: Hey, I looked a bunch of other comments and forum posts and looks like those who went to the viewing parties around Australia and New Zealand didn’t get skins either. I also went to the Sydney viewing and I didn’t line up for a refund because I heard that they were only giving free tickets to other movies. I just went to then PC cafe downstairs to play League. To be honest I wouldn’t have minded if they streamed from YT or Twitch with a 20 second delay. The quality would’ve been better and I wouldn’t have to storm out disappointed with the quality and sound. :/ So far none of the Rioters have responded to questions about the skin. Anyways, I hope we can get some answers soon because I’d really like to get the skin as some form of compensation for the poor quality of the stream.
I did the exact same as you also in Sydney haha. Sadly I didn't get a goodie bag this year I did get a refund on my ticket tho but agree that the free ticket to a different movie is a pretty mediocre compensation. Last year we got the free corki skin code in an email a few days after the event I think the same will happen this year.


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