: Preseason 2020 Replay Contest!
Can I just leave a screenshot of how balanced the latest conquerer change is
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: 4 man premade gas-lighting
Why did you go afk tho
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: New Epic skins: Cats VS Dogs
Context of "I bought a furry capsule"{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Ninox (OCE)
: It *is* more lenient in bots, but what if you're in a game with new players? You're either screwing them over or teaching them that afking is fine, either way not exactly ideal. While the cost to your team is *much* less significant in a bot game, it's still there, and you still made a commitment to that game.
In what way is it more lenient? I left for about 3 minutes, and I get leaver.
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: Just got a response from Riot Gehirn, and they're aware of the issue and working towards a fix. I'll let you all know when there's more info.
Yay its fixed tyty
: Error code 003
It escalated from not being able to play to not being able to log in {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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Egotes (OCE)
: my event screen is asking me to choose a side again? and removed the missions from my missions tab and the event doesnt end till the 12th not to mention i havnt gotten the icon from them also it wont let me select any of them either
Got that aswell and I can't choose any side


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