: Champion Update: Gangplank
i say he looks retarded, the old gangplank is better
: Pool Party Rek' Sai Recall not working
Just found out the problem, the wi-fi. Apparently, when my bro plays the ipad, the recall fails, but when he doesn't, it works just fine
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: Not Going to happen
It means everyone has to earn points. Each point u earn is added with other people. Isn't it obvious? How the hell do u earn 5 mil in 6 days
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
so can we still buy the skins? or do we have to unlock it?
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: Champion and skin sale: 26.05. - 29.05.
Lol, I already have Shockblade and Arcade Hecarim.
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: Jungling tips
Thanks a lot guys! By the way, I main Hecarim. {{champion:120}}
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: ***
Please no swearing.
: ***
Why do you have to be so negative? I just want to play a decent PvP match. But I can't due to the reasons listed above and really slow internet because of people using it when they aren't even using their devices. But do you know if it's permanent?
: Um, but do you guys have any info on leaverbuster?
And I'm not being sarcastic or joking.
: ***
Fine, I got homework and stuff which clashes with the times of when I play league. Does that answer your question? Not that I'm angry, I just want info on leaverbuster.
: > [{quoted}](name=XxDragonHunterXx,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=MYjkiysP,comment-id=,timestamp=2014-12-12T09:41:17.544+0000) **> I left loads of games ** **> I left loads of games ** **> I left loads of games ** **> I left loads of games ** Maybe think about other players and any IRL events before you play? Other players don't deserve to carry on with a painful 4v5 just to end up losing because they have one less person. Well done Riot good to see the updates on leavebuster! Plz take my money!
How did you get a $100 riot point card?
: So your excuse has gone from 'family issues' (which is somewhat understandable) to 'homework' (which is no excuse at all)?
Homework and stuff. Stuff. Stuff. Get it? Stuff on which I mean arguments and other daily weird and dumb things.
: Basically, the only solution to your problem is to lock yourself into a nuclear proof bunker with ultra fast connection {{summoner:6}} , plenty of food and drinks {{item:2009}} {{item:3174}} . On top of that make sure you're wearing a real life "Guardian Angel", so if something terrible happens that results in your death you can still comeback after 4 seconds of stasis to finish the game.
Um, but do you guys have any info on leaverbuster?
: LeaverBuster
Its not my fault I have to leave. I got homework and stuff you know! I just want my ban to degrade to the lowest level... NO BAN AT ALL!
: Tre'ox The Ancient Walker
Nice champ, maybe a bit more difference between the names of each ability. They sound the same. But it's still good Keep the work up!
: LeaverBuster
Please respond! I really want to know more about LeaverBuster.
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: Patch 4.21 notes
I want Rek' Sai! {{champion:421}}


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