: Probably the best tanky engager at the moment would be either {{champion:154}} as his E into ulti combo is terriyfing if he lands it, the other being {{champion:57}} just because his W is point and Click CC, makes him invulnerable to most damage, and this sets him up for the rest of his CC. Most tanks apply hard CC, The two kings of CC atm are {{champion:516}} and {{champion:111}} as they both (I believe) have the most ablities that apply CC. But most tanks can do both hard CC and engage as they have both but some are more reliable than others.
Yes I've heard Zac has amazing CC and that he does rely on his E though it can be dodged pretty easily. Maokai I have tried and he just doesn't suit me. Ornn I will try though as his ultimate is amazing. Nautilus I have tried but I feel like he just doesn't do enough damage. Any other engagers but not tanky like Rakan for an example?
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: [So many](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Airborne#Airborne). What kind of playstyle are you after?
Someone to set up for my team like engaging and possibly team wiping :P
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