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Cyrater (OCE)
: LF S1 or S2+ Players to do Ranked Queue to climb to Gold
hey man, I need to climb back to gold also, add meeee , i will add you now! :) Foxii :D cheers
rkentip (OCE)
: Looking for a support s1 +
hey, I'm S 3 But climbing, I main support, feel like we would gel well together, Main Janna, morgana and leona but can play thresh, raka etc. Added you on league too talk if you like. Cheers, IGN: iTwistYourFate
EL Boosto (OCE)
: LF> team members for silver 5 team
-IGN - iTwistYourFate -Solo Q rank - Silver III. -Best position - Support -Champion pool (in said position) - Janna, Morgana, Leona. However can additionally play other champions.
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iScorpion (OCE)
: LF Top, Jungle/ADC and Support For 5v5's!
omg dudeee, I wanna be a in a real ranked team haha with you!!! fk that other team haha, lemme support? :)
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: LFM - Supp and Subs for other Rolles
I main support. I am also silver and yeah I main support! Added you in game let me know please :)
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Pugsie (OCE)
: Lonely Player Looking for someone to play with
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: LFM for Semi Serious team. 16+ only :)
Hey Im a support main, Being play for a fair bit also, LOVE THE GAME TOO ;D , Super keen to join , will add you now. Main Janna, Leona and Thresh. Thanks! :)
: Creating a Team
IGN - Natsu298 Rank - Bronze II, don't play that much ranked, trolls op. Skype - Yes Role - Support (Janna, Leona, Thresh) Secondary Role - Mid (Ahri, Orianna, Viktor) Age - 17
: Making ranked 5's Team
IGN: Natsu298 Role: Support/Mid Top 3 - Support - Janna,Leona, Thresh Mid - Orianna Viktor Ahri Have TS3: No, Have skype,
: Ranked team JOIN NOW
ingame name: Natsu298 rank/division: Bronze II best lanes: Support/Mid best champs: Support - Janna, Leona, Thresh. Mid - Ahri, Orianna, Leblanc, Syndra are you active & willing to play also participate in team activities: Of course I am, The best way to improve as a team is to play regularly together and train! I am also very active :) age : 17 Male
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XxAsunaxX (OCE)
: Looking for ranked 5's Team
Happiest (OCE)
: Need silvers/gold ranked 5s team
Heyy :) Im a support main, my main champions are Janna, Leon, Thresh and Morgana. However I can still play other supports. I have an analyst coach I guess you could call him who is diamond 3, who has also agreed if you like he will coach/analyse our games etc. He is a diamond adc main! :) He is also the shot caller for his Diamond 3's ranked team! Thanks and please let me know! IGN: Natsu298
: Looking for ranked team ( ^ω^ ) ♥
heyy :3 Im interested in joining the team if possible! I agree with you 100% the flamers are to much to handle ;_; I main support {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:25}} and I can also play mid {{champion:103}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:112}} Please let me know if you need me for the team, As I would LOVE to join! :) IGN: Natsu298
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Yakuno (OCE)
: Looking for team > adc main >Ign: Ikssu
support main C: happy to play as well c:{{champion:40}}
: Looking for a ranked team
support main here willing to join :D
Fitzky (OCE)
: PROJECT TEAM (I have zed, yi and yas)
support main got the leona :D
: d5 adc i have low elo accounts if your interested add me and we will organise to duo and see how you go
I can play now if you can? What account would I add?
: d5 adc i have low elo accounts if your interested add me and we will organise to duo and see how you go
Oh sounds awesome, add me on game whenever and we can organise it :)
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: Generals ranked team, Recruiting gold V and up.
Support here, Not technically classified as being ranked however check my match history on support and it is overall very good, Have been having some extremely toxic people lately . Also last night had a stream of toxicity from mid laner which explains the losing streak - I play with gold/plat people daily so that shouldn't be an issue. I main Janna/Nami/Thresh/Leona/Blitscrank/Nautilus do essentially any support haha, let me know here as I'm not at home atm so can't check requests etc.
: Plat 2 ADC LF team.
I'm a support main, Don't play ranked like pretty much at all. However I'm pretty good at Janna, She is my main however I can also play, Thresh/Blits/Leona/Nami etc. Add me on oce if you like! Thanks and yeah please let me know! :D
Kaelan (OCE)
: Starting a RANKED Team!
Hey! Support main here however I can also ADC or mid if need be but am most proficient at support can play many Champs well but am very proficient at Janna, my pool varies from as i said Janna, Nami, Leona, Nautilus, Thresh, Blitscrank and Morgana, Add me in game if keen! :)
: LF Team G2
Add me if you like -I'm unranked however whenever i play with friends , they are all gold/plat etc. So I've had experience playing in your elo. I'm a support main adf me if you like as I said, working/school currently so I will accept later -thanks!
: Hey man, feel free to add me if you want, we can duo. I'm a top/jg main.
I'll add you later for sure, working at the moment add you later!
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