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: New Hextech Skin Idea Riot!
When a player is more creative than riot.
RankzOG (OCE)
: Road to Silver?
im a thresh main , i climbed bronze 5 to silver 2 last season in about 2 weeks . Add if you want to play ;)
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Meddler (NA)
: Hopefully early next week with 5.20 (odds seem high, always the risk of unknown bugs cropping up with patches though).
The notes said 14th of October it will be released , is kindred going to be released right with the patch or abit after ?
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: The 2015 ranked season draws to a close
I've been waiting for ever! When is kindred getting released ??!? {{item:3070}}
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: My point was to not be so easily deterred by trolls. If you give in like this and make a post complaining about it on the boards, they've accomplished their goals. The best thing to do is report (via client), wait a bit, re-queue and try again. If the toxicity is too much, and you don't mind a bit of lag, try moving over to NA. I hear they have a lot less toxicity than OCE; though that's only what I heard. Either way, best of luck in the future.
Its not toxicity i'm really annoyed about its the lack of care they don't realize when they troll ranked games they make other people waste their time , normals isnt that bad but ranked you lose LP so if you win a game and then you get matched with a intentional feeder that makes you lose LP , it just throws all that time in the garbage 30 minutes of pure shit just a waste of time aswell as 20-40 minutes of even more wasted time if you are in the trolls game for that long .
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: Well, that means the troll only effected one out of your five games. Since you only have to win three, it's still entirely possible for you to do that. And it's not like you have to win three games in a row to be promoted. Is it really that bad?
holy crap . Dude , i men't after i played 1 game after losing 2 that 3/5 i lost another so thats 4/5 , 3 losses means no promotion i lost 2 already he made it a third , i didn't even have the chance to try he just took it away from me .
: The problem is that your system is automated. I got reproted for verbal abuse that game, and I didn't say anything remotely abusive. This has obviously happened enough to trigger your system. They're salty that I crushed them, so they report me for whatever they can because I laugh in their face as their smack-talk.
I actually agree , salt isn't verbal abuse its just boasting . If you saying they are bad or something that isn't abusive . But calling them "retarded" or a "Fuck tard" is . Trash talk isn't abusive thats how sport is , havent they watched foot ball before they trash talk like shit but nothing happens , Bloody hell LCS and MLG's do it all the time ffs have you seen double lift , that guy shit talks everyone even his support . I agree with you man
: Promotion games from Bronze I to Silver V take three loses to be booted out of. How can you have been booted out of promotions if you only lost two games?
i said i lost 2 games so if i lost 1 more that would be 3 its a 3/5 for promotions . To sum it up you have to win 3 but i lost 3 so yea .
: Photo evidence of troll
I am with you man , this happened to me yesterday and I lost my promos your silver . Trolling in ranked is sad it ruins the game for everyone.
: Added you on one of my smurf accounts. I'll carry you to Silver.
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: It was the way you phrased it, saying as if though those events happened when they didn't because you meant something else. Even someone who was incompetent would be able to see that it's obviously not what literally happened to you. I found the phrasing hilarious, not your actual problem.
Just saying , I was angry so of course my phrases would look stupid who wouldn't be angry as hell if something like that happened honestly I've been reading alot of bad things about match making systems and leaver buster issues and im telling you 90% were obviously angry so you need to take some time to understand that instead of not solving the problem or having some helpful suggestions .
: And I didn't say you were disconnected for those four games, just the first and last one. What a thing to be arguing about. I'm not finding this funny at all. Leavebuster is a bit faulty with its system, and I don't agree with its limits. It should be at least ten minutes of inactivity to be considered AFK, because not all systems can reboot within five minutes. This board is here to help people getting their game running again from technical issues, not to complain about the unfairness of the system. That probably belongs on Misc., but even then, people would not appreciate it.
Really , thats funny . Because you found it "Hilarious" . You said you did , so why don't you find it hilarious .
: The hilarious part was how you phrased it, not the misery that the faulty system has put you through. With the way you said it, it would mean that after you initially got disconnected from the game, you played another four games before realising that you got disconnected, as if though your mind had lag at comprehending what had happened. *I'd never laugh at the misery of others.* Bugsplat is not the thing preventing you from joining the game, the game crashing is the reason, and bugsplat is only there do tell you what happened instead of just nothing at all. Are you still getting connection issues?
No , i am not having connection issues , Plus mate , I didn't disconnect all 4 games , I Got disconnected to put me in leaver buster and on the last game my game crashed but i joined back , but i had to go through it all . So don't talk like you know shit mate , You find this funny don't you .
: > I recently played a ranked team game only to find out in the loading screen that my game crashes about 4 games before that my internet disconnected and i couldn't reconnect So, so you're in the loading screen, waiting for the game to load in, and then suddenly it hits you: your game crashed **four games before that**. Like, you only just realised this after playing three other games. Sorry, that's just hilarious. Are you sure it was a ban and not just a penalty? That's quite a severe difference, as a ban is usually handed out by a moderator who's reviewed your case. Also, during that time, it was still not implemented into the system to detect whether or not your purposefully quit or was disconnected. There's nothing that can really be done about it. Would you like to try and fix your connection issue?
I men't before i was crashing , I disconnected due to internet issues but i ended up joining later on . Also i said bug splat wouldn't let me get into the game when we were on loading screen it would crash constantly . I played 4 games before that so i could get out of the leaver buster , but on the last game i couldn't connect due to bug splat so i had to play another 5 games waiting 20 minutes each . Don't say "Thats Hilarious " Because the system sucks balls . It wasn't even my fault . I've been playing for 4 years , so don't mock me , I have wasted as much time on this shit as it is .
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: New free champion rotation: Rek'Sai, Fizz, Varus and more!
: Champion and skin sale: 06.01 - 09.01
im missing 9 RP for {{champion:8}} please riot !!!!
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