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Deadspec (OCE)
: I like how teemo is a P plate
ikr!! fits the character so damn well hahaha
Fade (OCE)
: How much did registering these plates cost?
One off registration fee $419, then $440 fee per year
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Yasuo looks like he's baiting Awesome stuff whoever did this!
I actually asked my bf to steer the car in this angle to "intimidate" the P plate Teemo ! Hahaha
RiotTerra (OCE)
: Whoa, that is awesome!! I'm a little confused why Audi's passive isn't working.... We have a "Ms Ahri" and "GG WP" around work too :)
OMG we were thinking about getting "GGWP" too haha. I know there's a "RIOT PLS" in NA, pretty awesome. Are you guys in Sydney or?? It would be our DREAM to have all the plates in AUS together for a photoshoot!! Put it on Riot Wish List pls.... XD Petition Petition ~~
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