of looking at individual data would be nice.
xLockzx (OCE)
: It is most likely Kindred as the face/mask is way too narrow for mao but its still possible i guess. Also the fact that Victorious skins are created for the champions that have the most impact that season (im not 100% sure) as mao is not played much kindred on the other hand was played frequently.
The picture literally says "maokai-teaser-full.jpg".
Luña (OCE)
: they should give ppl better rewards/more rewards for plats and diamonds. its kinda stupid when i grind so hard to diamond and you still get the same rewards as someone who is gold. just the border difference is not enough, and besides.. the diamond boarder looks ugly, i like the old version better, it looks way more unique. the current one now looks way too similar to silver boarder in terms of colours scheme and two white circles that doesnt even look like diamonds. pleasssse riot! it makes ppl want to work harder for better rank, not to mention happier for the rewards.
How about just being happy you made it? The reward is the achievement, everything else is just a bunch of pointless pixels.
: this is really bad. Too many busted as hell teams and you cant ban them out. Why not just have normal URF. If you want it to be less of the same bans and champs then every 24 hours of game mode perma ban the top 3 most banned champs
The problem there is more than 6 of those champions exist, so you can still end up against something disgusting, regardless of bans.
Dri (OCE)
: Am I the only one who laughed when I read the Riven buff? "Riven has been struggling against too many top laners for too long, so it’s time to bring out the buff bat."
She's one of the last ones who need buffing at the moment.
: wow riot what can I say about this. ok I have a list of negatives(first list) and positives(second list). Negatives- 1. Annie- my 3rd best champ for ranked behind ahri and brand- nerfed. 2. Riven- we already have plenty of riven mains in OCE and now you want to buff her more. You must really want to increase our salt levels for bronze silver gold and platinum(diamond maybe not but you never know)*. 3. Malphite- buffed yet again. I guess you want tank meta back in again *sigh*. Positives- 1. Jayce- TY for lowering mana costs/fixing bugs/changing damage ratio for R. 2. Ashe/Jhin I am actually glad for these 2 nerfs it brings certain underplayed champions like tristana/varus/urgot/quinn/kalista back into contention but pls nerf lucian and buff urgot. urgot is the lowest played of the adcs atm and I would love to see urgot back in the bot lane again. 3. GP- The best nerf you guys have done all year. TY. You have kept him strong but you have made him way less OverPowered than he used to be. * I Don't personally get salty against riven but I know some people who do.
To be honest; Urgot is going to need a rework to bring him back. His damage is fine at the moment (if a little high), but he doesn't mesh with many champions any more, which makes his ability to work in a team rather poor.
: Patch 6.16 notes
I wish they'd stop screwing around with Sona. Of course the additional cooldown was going to break her, but you don't need to nerf all her other abilities into the ground to compensate. Just admit the free cooldown was a stupid idea, and roll it, and the changes since it was added, back, then find a better way to balance things.
: Rethinking Ranked Fives and Tuning Dynamic Queue
To be honest, the removal of team 5v5 was one of the more stupid moves this season. Just because you aren't sure what the results may be, doesn't mean you shouldn't test. It should have been left running to see how it would be affected, before making any decisions.
Zafnir (OCE)
: zed skins... really... you are high, zed and yas most played in the game. people like morgana, mord, urgot galio and ffs the kennen skins all look the same. give one cool lightning effects or something, seriously.
Blood Moon Kennen exists you know.
ggez (OCE)
: I don't have any stats on this but most of the time the dc'd player is only dc'd for less than 5-10 min, due to either a game bug or not hearing the starting sound. I feel like 3 minutes is too short of a time for the dc'd player to come back.
Bugs are excusable, as they are unacceptably common in this game game. However, not hearing the starting sound is no excuse.
Bambooze (OCE)
: Then don't play ziggs :)
I like Ziggs, and the other long range casters. They actually take skill to play.
: Shen Shadow Dashes over to Live
Honestly, this has to be one of the worst champion reworks I've seen yet. Taking a fully functional, and loved champion, and "updating" him just for the hell of it.
Bambooze (OCE)
: Zed is quite hard to master, and with the added duration for casting spells with W, this makes it more so. Pretty much any champ can counter him by buying 1 item, Zhonyas for AP, and Scimitar for ADs. Even some champs such as Lissandra, Zilean and Kayle can just negate his ult entirely, if times properly. It is VERY easy to mess up combos, and totally fail a kill, even resulting in getting killed yourself. I'll say, he does have a good early game, but that's him as a champ. His kit gives him that kind of power, but let me assure you, he falls of late game a bit, especially when the enemy carries have their full builds, hopefully including a GA if they were smart.
I don't care about his combos or how "challenging" he is. With a little practice, he can become the most dominating early to mid game champion in the game. Sure, you can mess with his combos, but against most mid-laners, he will completely squash them. It's not about how balanced he is in the game overall, it's about how unbalanced he is in the mid lane against other standard mid-laners. Ever tried to beat him with someone like Ziggs or Xerath? You won't. He will out-sustain you, and then destroy you at Lv. 4. However, I do not want to talk about Zed, yu brought him up. As I mentioned previously. Shen is the topic, do not bring Zed up again.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Might find this useful http://i.imgur.com/9TJQYaQ.png
It's not useful. He doesn't need change. Don't add another stupid rework to the list of pointless changes made.
Bambooze (OCE)
: What do you mean, issues like Zed?? There are no issues with him whatsoever, except for the fact people call him "broken" or "stupid" when they get outplayed by him.
Zed can "outplay" you at level 3 if you are not cautions. He is broken, there is no way to deny that. He is an AD, energy-based, mid-laner, with every 'mechanism' that makes a champion toxic and overbearing, there is something wrong with that. I should also include Fizz with him, for the same reasons. Regardless. This is about Shen being ruined in this 'rework'.
: Champion Update: Shen
Just why? He was perfect the way he was. The visual update is nice, but he didn't need anything else. This is something you've been doing a lot lately Riot. Making changes that make no sense, or are not needed, instead of addressing real issues, like Zed, or the old tanks like Cho and Malph.
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